Prussia and Austria’s Penthouse

Prussia and Austria’s Bedroom:

The Bathroom:

The Formal Sitting Room:

Hungary and Italy’s Bedroom (Hungary is the cook and Italy is the maid. Italy’s boyfriend, Germany, is the chauffeur)

The Lobby:

Austria is a famed musician who goes into hiding when a secret stalker threatens to kidnap him. Prussia is the unorthodox bodyguard who has been hired to protect him.

Reiji Sakamaki: Headcanons

While Shu was born premature, Reiji was born on his exact due date and was nearly 10 pounds when he was born. Beatrix almost had to have a Caesarian to get him out because he was such a big baby. 

He was extremely advanced even in infancy and was moving around much earlier than he should have been for his age. By the time he was 9 months old he was walking on his own.

He spent most of his childhood alone since his mother often ignored him to dote on Shu. He would sometimes play mad scientist with neighbouring children and cette children would never come back. 

While he didn’t often interact with his other brothers due to conflict, he once managed to trick Kanato into eating the concoctions he would make when he was first getting into making potions. Kanato was sick for nearly 3 weeks and while Beatrix didn’t want to do anything about it, Cordelia demanded Reiji be punished for poisoning her kid. 

He learned to speak German when he was 3 from one of the maids that was close with his mother. After she died, Beatrix got another maid in from Germany to continue teaching him. By the time he was 10 he was fluent.

While Karlheinz barely ever acknowledged him, Reiji still respects his father and holds a lot of pride in the fact that he looks a lot like Karl. Beatrix would often comment how much Reiji resembled his father.

To date he has read 1,476 books.

While he loves science much like his father does, he is also an avid history buff and has an appreciation for art.

He has a photographic memory.

He has met many historical, artistic and scientific figures in his lifetime such as: Albert Einstein, Vincent van Gogh, Thomas Edison, Queen Victoria, Grigory Rasputin, The Romanovs, Pablo Picasso, Claude Monet, Charles Darwin and Madam Curie. 

He makes an effort to visit Germany at least once a year. The only years he didn’t go was during WWII.

He hates dealing with finances but he does it anyway because the rest of his brothers are too stupid to understand what taxes are.

Reiji keeps the pocket watch his father gave him on his person at all times. 

While he prides himself on his education and makes a big deal about him and his brothers (as well as Yui) going to school on time, he actually despises going. He is basically learning things he already knows. When he was 13, his teacher made a comment that he was at a university level of learning. He did end up going to university when he was 14 and graduated with a phD in biology. Now he is only in high school to keep up the facade and finds it incredibly boring. 

He was in an intellectual and sexual relationship for almost 2 years to a woman Emmaline from Germany in the late 1930′s. He appreciated her intelligence, however because of his obsession for perfection, he deemed her not good enough when she suggested they engage in a more serious relationship. After WWII broke out, he learned that Emmaline was killed in Auschwitz. 

Although his mother never paid much attention to him, Reiji always looked up to her until he saw her cower before Cordelia when he was in his early teens. He has despised her ever since.

He met Seiji Komori though his uncle Richter in the late ‘80′s. He orchestrated his mother’s death and had her killed on his birthday in 1989. 

He has a severe inferiority complex towards his brother Shu and will go out of his way to make his life miserable and take away anything his brother has (such as breaking his violin, burning down a village to kill Shu’s only friend, attacking Yui/the heroine in certain routes because she loves Shu etc.) 

He learned to cook because he was bored and under stimulated. He found out he had a knack for it and kept it up. He also finds cooking relieves stress.

His whip kink came from one of the sacrificial brides joking around with him and he decided to “humour” her. The riding crop became a bedroom essential after that.

He does not have a favourite brother. He thinks they’re all moronic fucks.