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12 days!!!! so exciting!

Four swords adventures was my favorite game as a kid bc my sister and I would plug in our gba’s and play together :,)
I remember being so confused at how zelda’s hair worked, because i assumed from other zeldas that her hair was down, so i was never able to read the sprite’s hair shape. I have JUST realized that the sprite’s hair is in a ponytail after looking up refs. gg me

between four swords adventures, ff crystal chronicles, and tales of symphonia, the gamecube was my favorite console for multiplayer - it brings back so much nostalgia.


FMN: Six Maidens

In FMN, there are due to be six Maidens who harbor the powers of the long-disappeared Six Sages because of the time gap between it and TP(yes, it takes place post-Twilight Princess).

I’m not entirely satisfied with all their designs, but perhaps one day I’ll update them…maybe.

The reason the Spirit Maiden is white/blue instead of Orange was because…well…if FSA really does take place after Twilight Princess, then, there’s no Orange Maiden…(Plus this girl is an albino, to be clear…?)

The Forest Maiden’s name is Dahlia; I was torn between the two names but decided on Dahlia.

Skyview Spring Bath Spell

A bath spell for healing and purification.

The Skyview Spring is a sacred spring where the spirit maiden Zelda had to purify her body in order to reclaim the memories of Hylia. It also has restorative properties, as evidenced by the subquest given to the Hero by the water dragon Faron, who needed it to heal the injuries inflicted by the demon lord Ghirahim.

What you’ll need:

  • Moon water
  • Powdered Milk* (health, prosperity)
  • Roses or lavender (healing, purification)
  • Chamomile or Green tea. Loose leaf, or empty a teabag (healing, purification, calming)
  • Pink Salt, sea salt is okay (healing, purification)
  • Cheesecloth, muslin, coffee filter or a tea ball to hold everything
  • 1 red (Din), 1 blue (Nayru), 1 green (Farore) and 1 purple candle (Hylia), or four white candles to represent the goddesses. Alternatively, you can have one pink candle to call on the Great Fairy instead.**
  • Theme for Skyview Spring, Great Fairy Fountain, or the Sealed Temple

Combine all your dry ingredients together into your cheesecloth. Run the bath water, adding the moon water first. Then add your cheesecloth bag. While it steeps, light your candles, asking for each of the Goddesses blessings (be fire safe!). Turn on your music, and then get in. Release whatever is troubling you and enjoy.

*you can use liquid milk or a milk alternative, simply add after the moon water

**You can use gemstones instead of candles. Use ones that correspond to the Goddesses elements, fire, water, earth and air. Rose quartz or another pink stone can be used for the Great Fairy.


My cousin, aunt and I had a great time at Anime Boston last Sunday! It was our first year going and definitely won’t be our last. I was Maiden Zelda and my cousin was Chara. I didn’t get any good pictures of myself at the convention but I did take some when I was home. I’ll post them in the next post.

Let me know if you saw us there!

littlemay19  asked:

HEY LISTEN! Can you do one about Link trying to give Princess Zelda some flowers but chickens out at the last minute every time he tries or ends up doing something really embarrassing? (Set after Hyrule Warriors)

:D This is a super cute prompt!  Hope you like this one!  Sorry it took so long!  <3


After everything that had happened, jumping between time and space, battling hordes of monsters, facing evil itself, and becoming a hero in his own right, Link realized that he had to brave one more task—one final challenge to face.

The trainees grinned, their eyes lighting up in excitement from behind their helmets.  ”Go for it, cap’n!” they cheered, throwing armored fists into the air in encouragement.  

They seemed so supportive, he thought.  They were loyal, good men who were willing to train under the hero who saved them all and led them to victory.  Even now, Link, leaping through ranks in a matter of days and aiding in the recovery of Hyrule itself alongside Princess Zelda, still couldn’t understand how he of all people ended up in a situation like this.

Link had fallen for the princess.

And there he was, just a knight, with nothing to offer her but his undying fealty and love.  And a bouquet of wildflowers he’d picked out in the fields.

He felt so stupid.  Really.

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Commentary Summary: Battle of Zaofu

Guests: Janet Varney (Korra), Zelda Williams (Kuvira)

  • In general, when Bryke and the guests are introducing themselves, they say what they do or who they play.  Zelda, on the other hand, introduced herself by saying, “and I play evil ladies!”  XD
  • Kuvira was only Zelda’s second voice acting audition.  Apparently, she had an ex-boyfriend who left a microphone at her house, and she decided to keep it and use it for auditions.
  • Zelda thinks the concept art for Kuvira looks like her, and says that her mom has a beauty mark just like Kuvira’s.
  • Bryan said that Kuvira’s beauty mark was designed as a way of getting people to notice her.  Zelda joked that a unibrow would have been really noticeable, too; Bryan called Kuvira’s eyebrows, “Mako-esque” (which is probably why I’ve thought some fem!Makos were Kuvira on first glance).
  • Bryan researched art deco jewelry for the Zaofu characters.  Apparently, art deco pulled influence from the Egyptians.
  • Zelda thinks that Zaofu and its domes remind her of this egg thing from Power Rangers.  (XD)  Bryke said it was really based on an RL temple instead (the Lotus Temple, though they didn’t actually remember the name).
  • Janet fantasizes about runway shows using the characters’ outfits.  Zelda loves the airbender wingsuit, and talked to Alyson Stoner (Opal) about it being awesome.  (In general, it seems like the girls working on the show like each other and each others’ characters a lot, which is nice to see.  =) )
  • Zelda says that, “as a girl who was bald for 6 years,” she always notes characters’ hairstyles.  Bryan said that hair was important because the characters’ silhouettes needed to be distinct.  That became a problem in Book 4 due to Korra and Opal’s similar hairstyles, which were actually different on the model sheet but ended up looking the same in execution.
  • Opal’s hair was based on a “fresh-faced German actress” named Dolly Haas.
  • The first time Janet and Zelda had a simultaneous record, they were separated by a wall.
  • Zelda’s initial read for Kuvira was “super aggro,” but it was decided that, since there were good parts to Kuvira, they “didn’t want to go full crazy” with her.  Zelda said it was tough to yell and be controlled at the same time.
  • Janet said that there was a lot of on-the-job training required on LoK.  Zelda said that she got thrown into “Bolin boot camp” because she had trouble saying his name – names were one of those things that were important to make sure the VAs were saying right.
  • Zelda referred to Kuvira in first person much if not most of the time (which kind of messed up my notes XD; ).  As such, she called herself a mean person without giving any context beforehand, heh.
  • Mike always knew that Korra wasn’t going to end up facing Kuvira until mid-season.  The idea was that there would be a lot of buildup seeing Kuvira running amok, but the result would end up disappointing because Korra wasn’t ready.
  • Zelda compared the metal sarcophagi that Su and the twins were kept in with steam room sweat boxes.  (I didn’t write this down, but they also got compared to iron maidens.)
  • Zelda loves her art deco train.  =)  That launched off a discussion of the development of said train (most of which will probably end up in the art book, so I didn’t take notes), ending in Zelda and Janet agreeing that they’d both just content themselves to have good voices and never use their hands.
  • Zelda found John Michael Higgins and Dee Bradley Baker to be awe-inspiring, and sees what they do as an art form, like conducting an orchestra.  Janet says that, if she were a kid, she’d like to open up Dee Bradley Baker to see how he works.  XD
  • Varrick’s “Head voices are liars” line was improv (they basically just had John Michael Higgins riff for a while until he came up with something good).  It ended up making Zelda laugh uncontrollably, which is something I’d really like to see (…and see someone edit into Kuvira laughing uncontrollably, too XD ).
  • Mike liked getting to make Varrick into a real person who’s aware that his actions have consequences.
  • Bryan likes Kuvira with her hair down.
  • Kuvira appearing as Dark Avatar Korra was meant to show that Korra and Kuvira were similar.
  • When Kuvira made those terrifying sickle things from her armor, Zelda joked about her picking grapes.  (Bryke didn’t say one way or the other about whether Kuvira was actually intending to kill Korra, for the record.)
  • Meelo’s portrait was kind of meant to be like Napoleon.
  • Jinora’s top bun originally came from Ryu’s design.
  • Zelda joked that, “I made everyone in my army have hipster haircuts.”  Bryan said it was actually his hairstyle.
  • Bryan designed a whole bunch of female officers for Kuvira’s army, but the designs ended up going unused in crowd shots and such.  Kuvira wasn’t actually intended to have an army of men.  (I imagine we’ll see these ladies in the art book.)
  • Kuvira can bend any metal except platinum.
  • Joaquim Dos Santos designed the mechsuits.
  • They noted that Kuvira actually covered over the Toph statue with her banners (not cool!).
  • Zelda actually referred to Baatar Jr. as “my fiance,” which threw me for a second.  Bryan called him her fiance, too.  XD
  • Bryan thinks the over-the-shoulder shot of Kuvira shortly before the end of the episode is her scariest.

i had a really weird dream last night about some Guardian zelink au ? its quite arbitrary but anyways. Descendants of the Hylian Monarchy are provided a Guardian that assist and guide them on their path to becoming a fully-fledged ruler. However, traces of the royal mark are not given by blood but through souls predestined of the title. The appointed heiress-to-be happens to be the adventurous village maiden, Zelda, and she’s rather….unaccustomed to these regal traditions. To help her through these trials comes her Guardian, Link, a tamed Kitsune whose physical form is incredibly versatile in taking the shapes of other species. Link sort of has issues of abandoning his past master (who, guess what, is another Zelda) and treats the current Zelda rather harshly. lots of shenanigans