it feels like forever ago since I drew this so I don’t know if I should be putting it up or not but I guess it’ll be up here for now
yuj invited me to draw a guest postcard for her anthology with a bunch of other cool artists, before, after, & in between, which was funded a few months ago!
these character’s are monica’s, kay’s, and mai’s, and hopefully you’ll be able to recognize them for those of you with the pdf of the anthology

a preview of everyone else’s postcards that are really nice sighs wistfully

anonymous asked:

hey mai !!!! i love your comics and your art!!! they all amazing! I just saw your wip video process (although you post it awhile ago lol) I'm wondering what kind of brush did you use for the inking (your comic especially) and do you have any instagram or website?? I would love to check out more of your amazing art!!!! keep drawing <3

Ahh thank you!! For Pilu of the Woods, I’ve been using a dip pen with g-pen tips that I bought at a Japanese stationery store! When I do use brushes, it’s just the tiniest and most affordable brush I can find, haha. 

In terms of other websites, my tumblr is probably the most active place! I have an instagram but it’s mostly pictures of my dog. I have a website but links are broken and sad haha.