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Introducing the worst maid of all time, Rei would be absolutely terrible serving anyone in the maid like fashion???
huh her outfit sure looks familiar tho


The actual MBTI blog character typing tool

Quiet evil villain dresses weird kinda mysterious: INTJ

Loud evil villain rich in suit: ENTJ

Somebody crying: a fuckin INFP week ass

Bohemian or hippie high af: ENFP

Who is she: INFJ

Somebody helping: ENFJ

Funny guy screaming on the inside: ENTP

Hates humanity sarcastically, probably the main characters go to guy he consults that ironically helps him save the world: INTP

Guy with a tool belt: ISTP

Guy with that loud machine thing that breaks up the cement on the ground it’s so annoying, kinda sexy tbh let’s wait as the camera pans to him: ESTP

Beautiful optimistic person: ISFP

Person who dies first, is pure: ESFP

Someone’s dad: ISTJ

Knowledgable butler/maid that raises the main character: ESTJ

The teacher who looks into the camera and nods inspirationally : ISFJ

Character only seen in group setting always smiles: ESFJ

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My brother said the answer to your question is One Piece. Honestly, I would've said BnHA since the fandom is fairly active and it's a shonen series. I'm not really watching anything that fits your criteria right now but I'd like to offer a warning about kobayashi-san chi no maid dragon. The main story line is ADORABLE but there's some seriously questionable vibes in the side plots to the point where I've considered dropping the series. I'm currently watching kuzu no honkai but I can't recommend.

I used to be in the OP fandom but I think my biggest mistake was watching the anime bc I like going at my own pace so the manga would probs suit me better.  I should look into it.  I actually just got rec’d the dragon one, I’mma check it out (I honestly couldn’t care less about vibes atm I’m just in need of a new fandom to join to branch out).  

SHAWN MENDES IMAGINE #8, PART 1: Wedding fright.

I woke up to the rays of sunshine beating in through my window. “Shawn?” I said, looking around for my fiancé. I had fallen asleep next to him, as I far as I remember.

“Morning!” Madison walked out of the bathroom of my hotel, rubbing a tiny stain off her white heels.

“What did you do with my boy?” I asked her, raising an eyebrow at her. I tied my messy hair up in a bun.

“It’s bad luck to see your fiancé before the wedding, duh.” She informed me, and I rolled my eyes, laughing. “So, Jack took him back to our room and I spent the night here. Get up, get up! There’s a lot to do!”

I had made Madison my Maid Of Honor, basically my main person. She called in the hair stylist that I had hired and in flooded Maggie, Sierra, Shawn’s sister Aaliyah, his mother, my mother, his aunt, and my grandma. That was quite enough people for one room. I was in the corner getting my hair curled, talking to the stylist. I was so stressed. “It’s a big day, sweetheart, but relax. It all ends up perfect.” My stylist looked at me, smiling.

If the actual importance of this day had hit me right about now, I would probably be crying, maybe eating, probably watching reruns of Four Weddings. I had been on a juice fast for the last two days. In other words, I would eat a stalk of celery like it was the most delicious thing I had ever seen. Hungry was an understatement.

I unzipped the bag in which my dress was being kept. I first pulled on my shoes and then pulled on the dress. It was the kind with the string tie-up in the back, which Sierra helped me with. I earned compliments like crazy, but as the actual event got closer, people’s words were just blurred.

“Why do you cuter than me when I got married?” Madison laughed, pulled me in for a hug, minding my hair. I think it was an instinct for us to watch each other’s hair when we were hugging.

I finally got all dressed up, and as hours passed, people left my room and went outside to set up the scene. I sat in my room, sitting messily on the bed, watching reruns of old TV shows.

Hours passed. 9:00 AM. I was supposed to be getting to the back room to be walked out right now. I couldn’t do it. I could not bring myself to get up. I just sat and thought about every single thing that could possibly go wrong.

The noise of people grew outside my window, it was more of people looking rather than setting up. I overheard a conversation right outside between Cam and Gilinsky. “Everyone’s saying she’s not in her room, did you find her?” Cam asked, a little panic sensed in his voice.

“No, keep looking. I’ll look around, too.” Jack said to him. Cam’s footsteps got farther, before Jack shouted down the hall to him. “Keep Madison busy, she will flip shit if she finds out we’re looking for the bride.”

Jack walked into my room, not expecting to see anything. It was clear, by the look on his face. “Hey, what are you doing here?” He asked me, walking over to the bed.

“I can’t do it.” I look up to him, laying down the honesty. “I can’t bring myself to go down there. Something will go wrong, I can feel it.” I said, drinking the juice I was holding.

Jack thought to himself for a moment before speaking. “Remember at my wedding? Madison broke her leg the day of the wedding so you had to roll her down the aisle and we did the ceremony with her in a wheelchair?” He mentioned.

I nodded, smiling a bit. “Yeah, I remember.” I thought back to that day.

“Didn’t it all end up great, though?” He asked, and I nodded back at him. “What I’m trying to say, is that things can go wrong or things can go perfectly. Either way, it all ends up perfect anyways.” He said. I looked up at him. Jack used his thumb to wipe the brimming tears about to fall from my eyes. “Now, no crying. Shawn is waiting out there for his love. Let’s go, yeah?” He finished, offering his arm to me. I let him walk me down the hallway to the back room. Half way, a freaking-out Madison had spotted us and offered me her arm on the other side. I walked down to the room, earning a bunch of relieved sighs.

Madison kissed Jack as I turned around. Shawn’s friend Geoff was there. “You look great, love.” He smiled, nudging my shoulder.

“Thanks, Geoff.” I said back to him, shaking. He clearly noticed my nervousness.

“Don’t be nervous, it’ll be great. By the way, compared to Shawn, you don’t even look nervous at all.” He laughed, hugging me before walking out to take his seat.

“Aunty!” I heard a little voice from behind me. Little Stella ran up to me, smiling big. I picked her up. “You look so bootiful!”

“Not as pretty as you, girlfriend.” I giggled at her, poking her belly. “You ready to be the flower girl?” She nodded furiously.

“Stella, let’s go. It’s time for you.” She waved to me, as Sierra called her daughter out.

This was it. I was to walk out right after her. I was taking a leap of faith. I had taken leaps before in my life, this just felt like the biggest. The comforting thing was that, when I took the leap, Shawn was waiting on the other for me.

Messing with lineart again. Love the brush, but still have almost zero feel for how to colour lineart. My usual colour-art process is silhouetting and then filling in with colours, no sketch, so I have almost no practice with this. But I want to learn it. But this is a very simple colouring for now.

Didn’t start as it, but became some sort of never-existant Castlevania character. I like this approach better than Igarashi’s new “battle maid”-looking main character. <3


Killer watched over the kindom of Asara, his only son and heir to the throne had just hitten his years of manhood at 16. The large black castle sat on a large mountain overlooking the villages, the sun began to go down, Killers servants and maids gathered in the main hall, the servants were all rather sexy and served any way they were told, one particular black haired maid had grown attatched to the prince, she was sent to his room to retrieve him.“P-Prince?…” She asked knocking lightly.

A Thief in the castle ..~


From a small poor town in the borders of Asgard, Nobuto finally maid his way to the main city. In his trip he been through hell, thugs and bandits were everywhere he had to fight them to protect what lefts of money and food with him. Most of the time he wins others he loses when he’s too tired and they’re so many. Sometimes he’ll just sneak into some mansions stealing what probably they won’t notice missing so he can sell and make a living. How many houses? too many! However he wasn’t really proud of that. 

In the capital Nobuto decided to look for a decent small job, but all he was treated was like an outsider. He was broke and his ripped bloody clothes what’s left for him after his last fight and it didn’t help him at all to find a job. There was nothing to do in that unfair world he lives except to gamble, it’s something he learned to do through his rough life. Gamble and take responsibility of consequences! The huge castle was reflected in his hidden eyes, that day Nobuto was determined to do something as crazy as stealing from the main castle something that would fix his fucked up life. 

He was a pro in breaking mansions slipping before the guards noses without them being able to detect him. Like a shadow passing through many rooms stealing every little pieces of gold, rings and necklaces. There was even a knife made of pure silver with a ruby on it!! Only one of the highest ranked knights noted something suspicious going on, finally the thief was caught. The guards got scolded for letting him in, someone suggested ‘jail’ but the knight decided to drag him to the king himself since he was on his way to meet him. What a bad luck Nobuto had on that gamble.. without saying anything they dragged him roughly and now he was forced on his knees before the king.