maid tier

A Maid of Time's Passive / Active Scale

The active or passive score I came up with is made out of three slots:

The left one refers to the way of acquiring one’s aspect, or getting in touch with it (for example, knowing is not something done actively, you just know, which is why the Mage has got a juicy green + there).

The right one indicates the way the class is using their powers. Roughly spoken, if you use them for yourself or for others (like the Rogue, who gives the stuff they stole to others).

You will notice there’s some things like stealing I consider solely active. You can’t really accidentily steal something. It’s the same for knowing on the passive side.

The middle one only exists for the Heir and the Witch, it’s 0 for the others. Having a middle + or – means the class is the most passive or active (excluding Muse and Lord, of course). I added them because the Witch is the only class who can influence their aspect directly and in both directions, whereas Heirs literally just inherit their aspects and let it take control (see John, who turned into Breath to dodge without knowing what was even going on).

Why don’t Page and Knight have any symbols? Because they change their (+) and (-) scores during their development and I think 0 fits them better because of that. See this

It’s still a bit wacky tho. like what even are bards

I’m excited for next episode because early on in the anime I complained that Tohru’s instant and unwavering loyalty of Kobayashi was incongruent with the rest of her character, but the anime has treated us RIGHT the past few episodes, so I’m actually optimistic that they’ll give a good explanation when they go over how Kobayashi & Tohru first met.

My guess is that Kobayashi inadvertently did more than just save Tohru’s life, but gave her a chance at a new one. Tohru was probably more unhappy than she’d willingly admit before she met Kobayashi, but never really questioned the way things were. Until Kobayashi came along and made her think maybe they could be different, and maybe she wanted that all along.



Hey guys, a lot of the Homestuck fandom enjoys panel editing and drawing up god tiers from pre-existing artwork from mspa. The only noticable problem is due to Hussie’s consistent style change, and situational poses. You get a lot of varying anatomys and poses. This is why I’ve drawn up all the god tier classes in the style and posing used when the Alpha kids went god tier. Tiers such as Prince, Male Page and Female Rogue and Maid have been traced from that, Male Heir and Knight and Female Seer have also been traced from John, Rose and Dave’s ascension, but tweaked to match the anatomy. The rest have been drawn straight up. Another issue is people editing Dave to portray their female characters. So I have made templates for both Male and Female anatomy. I’m sorry, but I’ve not included female anatomy for the male exclusive tiers (Prince & Bard) and same for male anatomy for the female tiers (Sylph and Witch). Though I do think I’ll be adding those in at some point, along with Lord and Muse. And possibly some Mage redraws when Hussie shows us in canon how the design looks outside of Feasting’s Meulin sprite. (Roxy’s rogue outfit differs in places from Feastings Rufioh rogue rendition).

Anywho, please feel free to use, tweak, edit, whatever! And I hope you enjoy! I do apologise if there are any errors.