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“But Katara and Zuko are both so fiery and passionate and stubborn!!!! They’d just fight and argue all the time”

ok but remember when they were imprisoned together in Ba Sing Se, and Katara apologised to Zuko, her sworn enemy who had made her life miserable, for yelling at him? How she then offered to heal his scar, something that had afflicted him for years, with sacred healing water so that he could be rid of his painful past??

remember when Katara was angry at him when he first joined the Gaang and he let her shout and vent at him because he knew her anger was justified?? How Zuko listened to her and made efforts to mend the rift between them, asking what he could do to earn her forgiveness?? Remember how much kinder she was to him when she made the decision to forgive him?

are both Zuko and Katara fiery and passionate and stubborn?? certainly! are they unreasonably hotheaded to the point where they’d have nonsense arguments, refuse to listen to each other, and not function healthily as a couple as a result? If your answer is ‘yes’, I don’t know what to tell you


1-Maiko Mamemaru go out of her okiya. She is geiko now (Source)

2-Geiko Sayaka in a street of Gion Kobu(Source)

3-Maiko Ichinana dancing with a fan,she have a baby face! I think she becoming really beautiful(Source)

4-Geiko Ichiyuri, she dance maybe “Washi ga Zaishou” (Source)

5-Maiko Katsue smiling(Source)

6-Maiko Tomitae(Source)

7-Geiko Kosen and a shikomi. I love this picture!(Source)

8-Retired maiko Kanoyumi in the front of a restaurant(Source)

9-Maiko Toshimomo in red and maiko Toshichika in yellow dancing “Harusame” (Source)

10-Retired maiko Ayano(Source)