Things You Might Have Missed In that Rehearsal Montage

Lilly throwin’ $$ at CR while she pole dances:

Amy majestically riding a plastic horse:

Lilly giving zero fucks:

Amy practicing the art of donut twirling:

CR “getting stuck” in the hula hoop with Stacie:

Amy hiding from her Ginger captain and Legacy tattling:

Whatever the eff led to these stellar reaction faces:

And, last but DEFINITELY not least, whatever your pretty little imagination wants to assume this is:

Now back to your regularly scheduled programming. 


Hey Taylor!

Amelia and I will be at Metlife on July 10th in these outfits, inspired by the Shake It Off ballerinas! 

We’re both from Australia and we’re travelling around the US together, ending our trip with your show on Friday! We cannot wait to scream and dance and sing with you!

Our seats: Section 220A, Row 8, Seats 1 & 2

Please help us reblog guys!

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