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What does "hiatus" means?

hiatus: a pause or break in continuity in a sequence or activity.

or in my case: not actively going through my dash and posting/reblogging regularly which is why i’m running on queue most of the time and only posting stuff like updates from ch+ and the occasional edits/gifs.


Cazy Sweet Misery & Alesso Ana retextures:

maxis-match, all ages, female only, binned/familied, two favours: separated and compressed (3 files), meshes included, Zeusar’s v3 texture in 12 natural colours (by me) + greys (Pooklet’s mail bomb and pipe bomb) for elders linked to black. Swatches here. Colours info in download folder. 

[DOWNLOAD] (simfileshare)

Credits: @cazycx and @cool-sims (meshes), @puccamichi and @rented-space (conversions), @zeusar (v3 texture), @pooklet (grey colours) and me (another colours).


(Small) Followers Gift Part I

I come bearing a small hair dump of four SkySims hairs, three for female and one for male :)

  • Lilith’s edit of Remi’s textures
  • Come in Pooklet’s Dynamite, Depth Charge, Incendiary, Volatile, Molotov and Mail Bomb, and Bluebirds Fly Customs
  • Naturals are binned, grey is linked to black
  • Customs are teen-elder only
  • Can have both blondes
  • Meshes included

Download: 051 (M)  | 198 (F) | 228 (F) | 242 (F)

credits: skysims, lilith-sims, pooklet


Prior to his arrest for the murder of 4 and attempted murder of more than 20, Kip Kinkel had run into trouble with the school and the law several times before.

  • In seventh grade, Kip and some of his friends mail ordered bomb making books, such as The Anarchist Cookbook, over the school computers. They were caught.
  • In eighth grade, Kip and his friends were caught stealing CDs from Target.
  • On 7 January, 1997, Kip went on a snowboarding trip with a friend. The two threw rocks from a highway overpass, and one rock hit a passing car. When Kip was arrested, he started crying and asked if anyone was hurt. Because of this incident, he was sent to a psychologist.
  • In April 1997, Kip was suspended twice. Once for kicking another student, with whom he had gotten into a fight, in the head, applying his karate skills, and once for throwing a pencil at a student.

Over the summer of 1997, Kip was on Prozac. His psychologist noted that he slept better and his anger outbursts had lessened. His parents thought that this improvement meant that he should be taken off the medication.

  • In May 1998, Kip and some of his friends “tp”ed a house, using more than 400 rolls of toilet paper, and therefore reaching their goal of breaking the school record. However, they were caught and Kip was grounded.
  • On 20 May, 1998, his friend Korey sold Kip a stolen pistol from another friend’s father. The father called the police, reported that his gun must have been stolen and gave the police a list of names of his son’s friends who could have done it. Kip and Korey were arrested a few hours later.

That same day, Kip Kinkel killed his parents.

Watch out everyone the Massacre is about to start…on AOL. That’s right America OnLine is having a Valentine’s Day Massacre not by choice. About 800 hackers are going to sign on to AOL on February 14, 1997 (Valentines Day). They will go into all of the chat rooms and start to log people off by using a program called AOhell. Along with the log offs will follow a couple of e-mail messages saying that AOL are sorry for the inconvenience but when you open the e-mail there will not be a letter of aplogie but a virus, mail bomb or something else of distructiveness. So what ever you do don’t go on AOL on Valentines Day. And on the following morning when you sign on to AOL make sure you delete all of your e-mail just to be safe.