“Hey hon, how was school today?”
“Well…it’s a long story.”

Are you looking for a queer-positive game that lets you explore high school life with customizable pronouns, genders, and sexualities for yourself? Are you looking for a game filled with drama, mystery, friendship, and romance, with multiple routes and choices throughout?

Enter Long Story, a game where you are the new kid in town suddenly affronted with a strange mystery that you come across in your locker. Who was Em, and what is her story? Will you ever get that bullying beast Hanniferjane off of your back? Will you ever find out why a turkeyhawk is offering you breakfast foods?? As you hunt for these answers, you’ll have the support of your new friends behind you.

When I came across this game I was just looking for new visual novels that showed up in the app store, and ended up being surprised and pleased at this little nugget I got. It has it’s bugs, and the interface is most certainly not perfect, but the folks over at longstorygame are on a quest to make a positive change in gaming, starting with this quirky, humble little indie vn. Mad respect to these guys.