kim = mysquishbanana / mommytojoshie = fallon lynn

k = startruck-mumblr = kayla wickens

kc = aspireup = kyle cook

cap = moonbeam—mama = hayley duquette

cb = raisingbug-growingbean = maici (boyfriend’s facebook: gene bailey (scott))

jem = everybody

jay = kelliechrist /  = kellie bowling

bun = decemberangels = aislinn bury

v = kindmama = katie haaser

The funny part is, you’re so wrong it’s killing me. My name is not Maici and you don’t even know my last night. I’m married, so scratch the BF idea. Like, you really think you’re that good? And Whitney bitch, where you at in Utah, I’ll come visit. 😘


I never denied I was Maici, I just said that’s not my name, and it isn’t. I had that profile for months, which I deactivated a few days ago. I used it as a secondary to my real one with my husband on it because at the time we hadn’t agreed to separate. Gene and I haven’t been together in months, as I went back to my husband, who I now live with in LAYTON. Your information isn’t exactly wrong, it’s just outdated. I don’t particularly care, but at least get it right.


The moment I decided to do my thesis alone, I sure hell knew it would not be an easy task. There were a lot who told me I would not be able to finish it and there’s a couple more who said I’d fail, but look. All the hard work has paid off. And now I can finally say that this is the product of many sleepless nights and many meaningful tears. I have invested so much in this paper. But it would not be complete without living angels guiding me throughout the process of writing it. Thank you to my thesis adviser, Mam Maicie, my panelists, my family, Doc AJ, Nico, Dah, Jeanne, Wil, LLR Family, USC/CAL CSC Family and everyone else. This is my passport to graduation. Thank you Lord!


maici maici maici

it’s a shame you’re going to die of your pretend cancer before baby nova grows up

anonymous asked:

Why is CB still denying she is Maici? Own up to that shit.

she literally put everything on private and blocked everybody when we caught her


could u be more obvious babe?

anonymous asked:

Maici has cancer?

her old description used to say “fighting cancer” and she used to post and complain about cancer pains but then she forgot that she was faking cancer oops

so she removed it from her description and stopped posting about it