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what the fUCK they just got engaged and now shes not even gonna be a regular? I mean I respect her decisions as an actress but

i mean, i aint a big sanvers fan bc of floriana and the fact maggie’s supposed to be a woc so it doesnt really affect me that much. im just shocked i guess? 

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What's your favorite picture of Oscar Wilde?

That’s really hard! There arent many pictures of him, not nearly enough but I like them. Except for maybe that infamous bowl hair cut ;)

It must be a tie between these two:

Because I love all the sass in this picture and his long hair from his younger years And this one:

Because I just love that little smirk :)

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risky asks 1 and 9

1. @ someone you want to be friends with

this is embarrassing …. @nonbinaryconnor 😪😓

9. what was your first blog url?

ok listen. i was in a fandom with a het ship as the main ship and it was henry morgan and jo martinez right? so my url was jenry-mortinez i still regret it and still want to die

/send me risky asks !


Name: Alexander
Age: 21
Country: Israel

Yo, my name is Alexander (you can call me Alex or Al) & I’m just your friendly bigender neighbor!
I have huge interest in language studies + linguistics, writing, drawing & just learning random trivia information.
I never had a proper pen pal before (but always secretly hoped for one from a very young age due to reading many heart-wrenching novels as a child) but I hope I will find someone who might share my interests (or not, it’s totally okay too).

Preferences: I would prefer someone who has finished high school, or about to finish high school, so age preference would be no lower than 17. Gender & country have no restrictions, though!

ID #10741

Name: Berkley
Age: 13
Country: United States

Hi! I’m looking for someone to talk with. I’m interested in things such as Sherlock, Yuri!!! On ICE, Durarara!!, drawing, writing, and many others! I’ve been called an old soul very frequently, so I might not seem as young as I am. I would really enjoy to learn different things from you or just talk/make a new friend.

13-16 (I don’t care that much), otherwise anything

ID #77891

Name: Melani
Age: 14/15
Country: Belgium

Hello, I’m Melani. i live in belgium (with turkish roots). i love reading and drawing even tho im not that good at it. i started skating recently (suck at that too). i like to talk about deep stuff :)

Preferences: i dont really have any preferences 😇

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it is still subtext but they are def doing it intentionally. katie pretty much confirmed that all of that was in the writing and directing and they just did what they were explicitly told to do. that doesn't mean they were going to make it happen, they could just have gay subtext to queerbait, but now the writers have the ground and build up to make it happen and given all the things happening rn they might just flip the coin and make it canon in the future seasons, they have that opportunity.

they definitely do have the opportunity and i truly believe that they will make them canon

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Yo I don't agree with that u of t professor either, but he's not a hippocrate for using 'they' in the plural sense, he just doesn't want to use it as a singular pronoun which he didn't

ID #47707

Name: Chelsea
Age: 17
Country: United States

Hi! I’m a 17 year old girl about to finish my junior year of high school. I’m a little confused about life and what I want to do with mine. I want to talk to anyone who also has a lot of questions about the world and their own place in it. Maybe this is a journey we can take together :)

i love everyone <3 <3 esp you