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I think it's absolutely phenomenal that you have both stories and imagines, it helps me find new authors 😘

Thank you, we like to encourage new writers, to give them a place to show their work, inspire new and more experienced with new ideas and to have people with ideas perhaps have them made into stories. 

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So I had a funny moment which I hope will make wolfpawn laugh. I am the anon that asked about changing an imagine a little while ago, and I have started on a fic which is only very loosely based on the imagine. Come to find out that not only is it an imagine that wolfpawn submitted, but one that they are already writing a phenomenal story to XD Now I feel like I have to work twice as hard to make mine shiny and pretty to stand up to theirs. Hopefully this made you smile. Cheers!

Never see yourself as being in competition with others, you have an entirely different viewpoint to me and I can guarantee you, seeing your take on my imagine AND when I have a story on it as well, I can tell you I am very much excited to see what you have written :)


Just need to speak up for Carmilla

I haven’t had the chance yet (because I still haven’t stopped freaking out long enough to sit down and properly write something) to comment on how much I love the movie, but I’ve already read some bad reviews, and while everyone is free to have their opinion and everyone is sure as hell free not to like the movie, I just need to vent, because some of the things I read were pretty damn unfair. 

So this is not in reply to who wrote those things, but it’s more of a message of support to the Carmilla team @carmillaseries.

I don’t mind criticism and bad reviews, but some things said are just unfair considering all the work behind Carmilla.

Is Carmilla Movie more enjoyable if you already were a Creampuff and you followed the webseries? Yes. As a Creampuff, you can appreciate all of it, the internal jokes, the nostalgic details, even the clumsy scenes that remind you of the webseries. 

That being said, I read someone critising the movie for not going into the crazy lesbian ex-girlfriend trope. Are you kidding me? This was a queer fan… Is someone seriously complaining because Carmilla is not using stupid, lame, old tropes? - Personally, I love that the writers decided specifically not to go into that trope and I’m happy of how aware they are of these things.

I also read complaints about the movie being too queer. Kirsch is the only dude and all he cares about is supporting his friends… as if that were a bad thing???? What? How is it a bad thing that the guy is not some entitled white asshole and actually cares about his friends even though they’re not a bunch of entitled white jerks? - I love Kirsch and Matt killed me with the make up, he was smoking hot (yeah, I might be a lesbian, but I’ve got eyes).

[also, about the movie being unrealistically queer… is it though, unrealistic? Is it unrealistic that queer people hang out together? Is it unrealistic that a lesbian couple’s closest friends are mostly queer? ‘Cause I seem to encounter that pretty often in real life, ‘cause like it or not it does happen that queer people try to surround themselves with other queer people. It doesn’t happen all the time sure, but when it doesn’t happen is often because it’s hard to find queer friends… Unrealistic? More realistic than most movies where everybody is white, straight and cis I think.]

Honestly, say what you want about the movie, like it or not, but please don’t complain about how much work they put into actually giving a healthy queer representation and defying stereotypes. 

Also, someone said that the movie revolves too much around the hollstein relationship and complained about the couple being too healthy. Are you kidding me, too healthy? - I love that their relationship has come to be this healthy, I love that the angst is realistic and mature, not childish and only there for itself.

I’m not writing this post to actually engage in a discussion or anything, but I read those things and it upset me. This post is not meant to be an answer to who wrote that stuff, but I’m actually addressing it to the fantastic team behind Carmilla and to the Creampuffs:

Thank you. 

Because what you did with this whole beautiful project matters, and it’s important and it changes things. 

Because it was such a pleasure to see you grow into this project (honestly, I was blown away by the improvements I saw throughout the series and the movie). 

Because Carmilla is SO refreshing and hopeful and healing. 

Because I have ambitions too in changing queer representation and your success is so damn inspiring

Because this movie felt like being enveloped in the warm embrace of a loved one. 

Because we could trust you since the first multiple choice card and you never failed us.

Because watching the movie honestly made me feel strong and powerful and safe

And yes, maybe this movie can’t be fully enjoyed without knowing how it was born, without knowing the true passion you all put into it, but we know and we feel that passion and we absolutely love it. 

Thank you, Carmilla.

And thank you, Creampuffs, because I found so many amazing people in this fandom and it’s made of so many wonderful humans. It’s really great to be a Creampuff ;)

I’ve got more than 500 followers.
Thank you.
I find this is an interest in TEW.

I’ll need a bit of absence for a while. For my RL.^_^;;

I have to focus on working my job, my comics.

I mean, just I want to say that I’m not quitting this fandom :)

I love Joseph so much and look forward to his DLC (*crying*)

I will often visit here to relieve stress.

Joseb forerver ;ㅅ;

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Thank you so much for doing so much work to keep this blog spoiler free!

We will be able to do it for 2 weeks at least, I will not be able to see it until Saturday myself at the very least (it has been out here since 27/10). There is nothing worse than being given a spoiler when you want to watch it but have to wait a week or two. We are not sure how much longer than that we can hold it, but that at least is a reasonable time to make sure others get to see it. It’s nice to have one space where you can guarantee no spoilers for now :)


As a female with nothing but cousin who date white girls. I honestly can’t date white boys. One is really trying to hit my line but I honestly can’t deal. I’m not his first but my views make me feel like it’s not meant for me. Like I got home girls who’s married or dating them but it’s not for me. Like a few weeks ago my home girl that’s married to one was feeling conflicted because her husband is really into white power and she black. I was like so you didn’t know that before you said I DO. I just didn’t understand because your children will be black so are you gonna raise them to hate them?? I just feel like if I dated a white guy he won’t understand my struggle, my culture, or me. Idk is this only me???