maiden shop


Another larger piece my husband blew me away with. 
The textures on the main component are almost marbled <3 

Again, another one i secretly want to stash in my jewelry drawer… but know i shouldn’t. This large piece was made with various hand cut copper pieces that have been textured, sanded, filed, punched ( no, not fist punched) and given a wonderful unique marbled texture with patina solution and flame. 

My husband makes such lovely pieces <3 
and i usually want to keep them all for myself!

Okay but can we just acknowledge the number of fanfic tropes they have used so far this season?

“My clothes were ruined so I have to wear one of your shirts.”

“I’m afraid to sleep alone so you decide to keep me company.”

“We’re hiding out together because Reasons and we get to talking and realize we have Things In Common.”

“We suddenly have to raise this baby together.”

“There’s only one bathroom and we both really need a shower.”