Here’s a little summary of what’s been going on in the Raine Household lately!

I figured I would speed things up a bit for you guys since it’s taking a while to get an heir, and next I’ll be posting on Elri & Alura’s birthday - they will finally be aging up to Young Adults (they’ll be the first Young Adults of Generation 2!)

Cody came home for a visit from Dribbledine Sports Academy and aged up to a teen.

Platinum aged up to an elder kitty.

Ethan came home for a visit from Fort Starch Military School and aged up to a teen. 

Alura got in trouble with her dad because she was apparently skipping and failing school due to too many early morning birthday celebrations. -_-

Kalen took Summer out on a (much needed) romantic dinner date. ❤

Summer took the kids to the Festival and caught a monster toad. 

Grayson was beyond proud to beat his 3 sisters in a hot dog eating contest. 

Lily went home early to change because she got completely drenched during a water balloon fight with her siblings.

Kalen got a big fat bonus and was promoted to Ingredient Tester and Summer bought him a new pretty yellow sweater. :)

And Lucas enjoyed some perfect summer evenings with his soon-to-be young adult twin siblings.