OK SO I have this theory about long time boyfriend!michael

So like for michaels birthday you’d plan this huge surprise party with all his friends and family ya know and (they aren’t like friends yet) but You’d get blink to play a few songs BC You know how much he idolizes them and he’d have no clue about it bc idiot boy and Youd take him out to dinner leaving the lil fuckboys to set everything up (and of course you’d have to have your best friends supervise them) but then when you got back and MICHAEL seen everything hed be so caught off gaurd and haPpy hed do a BLINKY smile and AWH but then like after he blew out the candles on his cake hed look over to you and You’d be all “so what did you wish for” and with that stupid liL grin of his HEd pull you into a hug and be like “you” AND You’d like play smack his arms and tell him “shut up, you already have me idiot” and he’d get like this serious look and go “no Y/N” AND THEN THIS FUCKING IDIOT IN THE MIDDLE OF THIS HUGE ASS PARTY IN FRONT OF EVERYONE WOULD DROP DOWN ON ONE KNEE AND YOUD PANIC BC WTF ARE U DOING MICHAEL AND YOUD GO “MICHAEL WTF ARE YOU DOING THIS IS YOUR BIRTHDAY” AND WITH THE BIGGEST IDIOT BOY BLINKY SMILE HED GO “yeah and this year I decided all I wanted for my birthday was for you to agree to spend the rest of my birthdays with me”