maid in maine

i watched the dragon maid anime for a laugh and spoiler alert i loved it and it broke almost all my expectations

its also super fuckin gay

if u wanna buy that lesbian dragon on a t shirt here it is


Imagine being a maid and the prince, Dean Winchester, falling in love with you.

“Would you like anything else of me, your highness?” you asked, eyes casted to the ground.

You heard the prince let out a heavy sigh and footstep come closer to you “Yes, one little thing that means the world to me: call me Dean, please.”

“Your majesty, I- I-” you felt all words get caught in your throat when you felt him close to you. Two fingers were placedunder your chin as he slowly lifted your face to look at him.

“(Y/n)” he sighed sadly, giving you a pleading look with his eyes. Those green beautiful orbs that had your heart beating wildly inside your chest but you had to make sure not only that it didn’t show but also that you didn’t feel. Hard, yes, but you had to force it all down not just for the sake of your life – if the king found out anything was going on he could execute you any moment he wanted to – but also your sanity. The prince seemed to be taking up not just your living days but also nights and dreams. Sure you were his main maid, you took care of him in ways that other maids would only dream of – which didn’t make your case any easier, especially with these wild feelings you had for him – so you got to spend a lot of time with him but you knew these things you felt – this love you had for him was simply forbidden. And he wasn’t making things easier.

“Please, I’ve told you so many times to call me Dean. It just- it-” he let out a heavy breath “It kills me, having you so close to me, looking at me with those beautiful sparkly eyes and shy smile that makes my heart go crazy, yet so far away when you call me ‘prince’ or 'your highness’.” he clenched his jaw, shaking his head.

“But you are-” your voice was shaky and low, but you wouldn’t take your eyes off of him.

“I am.” he said more sternly, making your eyes widen for a second “I am your prince, yes I know it. You have reminded me of that a thousand times and even when I want to forget it I fucking can’t because of everybody else saying it. But I don’t care, I don’t care anymore. Why cannot I not have you if I am the so called prince? I can be granted every other wish I have, even if I want a land so far away they will fight to give it to me, but I can’t be granted the simplest yet most important wish of all? You?”

You swallowed the lump in your throat, feeling tears well up in your eyes “It is forbidden. If your father finds out-”

“Who says he has to find out though?” he smirked softly and your eyebrows shot up.

“My prince, you cannot feel such a thng for me. I am- I am merely a maid.” you held your breath as you fidgeted with your hands.

“And that takes away from how much of a gorgeous woman you are?” he tilted his head to the side as he now cupped your cheek, rubbing a thumb over it “I don’t think so.”

“But you- you can’t be-”

“What, interested in you?” he smiled “Princess-” he said the word in such a way that made your heart skip a beat “I am far more than just interested. And if you want to know what I really think about my father’s rules then- just stay the night with me and I’ll show you.”

“But if someone walks in?” you felt yourself running out of air as his face inched closer and you were frozen in your place.

“Just like the rules: Screw them.” not what you’d expect from a prince but he was far more than just that anymore.

chuckles-the-jester  asked:

how about andrew and akko as parents, i just want to see them with cute little kids

She walked in the mansion, lightly closing the door. She placed her witch hat down on a ebony table accompanied by family photos. She untied her hair that was in a tiny bun, letting lose her brown hair that now reached her shoulder.

“Good evening Lady Hanbridge” greeted Edna, the main maid in the house carrying a basket of clothes that belonged to her sons.

“Here let me take it. I’m going upstair anyway, go rest up Edna” smiled Akko as she reached for the basket and Edna return the smile happy to get her much deserved break. Akko smile grew bigger as she began to hear her children. The closest seems to be Kiki’s voice. Akko approach the playroom’s door and took a small peak.

“More tea, Papa Paul?” asked Kiki wearing her own customized witch hat given by her grandpa.

“Yes, please. Should we also ask the other guest?” Paul Hanbridge moved his cup toward Kiki and motion the stuffed animals in the other chairs. Akko quietly giggle to herself and continued her walk. Who know stern politician, Paul Hanbridge, would be such a softie wearing a pink fuzzy scarf and a tiara. Who knew what and thank goodness for his change of heart. Whenever he comes to visit, it feels like a stampede of horses running from how much the triplets scream to see Papa Paul.

A sweet melody became stronger as she approached a room down the hall. The tempo switched to more jazzy and she could hear Harry laughing like no tomorrow. Her little Beethoven following the path her husband couldn’t. She decided to also take a small peak.

“Dad, I like the second one more than the first song you played. How do I put it? It feels like a firework” Harry told his father as he spread his arms as if trying to demonstrate a ‘Boom’ of a firework. Andrew ruffles his son’s hair that shared the same color as his and gave a laugh. He was definitely Akko’s son.

“Dad! You are messing with my hair.” he moved his Dad’s hand and badly tried to fix his hair.

“Your hair was a mess to begin with.”, he showed his son a strand of grass he found while giving his trademark smirk. Harry looked at the grass and took it from his dad’s hand.

“ I never had that.” countered Harry.

“If you say so champ, keep lying and your nose is going to grow.” Andrew joked as he turned his attention back to the piano. Harry examined his nose to make sure his dad was lying. Noticing his dad’s posture, he got the hint to continue playing the piano. Akko rolled her eyes, typical of Andrew to tease. When she look back through the slightly open door, her husband was looking right at her. No matter how old they got, his eyes always have the same effect on her. Andrew noticing his wife’s attitude he gave a wink and mouthed a word that sent Akko to turn and continue her path with a glowing red face.

“Dad, was someone here?” asked Harry noticing his Dad wasn’t looking at the piano.

“Just a small bunny who hopped along. Now why don’t we see how have we can both play?” he answered his son’s question while smirking at the door. He then turned away and began a playful duet with his son.

“Stupid Andrew and his winks.” mumbled Akko as she walked flusteredly toward her children’s room. She saw the light was on as she walked in. She spotted a small head under the bed. Akko’s face turned to a gently smile seeing her son hiding. Something must be up she thought.

“James, are you okay?” Akko asked him as she sat next near him on the colorful carpet. James looked up too see his mom. He shook his head and came out of his hiding spot.

“ I was just thinking, mama” he said quietly and Akko carefully adjusted his glasses.

“What about sweetie? She got up to begin putting the cloths away.

“Business, mama.” James got up as well to help his mother.

“Sometimes you scare me talking like an adult.” she laugh and her youngest son just gave a smile.

“Well, I will be an adult, mama.” hearing James say that Akko halted and scooped him up.

“But you”ll always be my baby” she gave him kisses on the cheek and begun swinging him as if he were still a newborn.

“Ah, mama! Stop it!” soon his protest became giggles. Akko giggled along with her son’

“James I love you and remember magic comes from the heart.”, she told him as she placed him down. James placed his hand near his heart and looked at his mama with twinkling eyes. Did she know? Was a thought that crossed his mind. He looked up at his mama who gave him her energetic wink.

“Shiny Chariot would always say it and trust me that those words go a long way” she beamed proudly and James returned the huge smile. If his mama did find out, he knew she would be thrilled about it. However he would have to wait for the ideal time because as his dad had said before, there is always a precise time to do things. They both continue putting away the cloths before a yell interrupted them.

“Dinner is ready!” yelled Harry. James seeing his brother ran out of the room to race with him.

“Whoa, careful buddy” spoke Andrew who was almost pushed by the kids as he made his way to get Akko.

“Madame”, he bowed down acting extra gentlemanly to which Akko giggled and grabbed her skirt to return to courtesy.

“Who knew you were so cheesy.” Akko giggled as she grabbed her husband’s hand. “Only for you” his voice became husky and he gave Akko a light kiss on the check before interlocking fingers with her. Akko once more became red and gave Andrew a glare that didn’t last long. They were both laughing as they continued their way to the dining room.

Yes, she was happy and couldn’t ask for more in life.

Well, it was fun

With season one over things will probably get slow soon, at least until we (hopefully) get a season two. I still have plenty of posts queued up and will reblog some classic ones again, but after a while there won’t be much to post, so this is a head’s up.

In case you still want to find me or see more posts of dragon maid and other shows, my main blog is @carnival-phantasm 

Part 9 of Raymond de Merville x fem!reader drabble series.

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France 1209AD

Your heart was breaking as Raymond purposefully tried his best to keep out of sight of you. You sincerely loved this man and would cry yourself to sleep on the nights you were without him. Etienne, however, knew that something was amiss. “Come and talk to me about what bothers you,” he said one morning, holding out his hand to take your arm and sit you down by the fire. “I lost my family many years ago, and you have become like a daughter to me. The least I can do as a father figure is listen to what is upsetting you.” 

Etienne was not a stupid man, not by any means. He had noticed your behaviour the last six weeks; you were hardly ever at home and would work longer hours, and sometimes he would hear you sneak out of the small house when it was close on midnight. His instinct told him that this was all connected with Raymond de Merville. Ever since he had asked for you personally to the barn and then you had been rescued by him from the outlaws, and his concern for your disappearance, Etienne knew that there was something going on beneath the surface. Every small thing about this whole issue pointed to one person and that was Raymond. 

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Jealous - James X Reader


Requested by @duchessdaisybat

Hi, I’m requesting a James March imagine where Y/N is a ghost too and she worked with Miss Evers as a maid before she accidentally fell down the stairs and died. She and James have always had a thing for each other, but she hates that he’s so obsessed with Elizabeth that he doesn’t even treat her the way he used to and she starts spending more time with Donovan and James doesn’t like it. And you can take it from there: pretty please write this.


I still remember the day I died like it was yesterday. I don’t remember dying, I don’t remember the pain of the broken bones I suffered from my fall down the hotel stairs. I don’t even remember the period in which I went from being human to a ghost. But regardless of how I got here I along with many others now call the Hotel Cortez a permanent residence.

This hotel has been my home for close to one hundred years now since my fall in 1928 and I have loved every second of it. I used to work alongside the owners main maid but after my fall I decided to enjoy my time in the hotel and he let me step down from my job even though Hazel, his main worker, still serves him to this day despite the fact that they died around the same time I did.

James was a kind man often described as manipulative and malevolent by others but he never did wrong by me so I trusted him implicitly. After all he is my former employer and we do have to spend eternity together whether we like it or not so it’s for the best that we get along and don’t hold our dark tendencies against each other. To be honest I almost loved watching James kill. It gave me a different kind of thrill to see him take the life of another man.

“Hello Y/N, how are you on this fine day?” James asked waltzing up behind you as you were talking to Liz at the bar.

“Well I’m very good James.” I smirk turning to face him, “and yourself?”

“Better now that I’ve found you my dear.” He smiles and turns to Liz to order a drink. James and I have always been rather close and most people in the hotel assumed that it would lead to something more which it had on many occasions but his ex-wife Elizabeth was always an issue that pushed us apart. She didn’t directly forbid our relationship progressing but James had an obsession with her still and I couldn’t get past the fact that no matter how long he didn’t have her in his arms he was still fixated on her.

“So my dear what would you say about having dinner with me in my room on Thursday?” James asked suddenly snapping me out of my thoughts.

“Of course.” I blush, “I would love to.”

James smirks before walking off and I’m left once again with Liz.

“Are you sure that’s a good idea?” she says, “He’s still obsessed with the countess I just don’t want him to hurt you again.”

“Don’t worry about it Liz it’s just dinner, his infatuation with Elizabeth can’t possibly interfere with that could it.” I reply but I don’t even completely believe the statement myself.


Thursday came quicker than I anticipated and I eagerly got ready for the dinner James had invited me to. I put on the most elegant blue dress I own along with my favourite pair of black heals and diamond earrings. I left my room and walked down the hall until I got to James’ room which was only a few doors down from mine. I knocked on the door and waited for over a minute until it was yanked open and Ms Evers appeared on the other side.

“Hazel, may I come in?” I say stepping towards her but she moves to block my path.

“I’m afraid Mr. March is rather busy Y/N.” she says in a voice I recognize from when she’s trying to hide something from me.

“James is expecting me for dinner Hazel may I please come in?” I say more insistently and she’s about to object when James’ voice rings throughout the room.

“Whoever it is Hazel tell them to go away, come back and serve Elizabeth and I this instant.” He bellows and I look at Hazel in shock before shoving her out of the way and running into the room to see James and the countess sitting at the dinner table originally set up for James and I.

“If this is your sick idea of a game James it isn’t very funny.” I say through gritted teeth as he stares at me in horror.

“Y/N I’m so sorry dear Elizabeth wanted to move up our monthly dinner because she is getting remarried to Will Drake.” James says in his defense but I just laugh.

“She’s getting married and you still value your date with her more than you do your date with me.” I practically scream.

“Can’t we just reschedule dearest?” James starts but I cut him off.

“No, no more rescheduling, no more games. If you don’t wanna be in a relationship with me then just stop playing games okay? I’m done with your shit James.” I say and turn to leave slamming the door behind me.

I walk slowly down the hallway half expecting James to chase me down, but he doesn’t. When I get to the elevator I break down into tears before punching the button of the first floor. It hurt more that he didn’t come running after me than it did that he blew me off for an engaged woman that doesn’t even love him.

I walk sobbing and wiping my tears to the bar and I’m met by Liz who immediately walks around the bar and engulfs me in a tight hug.

“He blew me off for Elizabeth.” I sob as she just strokes my hair until I start to calm down and then she sits me down on a bar stool and returns to the other side of the bar so she can lean over it to talk to me. Liz has become the most comforting and important person in my life since she first came to the Cortez. We could tell each other anything and it became my greatest joy to talk to her so she was the only person that could make me see straight in this situation.

We talked forever until I stopped crying and I had a few drinks and that’s when someone else walked stumbling into the bar and sat directly beside me. He ordered a scotch and that’s when I recognized his voice and turned slightly to see Donovan looking just as sad as me.

“Why so gloomy?” I say sniffling slightly. He turns my way and sighs before speaking.

“I just found out Elizabeth is marrying Will Drake,” he says sighing again, “What have you been crying about?”

“James blew me off for Elizabeth because she is getting married.” I say tears returning to my eyes, “I guess we both mixed with the same wrong crowd.

“I guess so.” He chuckles sarcastically before downing his scotch in one go as I take sips of my drink.

Before long we are both engulfed in partially drunken conversation about anything and everything in our messed up relationships and it honestly felt so good to open up to someone who understood the pain I was feeling.

“It’s been a hundred years of the same thing with James and when I told him I wasn’t putting up with it anymore he just sat there.” I say as I let a tear slip down my cheek. Donovan reaches out a hand to wipe it away and I look up so I’m properly looking into his eyes.

“The countess changed my life and then she just threw me away like I meant nothing to her.” He says looking directly into my eyes for the first time. “I would never hurt you the way that James did because I know how that feels, to never end up with the person you love.”

Slowly he leans closer and stops just as our noses are touching, “I would never hurt you like that.” He says again and that’s when I close the gap between us. Our lips move in perfect sync as he brings a hand to my waist pulling me closer as we both fight for the passion we’ve been wanting for so long, finally finding it in each other.

Before I register what’s happening we’ve left the bar and Donovan slams me against the wall of the elevator as he pushes the floor of my room before resuming kissing me. His hands find their way to my waist and he lifts my legs around his waist and proceeds to carry me down the hallway once we reach my floor. Just as he fumbles the key to unlock the door I hear a door open down the hallway and spot James and Elizabeth walk out of his room and stare at us in shock. I give James a wink before the door opens and Donovan walks us inside.

As soon as we walk in Donovan slams the door and throws me on the bed and that’s when I stop him.

“You know neither of us actually want this.” I say and he nods agreeing and sitting beside me on the bed.

“I miss her so bad.” He says and I wrap my hand in his.

“It’s gonna be okay, “I say soothingly, “But their decisions can’t make us become reckless okay? We need to be here for each other.”

“I think we’ll be good friends.” He smiles with tears welling up in his eyes as I lay down on the bed expecting him to leave but he doesn’t. Instead he crawls up beside me and strokes my hair, “I think we could both do with some company right now.” He says and we both fall asleep wrapped in each other’s arms.


The next morning I wake up with Donovan’s arm wrapped securely around me and know that I made the right decision the night before. He slowly wakes up and smiles down at me as soon as he opens his eyes.

“I think I drank too much last night.” I groan reaching blindly for the glass of water I always order from Liz every night but realize that in my drunken haze I forgot to ask for it.

“We should go get breakfast, it might help with the hangover.” Donovan smiles and I get changed out of the constricting dress I somehow slept in all night into some jean shorts and a t shirt and we walk hand in hand down to the bar where Liz greets us.

“Boy have I heard about you two.” She says sauntering over to us, “James and Elizabeth came down here ranting about the fiasco you two pulled on them last night.”

“They saw us walk into a room id hardly call it a fiasco.” Donovan says downing a glass of water like it’s the last drink he’ll ever have.

“Well from what they’re saying it sounds like you two had a fun night.” She smirks and I sigh. If Liz heard about it I can only imagine how many people we are going to have to explain ourselves to.

“Nothing happened Liz, I swear.” I say and she looks directly into my eyes, nodding when she knows I’m telling the truth, “I believe you but I’m not sure she’ll be so forgiving.” She says not even looking up and gesturing in the direction of someone behind us.

We turn to see Elizabeth standing not too far behind us waving gesturing for Donovan to come over.

“Good luck.” I say and he smiles and gives me a quick hug before walking off in her direction and they both walk a little bit away from the bar.

“Since when did you two become friends?” Liz asks and I shake my head.

“I don’t even know, it just happened.” I say and she smiles, “It was good to have someone who understood me to talk to.”

“Since when do I not understand you?” I hear a familiar voice behind me as I see Liz’s smile drop and she turns around pretending to be busy but not before giving me an encouraging smile.

“I said I’m done talking James.” I say bluntly without even turning around.

“Who said I’m done talking, Y/N?” he says moving to stand directly behind me, “You don’t just pull stunts like you did last night.”

“Oh, you of all people want to talk about morals?” I scoff, “remind me of who you were with when you promised me a date?”

“It was a mistake, she was getting remarried you know about our monthly dinners.” He says but I just laugh at him.

“Save it James. I’m done waiting for you.” I snap and go to walk away but he grips my arm tightly and yanks me back towards him.

“Get your hands off her!” Donovan yells across the room as he stomps towards us.

“Who are you to say that? She belongs to me or did you forget that last night?” James says talking to me just as much as he was Donovan.

“I’m okay I promise.” I say to him and he nods warily before walking away.

James literally yanks me toward the elevator and I see Liz go to object but I give her a grim smile that tells her that I’ll be fine and she backs off as James shoves me inside the lift.

“James I…” I start but he cuts me off.

“We’ll talk when we get to my room.” He answers bluntly and I decide it’s not the right time to test him so I keep silent the entire way to his room. As soon as we step inside he slams the door and forces me to sit down on a chair at the dining table.

“Do you want to tell me what you were doing with Donovan last night?” he asks angrily.

“Nothing happened James I swear. We were drunk and we fell asleep that’s all that happened I promise.” I say begging for his forgiveness.

“It didn’t look like nothing from what I saw.” He says coldly and I realize how much I must have hurt him.

“I couldn’t go through with it. I thought about you and I just couldn’t do it.” I say grabbing his hand to really get his attention, “You have to believe me I didn’t do anything.”

“I believe you.” He says suddenly and I snap my head upwards to face him in shock.

“Really?” I ask with tears welling up in my eyes and he nods his head.

“I trust you. I love you.” He says so quietly I’m not even completely sure that I’ve heard it.

“I love you too James I never thought I’d hear you say it back.” I say quietly and he kneels down so our faces are at the same height as his eyes grow darker than I’ve ever seen them.

“You’re mine Y/N do you understand that. Don’t you ever forget that again. I can’t even begin to explain how enraged I felt to see you with another man.” He grits his teeth angrily and grips my hands tightly.

“That’s called jealousy James.” I laugh and he grows even angrier.

“I am not the type of person to become intimidated by another man.” He demands but I just laugh at him.

“Really? Because what you’re describing sounds a lot like jealousy.” I laugh again wrapping my arms around his neck and he smirks pressing his lips to mine and I smile into the kiss.

“How could I be jealous when the girl I love has always been mine?” He smirks pressing his lips to mine once more. “I’m… not… jealous.”

“I’m not sure I believe you Mr. March.” I whisper and he looks up at me smirking, “Maybe you should prove it to me.”

James reconnects his lips to mine as I happily lean into him. This is the first day of a relationship I’ve waited over one hundred years for and I couldn’t be happier to finally spend forever with the man I love.


This is by far the longest post I’ve written but it is one of my favourite things that I’ve written. Thank you so much to the person who requested this it was so much fun to write and I hope you guys enjoy reading it.


fullmetaldude1  asked:

I want to learn more about Romelle by watching the 80s Voltron, but I don't wanna watch the whole series. Could you tell me which episodes I need to watch in order to be in tune with her and her plot?

Hey that’s awesome. Glad to have another Romelle fan in the making. So the episodes you want to watch in this order are: 

Episode 17 -My brother the robeast, which covers the story of Romelle, her dad, her brother Bandor and her other brother who is, as the title says, turned into a robeast. This is where you get to know her some what. 

Episode  21 -It’ll be a cold day, covers what happened to Romelle as well as the women that were taken with her. Additional funny is the fact that the males in the cast provide the voices of her hand maids, namely the main four pilots. 

Episode 39 -The captive comet, which starts out the run for the return of Sven and Romelle to start her plans of escape. 

Episode 40 - The Little Prince, Bandor tries to save his sister and Romelle dealing with Rejecting Lotor. 

Episode 41 -There will be a royal wedding, which deals with Romelle and Sven’s escape from Lotor and his father. 

Episode 45 -One princess to another, Romelle and Sven go back to Planet Doom to gather intelligence on Lotor and his plans. This sort of helps the whole Sven x Romelle romance aspect of the story. 

Episode 51 -Lotor the King, this is covering the whole situation with Lotor taking control of the Doom Empire, and Romelle and Sven are doing some guerrilla warfare against Lotor. 

Episode 52 -final Victory, Romelle and Sven help Voltron in their fight against Lotor and Romelle gives Sven the weapon which ultimately causes Lotor’s defeat. 

Episode 53 -Dinner and a Show, Romelle, Sven and Bandor are working to fix things on Pollux and Bandor starts playing match maker between Sven and his sister. 

Episode 60 -Who was that masked man, Romelle is captured as part of an elaborate scheme to trap Allura. 

Episode 70 -No muse is good muse, Romelle and Sven help the Voltron force save her brother from being tricked by Merla for Lotor. 

And that’s about it. I think in a few other episodes she was seen but not used in any way that was vital to the plot (example, telling Sven to be careful, but he brushes it off because he’s a dork). 

So those are all the main episode’s she’s in. Can’t wait to see if they bring her aboard soon. I rather hope they will. :) 

Complete List of My characters with snippits

Hood- Johnathan Satlin, the universe Guardian. Lazy, married to Liz Wright

Liz Wright- Wife to Hood, ultimate Mom 

Aaron Nitishino- Number 42, The God Killer, adorably fluffy, married to Beth Wright

Beth Wright: Aaron’s wife, will kick your ass, adorable.

Tiggs Nitishino: Aaron’s cousin. 9 foot tall black and silver four armed tiger man. Total mad scientist.

Jasmine Nitishino: Aaron’s cousin. Shapeshifter, lynx lady, pan, will stab you and flirt with you

Pinstripe: Mafia Hit man possessed by ancient assassin god

Sheriff Waters: wild west sherriff and time displaced Pinstripe.

Sheriff McCreed: immortal western zombie sheriff, total nonchalant asshole.

Deputy Colt 45: super futuristic robot sent to the wild west. Deputy to Waters and McCreed.

Guilty’s Gang: Guilty, Thomas Ralz the pianist, and old man Joe the banjoist. And their swamp monster.

Scorpio: bandito given powers by the zodiac spirit scorpio,

Cheif Kitchi: Blackfoot indian chief.

Vessal: bronze golum, protecter of Kitchi’s tribe, host to hundreds of warrior spirits.

Argon and Neon: nova kids trapped in the Wildwest, brother and sister.

Nobilis Krypton: Anodyne, roman themed, trapped in wildwest with Argon and Neon

Stephan and Justin Wright: Little Brothers to Hood and Aaron respectively. Adopted by Tracey Wright and Hail Tartalgia. The bridges to the multiverse. Cinnamon roll and sin-namon rolls.

Tracey Wright: Hail’s wife and the mother to Justin and Stephan, sexy, tired of everyone’s shit. 

Hail Tartalgia: Second Youngest of the Tartalgia family. Shy, ice powers, twin brother to Zana, cinnamon roll. Married to Tracey Wright.

Lightening Tartalgia: youngest Tartalgia, power over energy, super speed. Energetic, outgoing, friendly.

Fog Tartalgia: Middle child of Tartalgia family, twin brother to Storm. Power over all gasses and vapors. Quiet, kind, wise.

Storm Tartalgia: Middle Child of Tartalgia family, twin brother to Fog. Power over weather. Loud, arrogant, secretly a cinnamon roll.

Kujo: Second oldest of Tartalgia family, twin brother to Zoey. Blunt, dry, helpful. Can know everything about an item  by touching it, and will know expertly how to use it.

Zana: Second youngest of Tartalgia family, twin sister to Hail, power over water and liquids, equally as shy as Hail if not more so.

Zoey: Second oldest of Tartalgia family, twin sister of Kujo, control over plants and animals. Busty, curvy and flirtatious. Sin-namon roll.

Hero: eldest of Tartalgia family. Power of adapting to any situation (nearly infinite powers). Outgoing, positive, conceited, loves himself.

Pops: Possibly immortal old man, Looks like 60, but is as healthy as a 30 year old. Street brawler, travels with Launa.

Launa Dandies: Descendant of Waters. Can’t be harmed. Sociopath, angry at everything.

Taurus: Minotaur like being, greatest enemy is Hood, wants to envelop the world in eternal night.

Number43: almost clone of Aaron. An attempt to repeat the success that is Aaron in making ultimate weapon.

Grave Digger: older than time, is death, grim reaper, and the grave all at once. Always drinking.

Arnold: The Graveyard Cat. Zombie cat with the power of decay. Experiment of 100 Project

Ronny: The hellhound, control over darkness and fire. Experiment of 100 project

Damian: Giant Golden Flying Fox, A big ass fruit bat. Kind, gentle, not sure where he is. Clings to Digger

Marty: a mothman, silent, thinking, will fight you.

Vet: time traveling immortal redneck doctor getting into shenanigans

Uncle Sam: ultra patriotic American bald eagle robot. Made by vet

DJ Giz: super sleek robot covered in speakers. Makes noise. Made by vet

Livewire: robot with tendrils coming from his back. not made by vet but saved by him

SARAH: vets body guard. Ultimate fighting robot girl. Sexy, but will kick your ass

Leao: Wizard cat!

Farmer John Stidham: first of Shattered Six, hard working, blunt farmer

Don Lomas: Second of Shattered Six, mob boss, mysterious, dangerous.

Poindexter Carter: third of Shattered Six, genius, scientist, nerd

Smiley Joe Stidham: fourth of Shattered Six, mixer, dancer, happy.

Dr Dean Lomas: fifth of Shattered Six, doctor, muscular, pretty boy

Agent Carter: Sixth of Shattered Six, agent, fighter, dangerous.

The Fivefold: The Pastor, Prophet, Evangelist, Teacher, and Apostle.

The Big Three: The three who made everything, Austin, Chance, and Fernando.

Curly Satlin: Giant lumberjack with bigger afro. Works for Don and Brigitta Vigarin.

Kristopher Krins: towns person of Keypers Cove, might be santa, definitely Santa, necklace is two candy canes which he uses when fighting.

Galve: flaming skeleton goat man in a robe, comes out from November to February.

Sir Issac Wells: real name of Johnny Rockers. Large bulky man, from Arkansas, used some enhanced cocaine, permanent other personality emerged, sophisticated man of class, still an absolute psychopathic serial killer.

Mr. Hicks: Henry Hicks, CEO of large tech company, travels the world joining fighting tournaments, boxer.

Lord Harlston: Victorian era gentlemen revived as a half plant, half zombie, very kind and polite. Hates rude un-gentlemanly people.

Pedro Gonzalez: former CEO, current Hero of Mexico, very strong boxer, rival to Mr. Hicks.

The Matador: Alfonzo Rivera, fighter, uses a sword and two bull fighting spears.

Wechidna: Immortal butler and warrior, butler to Mr. Hicks, neighbor to Tracey Wright.

Ashura: Ghost of formally immortal warrior, bonded to Liz Wright

Foxcrest: perfect maid

Wolfthorn: perfect Butler

Hawkridge: Perfect butler,

Ursa: Tigg’s main maid. Super strong

Lea: Tiggs’ main gardener. Mastered every last known martial art

Shaun-Li: Tigg’s cheff, poison touch.

Pastor Smith and Juddeep: World traveling Southern Pastor and his Saudi Arabian friend/ex-airport security guard.

Romulin: Son of Anubis, permanent rival to Uncle Sam

Valz: Greek titan of love, passion, erotic pleasure, and drinks.

Issac: Son of Hood, inherited all his powers.

Tommie: Daughter of Aaron, inherited all his powers (and looks)

Tedd: living teddy bear, adopted by Hood.

Ishmael: ancient warrior and shaman. Rival and big brother figure to Issac

The Mesh: large, jumbled robot, created by a deceased boy genius, roams the world looking for a new owner.

Abra: Alternate pinstripe, unknown female who’s theme is magician.

Ringmaster: Circus ringmaster with reality altering abilities

Chuckles: Alternate pinstripe, unknown female who’s theme is clown.

Ragdoll: Hood from a forgotten universe, a patchwork ragdoll like being of pure evil.

Snap: the alpha hood, the original who snapped upon seeing the multitude of various deaths.

Corruption: alternate Aaron. Put on Hood’s sweater, old programming resurfaced, Went crazy.

The Pinstripe Corps: multidimensional assassin group of alternate Pinstripe’s

The OFFKeys: a group of six musicians from Keypers Cove, each represents a different music genre

The entire town of Keypers Cove: hoh boy. Their necklaces has powers

Thunder and Zora Tartaliga: Parents of the Tartalgia Family and founders of Tartalgia.

Ultra42: Alternate Aaron, true ultimate weapon

Omega42: Zombie Ultra, mindless animal, afterwards a depressed former hero.

Aaron+: alternate aaron, controlled with nanites, killer.

Amalgam: an amalgamate of Pinstripe, Fatality, Legion, Patient Doe, Mr Thompson, Scorpio, from a computer world.

Scrap: all of Vet’s robots, mashed into one, torn to shreds by Aaron+ individually before reforming and killing him.

Virus: Vet’s true opposite. Body is home to every last disease, fungus, and bacteria in the universe, complete control over all disease.

Schism: the true embodiment of chaos and order. True equality. A god pretty much.

EL: The elemental. Splits into six main elements, Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Machine, Nature, Light and Dark. Then they fuse into four sub elements. Fire and Water make Energy. Air and Earth make Decay. Nature and Machine make Time. And Light and Dark make order. Then they fuse to make two. Time and Decay make Death. Order and Energy make life. El, the final fusion, is the element of Humanity

Error53: a mix of science and magic, a demonic computer virus.

El guillao: Puerto Rican Gansgter, uses soul flame and machetes.

Fatality: embodiment of fear, true monster.

Legion: former youth pastor turned host to millions of demons.

Train Man: Wildwest Zombie, enforcer of death, rounds up souls Digger doesn’t feel like finding.

Dr. Isotope: former Cold War Scientist, imbued with the power of ten atoms bombs

Xalarn: flaming spikey skeleton man, makes more flaming skeletons for army.

Damian Weaver: form an alternate universe, survivor of zombie apocalypse. Thinks he is edgy, is not edgy,

Justin Carter: from the same forgotten world as Ragdoll. Another patchwork ragdoll man, with a flaming chainsaw for a hand, a hero.

Patient Doe: unknown. A patchwork person trying to make themselves the perfect body, might be alien, no facts known.

Mr. Thompson: really friendly serial killer, animals love him, everyone loves him, everyone knows hes a killer too.

Silver Heart: given a robotic heart that replaces all damaged parts with robotics.

Bob: robot from the future meant to be sent to 1950’s America. Sent to modern America. Typical 1950’s dad but is actually killer liquid metal robot.

Rex: very large man with brain of hyper intelligent dog. Loyal, works with a pirate, but always dressed in a suit.

Leon: demon lion man. Crazy, violent, evil

Captain Longbeard and Shiv: Pirates. Longbeard is very intelligent, pilots a ship from the far future, Shiv is his malfunctioning robot fighter/first mate.  

Clove: Skeleton Wildwest gun for hire. Known as the Gunslinger.

Beryl and Obsidian: Gem people. Servants for the Gods.

DOTcom: a program and nanite cloud created by Vet, pilots his TAURTOS.

Talli and Mingan: Talli cant die, Mingan is his giant grey dire wolf who is the real brains of the duo.

Blachidna: Alternate version of Wechidna, evil, arrogant, ruler of planet of factories.

Employee18: leader of worker revolution against Blachinda, favorite weapon :picaxe

Ashuraos: alternate Ashura, driven mad with power, being of pure chaos, body is half liquid energy

The Lounge Singers: 1920′s era smokey ball room band, actually hitmen, Ricky, Big Al, Betty, and Li.

Lukas Muler: Swiss cowboy living in Treasure Canyon. Earth bending powers, loves rocks.

Kopano Pillay: South African mercenary, true soldier, gun for hire.

Malware: a corrupted, computer virus infected Justin, wants to recreate his family using the glitches.

Trojan: a corrupted, computer virus infected Stephan. Wants to make Justin fix their world then kill him, willing to destroy whatever stands in his way.

The Televnagelist: former big name preacher turned serial killer. 

The FRESHfold: the fivefold, but Fresh.

Vetster: Vet and Gaster merged together. 

Aroodamate: Hood and Aaron, amalgamated

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if you don't mind can you write something with prince!jungkook falling in love with maid!reader? >////<

//Jumped on this ‘cause I watch waaayy too many historical dramas// ’Cause of the setting (how things would’ve actually gone down at that time), this is obviously going to stretch reality a little bit, but hope you enjoy!!!
- Devi ( ⋂‿⋂’)

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crowns & a rose

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