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(anonymous said: being ragnar and lagerthas daughter?)

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◾ Being this power couples daughter would be a blessing in itself; for your parents would love you unconditionally, no matter if their relationship tarnished.

◾ Your parents would be extremely proud of you whenever you would accomplish anything - great or small -, particularly if you did so within regards to your goals.

◾ They would also be proud of what would be in store for your future, supporting you through everything.

◾ Constantly praying to the God’s for your well being. For they wish nothing more for you than true happiness.

◾ If you had a desire to become a very adept and proficient shield maiden like your legendary mother Lagertha, be aware that she would teach you all the ways of becoming a shield maiden before hand and without you realizing it.

◾ Even if you wished not to become a shield maiden, you would be taught more than just the basics to keep yourself and your home safe.

◾ When hearing of this news, your father Ragnar would be authentically proud of you for stepping up and finding something that you took great interest in.

◾ He would thus end up teaching you a thing or two in training.

◾ Your father would practice with you, wishing to be soft with you, but if you were not learning, he would demonstrate many of the dangers that could become possible upon the battlefield.

◾ Please be aware that your parents would support you with anything that you truly desired; doing their best to nurture that and help you to achieve your dream.

◾ They would definitely keep their eyes focused on you, even when you think that they do not, they are. They would not wish to lose you.

◾ Your parents would make sure to tell your Uncle Rollo or older brother Bjorn to keep a very close eye on you when they are gone or when they are too busy. 

◾ Your father and mother would try their best to make time for you, if it were to be one on one or just in the form of a loving family moment. They would cherish each and every second with you and would treat it like it were to be their last. 

◾ Your mother Lagertha would take yourself and your sister Gyda on fishing trips, teaching the pair of you how to catch fish the proper way. She would also teach you how to prepare fish the right way, also.

◾ With that said, your parents reminding you to one day teach your own children the techniques and joys of farming, so then your children will know. Thus hopefully your own will carry it through the future generations to come.

◾ Your parents would teach yourself and your siblings the ways of farming, sometimes telling you stories of what they both went through, giving you tips on how to look after the farm the proper way.

◾ Rollo spoiling you rotten, as well as your siblings, which would make you all smile.

◾ Your parents telling you old tales of the Gods and old legends that their own parents had told them when they were growing up. 

◾ Your father taking you on trips to see Floki the famous boat builder and his wife Helga, which ends up with Helga teaching you how to make convenient medicines and what different herbs can cure what, etc.

◾ Since you visit Floki so much, the boat builder would end up teaching you the ways of building a boat and would let you help him with carving wood pieces for the boat that he was building at that moment in time. 

◾ All of your family members and family friends being extremely protective of you and making sure that no harm were to come your way. 

◾ Training with your father whilst your mother watches with a proud look, only for Bjorn and Gyda to join in. 

◾ Sticking close with your siblings. 

◾ When your parents split up, you find it very hard to pick whether to stay with your father, Ragnar, or going with your mother, Lagertha. In that way, you share the confusion and inner-conflict that Bjorn does.

◾ When you tell your mother that you bleed for the first time, she would be so proud, helping you through the entire process.

◾ Being extremely close to Athelstan and the other citizens in Kattegat when the plague hit and mourning your late sister.

◾ You and Gyda would be close, being the only girls and losing her would cause you to mourn her loss in such a hard way that it would worry those who love you, especially your mother and father.

◾ Athelstan would comfort you during this time, causing you to be much closer to him than your siblings.

◾ Bjorn would inadvertently be the one to pull you out of your depression, forming a closer bond between their pair of you. Your mother and father would smile at this, telling you how proud Gyda would be that you two are sticking together.

◾ Being utterly loved by your family and the family’s close friends. 

◾ Having your parents temperament at times; which often causes humorous bickering between them.  

◾ “Our beloved daughter has the temperament of a wild beast. I wonder where she inherited such a quality from.” Ragnar would sarcastically remark to Lagertha as he gets ready to drink his ale. 

◾ “Oh, I’m not sure, dear husband” Lagertha would state sarcastically. “Something tells me my love, that the God’s have blessed this world with another beautiful young woman who just can’t digest the stupidity of men who do not think before they speak.” She would say as friendly as Ragnar had began before she almost growled the rest out; resulting in Ragnar nearly spitting out his ale. 

◾ If you were to suffer from night terrors just know that your mother and father would try their best to calm you down and comfort you whilst this happened. 

◾ “There is no reason to be terrified our dear daughter…” Your mother uttered out as she softly moved the damp wet messy hair that clung to you forehead away. “It was only a bad dream…” Your father began as he made his way over to where your bed was.  “We would never let a phantom go near you, dear child.” 

◾ If you stayed with Ragnar, you would miss your mother desperately. You would have ill feelings towards your father at first, but you knew that he would need you. At least you had Athelstan during this time.

◾ You wouldn’t really like Aslaug all too much, but you would tolerate her. You may even eventually grow closer to her, but reminding her that she would never replace your mother.

◾ If you were to go with your mother, you would miss your father, your uncle Rollo, everyone in Kattegat and Athelstan. You would long for the day that your family would be reunited once again. And due to the circumstances of Lagertha’s new marriage, you would be heavily protected by her and Bjorn.

◾ When, and if possibly, you reunited with either of your parents, there would be tears shed and many celebrations set out and experienced.

◾ People would often look at you and Bjorn and see greatness, as your parents were so famous.

◾ When going on raids, your family would fight together, and what a strong unit it would be.

◾ Even though you are only the half-sister’s of Ubbe, Sigurd, Hvitserk and Ivar, you would love them as your full brothers. They would love you immensely and be protective over you.

◾ You would mourn your fathers death as you may be more sensitive, but you would accompany your brothers upon seeking to avenge him.

◾ When your half-brothers attempt to kill your mother, you would not settle for it, nor would you settle for Astrid threatening your brothers, or your mother for that matter. You would feel caught in the middle in such a situation.

◾ Even though over the years your family had been broken up and become dysfunctional, you would be happy to have parents as you do, no matter the mistakes that they have made.

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