maiden city

The maiden of the rusted city.
Now before you think she a other one of the rusted commander creations she in facts the one powering them.
The commander met the maiden during the beginning of the city and since he seen the maidens as powerful beings he aloud her to live within the city and over time she grown in power and she ended up powering the new creations that made the rusted legion so know of present day.
The maiden now seen as the ruler notice the reports of a Core sentinel pathfinder who seem have a ability to use magic, this cause her to send her forces to capture this pathfinder and seek to fuse the power from him.

The Hero & Maiden

The city was just too noisy for her and she needed a quiet place to get away, from a horrible heartbreak. Out of the bustling city she went into the woods to take a stroll,hoping it would help her mind distracted from the abandonment of her previous lover. Along the way she began to walk further into the forest,and shivered a little from the cold wind,that blew past her. But her eyes soon spot a river,occupied by some of the animals who lived here. To Juvia she didn’t mind she love animals and it would be nice to have some company while being out here,so the maiden decided to stay here for a bit.Unbeknownst to her that there was a centaur who has been following her in these parts of the woods. The creature roared all the animals began to scatter and run, leaving her alone this prompted her to run too but she was caught in it’s grasp making impossible to escape.