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Boku Dake Ga Inai Machi

Death Note

Code Geass

HighSchool Of The Dead

Kaichou Wa Maid Sama

Mirai Nikki

Shingeki No Kyojin

Tokyo Ghoul

Girls in bands

In no particular order:

  1. Paramore - Hayley Williams (Vocals/Keys)
  2. Tonight Alive - Jenna McDougall (Vocals)
  3. Pvris - Lynn Gunn (Vocals/Guitar)
  4. No Doubt - Gwen Stafani (Vocals)
  5. Garbage - Shirley Manson (Vocals)
  6. Evanescence - Amy Lee (Vocals/Piano)
  7. We Are The In Crowd - Taylor Jardine (Vocals)
  8. Maid Of Ace - (All-Girl Rock band)
  9. Sick Of Sarah - (All-Girl Rock band)
  10. Dead Sara- Emily Armstrong (Vocals/Rhythm Guitar) Siouxsie Medley (Lead Guitar/Vocals)
  11. Florence + The Machine - Florence Welch (Vocals)
  12. Halestorm - Lzzy Hale (Vocals/Guitar)
  13. Dangerkids -  Katie Cole (Drums)
  14. The Summer Set - Jess Bowen (Drums)
  15. Jule Vera -  Ansley Newman (Vocals)
  16. Flyleaf - Lacey Sturm (Vocals 2002-2012) Kristen May (Vocals)
  17. Misterwives - Mandy Lee (Vocals)
  18. Neon Trees -  Elaine Bradley (Drums)
  19. Against Me! - Laura Jane Grace (Vocals/Guitar)
  20. Brain’s All Gone - (All-Girl Rock band)
  21. Blondie - Debbie Harry (Vocals)
  22. Echosmith - Sydney Sierota (Vocals)
  23. Fitz & The Tantrums -  Noelle Scaggs (Vocals)
  24. Gossip - Beth Ditto (Vocals)
  25. In This Moment - Maria Brink (Vocals)
  26. New Years Day -  Ashley Costello (Vocals)
  27. Kitten - Chloe Chaidez (Vocals)
  28. Marmozets - Becca Macintyre (Vocals)
  29. Metric - Emily Haines (Vocals)
  30. Mindless Self Indulgence - Lyn-z (Bass) Kitty (Drums)
  31. The Pretty Reckless - Taylor Momsen (Vocals)
  32. Screaming Females - Marissa Paternoster (Vocals/Guitar)
  33. Silversun Pickups -  Nikki Monninger (Bass)
  34. Warpaint - (All-Girl Rock band)
  35. Hole - Courtney Love (Vocals/Guitar)
  36. Chvrches -  Lauren Mayberry (Vocals)
  37. Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Karen O (Vocals/Keys)
  38. BONES - Rosie Bones & Carmen (Vocals/Guitar)
  39. -HEIRSOUND- -  Alexa San Román (Vocals)
  40. The Distillers - Brody Dalle (Vocals/Guitar)
  41. Conquer Divide - (All-Girl Metal Band)
  42. Eisley -  Sherri (Vocals/Rhythm Guitar) Chauntelle (Lead Guitar/Vocals)  Stacy (Vocals/Keyboard)  

And shout out to any other female artist/musician I might have not mention for paving the way for younger female musicians!!

Vampire AU

Heyy, Ammy again!

Soooo… a friend of mine just asked me to come up with a full-fledged vampire AU for DGM, and at first I was kinda like “….why tho.” And then I remembered that I know a lot about vampires, so I can create something pretty fun and unique.

Anywho! Here we go!

Background Info:
A vampire is a creature which survives by consuming the blood of a human. According to some myths around the world, they are also demons who, like any demon, can possess another body. However, unlike the dhampir, who can possess any human body, the vampire can only possess the body of a related dhampir, thus turning the dhampir into a full-fledged vampire.
A dhampir is the hybrid child of a vampire and a human. Dhampirs possess both human and vampiric characteristics. They, like any human, are alive and live regular, mortal lifespans, but, upon death, will find a new host body to possess.

Black Order:

  • Black priests/exorcists are vampire hunters
  • Most of them are people whose families were wiped out by vampires
    • One exception is Krory, who is himself a dhampir coming from a line of dhampirs who have borne a grudge against the Clan
    • The Order stumbled across Krory and Eliade living alone and went to take care of him. Krory struck a deal with the Order; if they let him live, he’d help them with the Clan
  • Each is given a magical weapon which molds itself to their individual needs
  • The reason for the silver in the exorcist uniforms comes from the notion that vampires are weak to silver. (This is, of course, eventually disproven by Tyki’s avid collection of silver buttons from their uniforms)
    • Which is why the amount of silver in the uniform is eventually reduced and replaced with red trim
  • Lavi and Bookman are not, in fact, vampire hunters, at least not primarily. They retain their roles as neutral parties who observe history. But, since they’re there, they help out (kind of have to, ‘cause it sucks to be observing and then all of a sudden you have an angry, hungry vampire rushing at you)
  • The Black Order will deal with just about any vampire they come across, of course, but their primary enemy is the Clan of Noah

Clan of Noah:

  • A group of twelve reincarnating dhampirs and a full-fledged vampire called the Millennium Earl
  • Of course, the Millennium Earl is their father
  • No one knows how Adam became a vampire, only that he’s both the oldest and most powerful known vampire
  • He and his family have been around for millennia
  • The dhampirs have been reincarnating, but Adam has never changed or disappeared (well, until recently)
  • The Clan is easily one of the most influential groups of vampires in existence


  • Ghouls are what happens when a vampire or dhampir kills a human without the intent of turning them. Ghouls have to obey the ones who created them
  • However, “akuma" is a term applied only to ghouls created by the Clan of Noah
  • Adam alters the Clan’s ghouls using magic, creating bizarre monstrosities that seem to mutate and evolve the more they consume
    • The Order has taken to categorizing them by level, 1-3, and recently even 4
    • Level 1 akuma tend to look more like regular ghouls (reanimated, mindless corpses), only they’re a little harder to kill
    • Subsequent levels look less like corpses, instead taking on more varied forms at level 2 and then becoming more and more uniform after that
  • This alteration is done by tying the human’s soul to the corpse, trapping it

Allen Walker:

  • Allen is the adopted son of Mana Walker
  • Mana and Allen were attacked by a vampire, and Mana was killed and turned into a ghoul in the attack, and turned and attacked Allen, blinding him in one eye and severing one of his arms
  • Allen manages to get away, and is soon discovered by Cross, who takes him on as an apprentice
    • While with Cross, he receives his weapon, which replaces his severed arm and “repairs” his damaged eye, allowing him to see what exactly Adam has done to the Clan’s ghouls
  • Recently discovered that he is the new host body for the dhampir, Nea D. Campbell

The Campbells:

  • Mana and Nea are the first dhampirs to be born to the Clan in several millennia
  • They are the children of Adam and Katerina Campbell
  • Shortly after the twins are conceived, Adam disappears
    • As luck would have it, someone finally managed to kill Adam, albeit because he had let his guard down. This individual was tracked down and killed by the Clan, who then went into hiding while they tried to figure out what to do without Adam
  • Mana and Nea grew up as normal, human children, but eventually began to show signs of vampirism and join the Clan
    • Simultaneously, Mana starts to change, seeming to lose his sense of self
  • Nea decides to take action to save Mana, and proceeds to rebel in an attempt to force Adam to take possession of himself instead
    • He manages to kill most of the Clan, save only Road and Mana/Adam, before Mana/Adam kills him
  • Nea takes Allen Walker, his nephew, as a host
  • Mana Walker did not actually become a ghoul, or only temporarily became one. Nea hasn’t quite figured out what actually happened yet. He just knows it’s not possible for a vampire or dhampir to truly become a ghoul
Just because someone is generous doesn't mean you can take advantage of them.

Background: both my parents are ophthalmologists (eye surgeon) and they practice at a private clinic together. To comply with rule #6 I won’t mention in which country this takes place but keep in mind this isn’t in the states or Canada.

Five years ago my parents took over a private clinic. The doctor that was practicing there previously had treated his nurses horribly (e.g., yelling and throwing things at the nurses when they make a mistake, calling them all sorts of awful names even in front of patients). However, my parents are not the kind of people who can do that.

So when my parents took over the clinic, they gave the nurses a raise, were flexible with their schedule, and treated them humanely. Not to generalize an entire country but for an employer to treat their employees with kindness is not very common here.

Here’s where the problem started. The nurses, instead of appreciating my parents’ generosity, they thought it would be okay to try and take advantage of this situation. They would show up late, come up with excuses to skip their shift and complain when my parents don’t pay them for their personal days, and they would talk down to my parents.

My parents never tolerated this kind of behaviour in the first place. Whenever the nurses behaved like this, they would sit them down and remind them that they should be treating my parents with respect not only because my parents are their superior but because they’re all adults. They would behave well for a few months and then the same thing would happen again. My parents have already replaced two of them so it’s not like they’re under the illusion that they have job security.

*Soapbox alert*: What bothers me most is that these nurses behaved perfectly well when they were being treated like animals by the previous doctor. And I would be more understanding if they were young but these nurses are in their mid-forties to mid-fifties.

Anyway, August is when most businesses take their summer vacation which basically means employees get a three or four day weekend but very rarely more than four. And surprise surprise, one of the nurses last week were complaining about not receiving a six-day-long paid vacation. She’s claiming that’s how much nurses receive at other clinics (which they don’t) and that it’s illegal for my parents to not allow them to do so (it’s not). And it’s not like we’re prohibiting her from using up her personal days to extend her long weekend.

I think that was the last straw for my mother. She spoke to our lawyer to double check what we’re allowed to do. Here’s a rough translation of what my mom said to that nurse yesterday in front of all the other nurses:

“We pay you above average for a private clinic nurse and we’ve been more than reasonable to your complaints and requests. There’s nothing else I can do to make the work environment here any safer and more peaceful. Despite never having done anything illegal nor violating any part of our contract, you think it’s appropriate to act like we’re taking advantage of you? Fine, let’s play by the ‘law’.”

  • Her contract needs to be renewed at the end of September. Her pay will be decreased to the legally required minimum wage.
  • The premium healthcare we provide for our employees that we’re not legally obligated to pay for? Her’s will be reduced to the basic plan.
  • Nurses are paid by the hour and there’s no minimum number of hours legally required in the contract so we already cut her shifts by half.

The workforce in this country is incredibly competitive so given her age, it is very unlikely she’ll be able to find another job as a nurse. Even if she did, she would have to leave my parents on good terms; as in she can’t badmouth us or cause chaos right before quitting otherwise her license could easily be taken away and all it takes is for my parents to blacklist her in the doctors’ association and no doctor in this country will ever hire her.

Her husband owns a construction firm that does pretty well so it’s not like the contract revisions will put her family out in the streets or anything. Still, I know this kind of makes us look like monsters but my parents rarely take such drastic measures. As their child, it was super satisfying to see them finally defend themselves.

(There are multiple updates from the author)

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Reactions To the Dragon Maid Finale Coming To You From The Afterlife Because I’m Fucking Dead

*Spoilers for Ep 13 Below!!*


No one deserved emotional mayhem on this level but I also thoroughly enjoyed it.

-Why the fuck did they have to put the cutest opening scenes in just before they fucking ripped my heart out fuck.  

-The flowers =my everything?? JUST FINISH ME OFF WHY DON’T YOU

-Kanna and Saikawa are so sweet throughout this entire thing omg 。゚(*´□`)゚。

-Kobayshi’s just chilling enjoying a day off finally and feeling peaceful and then they had to twist that fucking knife fuck

-I tried and failed to hold it together when Kobayashi hears that Tohru left.  Just the way she pauses and doesn’t know what to do and her lil sad face and you can just *tell*  this has absolutely GUTTED her that shit took three years off my lifespan.

-My big gay baby ass cried p much the entire montage when Tohru isn’t there that’s one of the most devastating scenes I’ve witnessed in any medium in a long damn while and is like real-life familiar to me a bit and just.  Holy.  Shit.

-But like props yo Kobayashi’s single mom-ing it up she’s gonna get shit done whatever way she has to

-But it still killed me because holy shit she has takeout because she works late af and doesn’t have time to cook for them

-THE MUG SHE DROPS that hurt me why would they do this to me she’s rushing so much to get ready and get Kanna up

-Taught Kanna to use the rice cooker because she won’t be home

-Kanna has to stay at Saikawa’s because mom’s working OUCH

-And Kanna misses her dragon mom I’m crying

- The way the house is so messy oh no Kobayashi you poor depressed lesbian I feel u bb been there, done that, bought that t-shirt

-Takiya is the real MVP lookin out for his fellow queer bestie, noticin’ something’s wrong, u go A+ bestie

-The way she runs when Tohru comes back omfg


-Like damn Kobayashi woke the fuck up and told off Tohru’s big bad dragon dad U GO BB

-Also what the fuck did he do to her face or whatever??

-Tohru’s face when he does that shit to Kobayashi.  Is.  PRIME.  I literally screamed OH SHIIIIIIIIT IT’S. ABOUT. TO. GO. DOWN.

-Tiny dragon daughter flying her mom to the other dimension to go get back her dragon mom my heart ❤❤❤

-Kanna’s the other real MVP she’s taking care of her mom, giving her the down low on dragon politics, telling her where Tohru is, flying her around.

-Kanna is the prettiest dragon look at those lil feathery angel wings angel dragon daughter ☆~☆~☆~☆

-And then Kobayashi’s measured conflict resolution is life and the way she talks about difference was cool af and just quintessentially her.  Diplomatic as fuck.

-The way Tohru like tackles her added the three years back onto my life plus one and gave me clear skin and watered my crops and paid off my student loans and bestowed upon me the most voluminous hair yo.




-Has she like called them?  Warned them at all?  I hope not I hope she just turns the fuck up and goes “Sup motherfuckers, haven’t seen you in a year.  You have a daughter in law and a granddaughter now you will love them as I do.  Don’t ask about the tail.  Or do.  Depends on whether it’ll give you an aneurism or not.”

-I both want to fic it and see it in-ep animated I’ve heard second season is a thing or is that wrong?  

-I’ll watch this episode over and over for the next 20 years.

-And fic it

-And cosplay it

-And protect it


The Walking Dead: season 7 episode 1
Glen vs Negan

you know this dragon anime is great but you know what would  make me literally dead.

if like any of the pairings just



tohru and Kobayashi?

yes gay main paring 10000/10

kanna and Saikawa?

cute tiny gays maybe on the cheek or something 10000/10

fafnir and Takiya?

the video game nerd gays 10000/10

its gay im dead