You know what annoys me about popular media (books, movies, tv shows, ext)? Unrealistic female characters.

But I’m not talking Mary Sues and impossibly cool tomboys, no no no, I’m talking something a lot more close to home: periods.

Where the hell are all these boss ass female’s monthly issues???

Ever since I was twelve and I’ve had to deal with aunt flow myself, I’ve always found it annoying and odd how this is passed over in literally everything.

Give me girls dashing to the toilet to change their pad before a maical war.

Give me detective chicks worrying about being on their period during a stake out.

Give me a female lead awkwardly explaining that she needs the car to pull over now because she has a female issue. “Do you want this upholstery stained?”

Give me the young girl joining the strange new world she found by mistake and suddenly having her first period and “what the hell is this what did your world do to me oh my god help” and the male lead/mentore has to awkwardly give her the talk her psrents haven’t yet

give me a lady in charge getting one of her people to run to the shop and get her a box of tampons

give me a girl working put how the hell to deal with this akward bleeding while on the run and camping off the map

just give me female characters that actually feel female and have the same problem as the rest of us

volturisecretary  asked:

Do you think Eleazar ever just sits in a public place and like "human-watches" (i.e. speculating on what their gifts would be if they were changed).

For better or for worse, Eleazar seems content to sit in the middle of nowhere with Carmen and his new coven. Sadly, I think part of the reason for this isolation is that he Knows Darn Well that one of the reasons Aro let him leave the Volturi is that by letting him roam the world freely, he’s actually *more* likely to find some cool talents that might be worthy of his former employers’ attention. While his feelings about the Volturi are a mixed bag (especially pre-Breaking Dawn), he just wants to be free- in other words, no longer used for that sort of thing. But since Aro likes to visit him (for a friendly handshake) every century or so, the only way to *not* serve him that way is to not meet people. So he doesn’t. Which, functionally, is the opposite of freedom.

So now for a cheerier headcanon: of course he does love to sit and people-watch! :) Let’s disregard his actual gift for a second; in SM’s universe, we’re supposed to look at a person’s gift and back-extrapolate what human traits they had that brought this gift about in the first place. I think he *had* to be a people-watcher in general, whether it played out as an introverted habit of making up stories about strangers he passed, picking up all sorts of detailed clues about what people are like and what they might be good at, or possibly a more outgoing sort of talent- detective work, being a headhunter/recruiter for some religious (or nefarious, or both) organization. (hi @kyilliki and the Jesuits!). In general, I think he has always found people fascinating and he’s always wondered about their potential and what makes them tick. (this lends itself to some pretty hilarious scenes in which he’s tried to play matchmaker for Tanya and co. Edward will never EVER forgive him for trying to set him up with Irina in 1919) But back to his gift. Yessss, I mean if *I had this talent how FUN would it be to people-watch and be like “mmm there goes a girl who barfs at the mere sight of a lie” or “I bet that guy is a master sculptor, I wonder if he’s done anything with that talent lately because he looks so miserable… maybe I could say something to nudge him back into it…”

I don’t think his talent is omniscient, though.  I don’t think he can always look at a human and maically know “okay this person is going to be able to literally manipulate people’s thoughts when he’s a vampire”, although I’m sure that would depend on the extent of the human manifestation of said talent.  Someone like Alice, for example, was already so weirdly talented as a human that it would have been obvious to him, whereas someone like Charles, whose lie detection talent is obviously less developed than Maggie’s even as a vampire, might walk right past Eleazar as a human without his notice.  I think it’s fair to say that Bella was an exception either way, because her talent was *itself hidden by her shield.  Since her shield was already very strong as a human, it’s possible that he *would have known something was up if he had actively tried to “look” for a possible talent.  What seems strange to me is that he didn’t try, considering this person was literally joining his family.  From that I presume that a much lower percentage of the world’s population is potentially-talented than the Saga seems to represent- in other words, it’s so rare that it didn’t occur to him to “check” Bella for a talent. (or, more simply, he just assumed that Carlisle would have said something by now if there was anything obvious going on)

Finally, I have this pet headcanon that gifted people *need* to use their gifts.  When they don’t, they feel all weird. Some actually have “symptoms” (like Demetri feeling claustrophobic if he hasn’t sought anyone in a while) whereas others just feel sort of emotionally constipated (this would 100% explain Jane’s crankiness, since she doesn’t get to burn people near as often as her gift wants to).  This theory mainly applies to vampires with “active” gifts (in other words, someone passively gifted like Edward doesn’t really have the option to not exercise his gift for an extended time, if he’s anywhere near other people, so gift non-use doesn’t really apply to him), but it also applies to “variable” gifts that have a range/spectrum of expression and the ends of that range don’t often get used.  So in Edward’s case, his gift is passive but it does have an active expression in terms of range.  He can hear minds within a one mile radius without effort, but *with effort he can hear up to  three miles.  Since he doesn’t always use that extreme effort, it can sometimes feel good to “Stretch” his gift to its extreme reach, similar to how good it feels to stretch a muscle past its typical range of motion.  So in Eleazar’s case, I imagine he doesn’t often get to use his gift when he’s sitting at home in Denali (there’s Kate’s gift, but he’s already familiar with it) and so the only way to use it (and relieve any discomfort of prolonged non-use) is to go people watch, exerting various levels of effort to observe talents.  So in that first headcanon, he hardly *ever gets to use it, which is really sad, and in the second, he has this adorable habit of getting antsy every few months.  He starts pacing the house and fiddling with his watch and Carmen just rolls her eyes and drags him to Anchorage for a people-watching date.  Now that he has her, his people-watching is something he can finally share with Someone Other Than Aro, and that’s a really special part of their relationship.  So even in the case of the first headcanon, I hope his need to people-watch occasionally wins out over his refusal to be Aro’s freelance headhunter.