maia x jordan

“His lips opened under hers and he growled, low in his throat. Werewolves weren’t gentle with each other, but his hands were light on her as he lifted her and set her in his lap, wrapping his arms around her as their kiss deepened. The feel of him, the warmth of his corduroy-covered arms around her, the beat of his heart, the taste of his mouth, the clash of lips, teeth, and tongue, stole her breath. Her hands slipped around the back of his neck, and she melted against him as she felt the soft thick curls of his hair, exactly the same as it always had been.” -City of Lost Souls, Maia and Jordan

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who is your favorite OTP in both TID & TMI ?

lol - I didn’t think I hid it particularly well. I’m more subtle than I thought! ;) In TID it is completely Will/Tessa - my brain does not even compute anything else. I like Charlotte/Henry a lot, but it isn’t even on the same planet as the level of my Will/Tessa feels.

In TMI I love both Jace/Clary and Jordan/Maia. Jace/Clary have been my long time OTP, but I must confess, COFA/COLS has made my Maia/Jordan feelings almost on par with them. Sadly, I do not anticipate that both of those couples will end well. I am 99% sure Jace and Clary will be fine, but that Jordan/Maia will break my heart. I’m just going to try and enjoy it while I can.

Things I want next season

Malec first date

A lot more of Malec kissses

Malec and Sizzy double date

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More Clizzy moments

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Maia Roberts and Jordan Kyle

Can someone please explain to me how old Jordan and Maia were when they dated?

Jordan apparently had his license but in New Jersey, you have to be 17 to have your license– trust me, I’m the one who has 49 days left until I get mine– and he’s 18 in CoFA. Maia was 15 in CoA and 16 in CoG.
Jordan said he was 15 when he and Maia started dating. So she had to be 13. But it doesn’t make sense because he said that the first time he kissed her he was 15, but Maia tells us that their first kiss was in his car…


Is this just an oversight on Cassie’s part or something? Ugh.