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Nuriawen’s Ostara Ritual


1 gold candle (to represent the god.)

1 green candle (to represent the goddess.)

Anointing oil (rosemary oil also works!)

A green crystal; Moldavite (renewal) or moss agate (abundance) works well.

One healthy plant


Place your candles on each side of the plant of your choice, and lay the crystal in the soil of its container.

Cast your circle.

Anoint both candles: Start from the middle and proceed to draw the oil upwards, then finish by coming from the middle to the bottom of the candle.

Sit comfortably in front of your set up and visualize the candle’s flame dancing along to the renewal of Spring.

When ready, chant:

“O Horned God I call to thee 

Sow the seed of rebirth in me.

O Maiden Mother I seek your light

Bless the passage of this rite.

In celebration of our coming Spring

and every life your essence brings

together now we join in song

and thank our Gaia to which we belong.

Blessed be.”

Visualize the blaze of the candles bursting with cleansing, renewing power. Thank the God and Goddess.

Snuff them. (do not blow out!)

Close your circle.


The Signs As Women Of Greek Myth
  • Aries: Come with bows bent and with emptying of quivers,Maiden most perfect, lady of light, With a noise of winds and many rivers, With a clamour of waters, and with might; Bind on thy sandals, O thou most fleet, Over the splendour and speed of thy feet; For the faint east quickens, the wan west shivers, Round the feet of the day and the feet of the night. //
  • Atalanta
  • Taurus: She reigns upon her dusky throne, ‘mid shades of heroes dread to see; Among the dead she breathes alone, Persephone—Persephone! Or seated on the Elysian hill she dreams of earthly daylight still, and murmurs of the daffodil. //
  • Persephone
  • Gemini: Restless, pacing panther-like, I prowl the palace. Preparing for the gods to punish me, As is my fate. A fate I fear not. For I, Clytemnestra, Queen of Mycenae, Daughter of Sparta and of Leda, Have avenged my daughter's death! The blood of Iphigenia, Shed by her father, To assuage the fears and whims Of ignorant, brutal men. Lordly Agamemnon, Once my husband but no more, For I have murdered him. //
  • Clytemnestra
  • Cancer: As a pale phantom with a lamp 
Ascends some ruin's haunted stair, So glides the moon along the damp. Mysterious chambers of the air.Now hidden in cloud, and now revealed, As if this phantom, full of pain, Were by the crumbling walls concealed, And at the windows seen again. Until at last, serene and proud. In all the splendor of her light, She walks the terraces of cloud, Supreme as Empress of the Night. //
  • Selene
  • Leo: With hair like lakes that glint beneath the stars, dark as sweet as midnight, or with hair aglow like burnished gold that still retains the fire. Yea, I shall haunt until the dusk of time, the heavy eyelids filled with fleeting dreams. //
  • Helen of Troy
  • Virgo: So the lovely Andromeda sitting on the shore, Her long hair waving seaward in the salty breeze, Has been chained to rock by vengeance heretofore. But the brave Perseus arrives and her he frees, After slaying the sea monster with a vicious gore. Now Andromeda is the goddess of all my dreams, Who reigns supreme in the celestial sphere. Her beauty is yet unique in the heavenly schemes, And can cause clouds and tempest to disappear. //
  • Andromeda
  • Libra: Who is that girl playing in the garden- So carefree, so young, so fair? Or is she older, but with An unaging zeal or fire? I will have her A Persephone, a Helen A Medusa- Cleopatra, Pandora to my soul, 
...My little fatal heel //
  • Pandora
  • Scorpio: So you have swept me back, I who could have walked with the live souls above the earth,I who could have slept among the live flowers at last; so for your arrogance and your ruthlessness I am swept back where dead lichens drip dead cinders upon moss of ash; so for your arrogance I am broken at last, I who had lived unconscious, who was almost forgot; if you had let me wait I had grown from listlessness into peace, if you had let me rest with the dead, I had forgot you and the past. //
  • Eurydice
  • Sagittarius: In the pathway of the sun, In the footsteps of the breeze, Where the world and sky are one, He shall ride the silver seas, He shall cut the glittering wave. I shall sit at home, and rock. Rise, to heed a neighbor's knock; Brew my tea, and snip my thread; Bleach the linen for my bed. They will call him brave. //
  • Penelope
  • Capricorn: Her skin is pale, A wash of gentle light;Her hair silver,Glittering with starlight, The girl born of moon and star. Her eyes piercing blue, As the blanket of sky, Her face upturned, All the relaxed beauty of night, The girl shimmering with light and dust. The moonlight drapes over her Clothing her in shimmering silver light, She dances with glittering grace, As the the dust of stars trails behind, The moonlight girl born for night //
  • Nyx
  • Aquarius: Remembering Greece, I imagine you there now; naked, skilled in spells. Your toes in the sand, your bright green eyes radiant; island conqueress. //
  • Circe
  • Pisces: O latest born and loveliest vision far Of all Olympus' faded hierarchy. Fairer than Phoebe's sapphire-region'd star, Or Vesper, amorous glow-worm of the sky; Fairer than these, though temple thou hast none, Nor altar heap'd with flowers; Nor virgin-choir to make delicious moan Upon the midnight hours; No voice, no lute, no pipe, no incense sweet; From chain-swung censer teeming; No shrine, no grove, no oracle, no heat Of pale-mouth'd prophet dreaming. //
  • Psyche
Yoshiko secretly has a grudge against Nozomi.

Yoshiko was never too interested in µ’s, but occasionally heard from Dia or Ruby that Nozomi reads people’s fortune as well. Only problem is she doesn’t use dark magic, but tarot cards. Additionally, Nozomi is a shrine maiden, further supporting the “light side.” Therefore she started seeing Nozomi as a natural enemy and fears she will never be able to convince Ruby and Dia to be her little demons.

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Good Morning from Scotland 

Turnberry Lighthouse at dawn by Ian Cowe

mistressnorth  asked:

What kind of sin is going on here and why isn't the biggest gay in Oz, Glinda, Maiden of Northern Light, Mother of the Sound and Pure, part of it?

“Am I going to have to scream out your whole title or is just ‘Glinda’ okay?”

Friendly reminder that Jaime once thought Cersei was the Maiden and he was the Warrior.

But you know who both encompasses the virtues of the Maiden and Warrior?

In this light she could almost be a beauty.

In this light she could almost be a knight.

That’s right… Lady BRIENNE of fucking TARTH, the woman of his dreams (both literally and figuratively) and more :3