maid reina

It will be celebrated
with pomp and parade
bonfires and illuminations
from one end of this continent
to the other

Before I had switched my facebook profile over to a page (and lost all of my photos in the process), a special customer of mine was seeing the world and posted updates of his travels on my wall. In each photo he held a Paopu Fruit next to a beautiful landmark to show me where he had been. It was thrilling getting to see such wonderful places, especially since I have never been out of America. 

Two days ago I received a very special gift - the very Paopu Fruit that has traveled the world (44,851 miles and three different continents)! Now it is time for it to rest here with me and my girls at My Cup of Tea, where everyone can cherish the beautiful message written on the back; “Never be afraid to go out and see the world.”

Thank you, Mark-sama! I hope I get to see you again soon (and rest assured I will have the paopu with me)!