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I’m looking through the comments of the Part 7 video and one of the comments was just hilarious
‘Oh I’m sorry for asking for pj’s daycare 7, I didn’t know you were a girl, if I knew I wouldn’t ask’

Sexism at its finest ladies and gentlemen XD


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A lot of Fight.
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Re-Watching this video for the thousandth time (*laughs*) I found this comment:

Hahahahahah, It is brilliant!

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anonymous asked:

Hey I sent this ask a bit ago but it must've gotten eaten so here it is again: Are there any fics in which Tony and Loki are tortured in front of each other? Whether they are in an established relationship or not isn't important but I want it to be frostiron.

It looks like it did, anon! Thanks for sending it in again.

Off the top of my head ‘Those Sinned Against’ has Loki tortured in front of Tony. Also, ‘Sinned In Silence’ has Loki tortured, but it’s not so much with Tony there. Tony mainly gets the aftermath of what has happened to Loki. 

If anyone has any more recs let us know! :)

anonymous asked:

Shoutout to all hurt/ comfort frostiron writers. Your works helped me through a monster of a depression episode, they were my escape when everything was getting too much. I love you all, don't ever let anyone tell you your work isn't valid!

I’m so happy to hear that the fandom and writers helped you out. I have chronic depression myself so I know how much things like that can help when you’re having it rough.