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The Olicty Prompt

Okay my dear dear and very patient @lalawo1 here is your Jane Eyre prompt! I hope this makes you smile and I’m so sorry it took so long!!!!

“The Governess” 

The wind of the day swirled around her slender legs before it’s cold embrace swirled upwards past her neck. She untucked her coat collar to block the chill while quietly remembering a line from “Jane Eyre”. A smooth career was all she wanted after loosing out on the carefree childhood that most people often enjoyed. 

Her aunt was a horrible, strict woman whose eldest son made her every waking moments bleak and miserable. From the age of ten Felicity had her mind, body and soul tested in ways that most people only realize exist once they’ve made the horrid journey to adulthood. Those memories continued to taunt her dreams even now as she stood before the prep academy of her newest charge. 

The name of her student was secondary to the knots that she felt forming once more within the pit of her nerve wrecked stomach. Her pupil or nightmare as Felicity had silently come to call her was a spirited child who suffered from a fairly indulgent caregiver. Thea was her name and with the last name of Merlyn most people felt free to draw their own conclusions. Her upbringing was shrouded in mysteries and double meanings. All Lyla would ever convey was the tabloid bi-lines. Billionaire takes in orphaned sister of his former best friend. Nothing beyond the superficial words was ever given nor would Felicity ever dare to ask; her childhood was complicated and so was Thea’s Her attentions were once again diverted as the wind carried the soft if not somewhat enchanting voice of her often wayward pupil. There she stood with her slender fingers over the large rod iron knob. Her long brown tendrils blew across her thin face with an ease that seemed almost practiced. She smiled curtly which made Felicity smirk before turning on her black heel and running rapidly down the small flight of stairs.  Felicity smiled as her student came bounding happily down the gray stone stairs of Thornfield prep. “Lissy!” she called brightly from the third step. “You said you’d be here at 2 and it’s already 2:15!” 

Despite her best, most honest intentions the girl had begun to grow on her. Yes she was a challenge and, yes her overall demeanor could leave one’s nerves shattered but something about her soul made Felicity’s heart warm. Thea had been born in a dream. She came from wealth and privilege, had up until their demise two parents whose soul concern was themselves which left their daughter free to explore the boundaries of youth with no inhibition. Yes she’d had the dream Felicity often repeated quietly to herself as she walked the boundaries of her caregiver’s estate. She’d had the dream only to watch helplessly as it all fell away.  The only other person in Thea’s orbit who like Felicity seemed to care for her as more than a means to end was Raisa. Raisa was her nurse since infancy and still retained her job as the household maid now that Felicity had taken over the young woman’s education. 

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