Diverse YA Lit Meme | [3-4/7] Characters of Color | Maia Roberts and Lily Chen

And the werewolf and vampire clans of New York both had brand-new leaders. Both Lily and Maia were young to be leaders, and had succeeded entirely unexpectedly to leadership. Both of them had found themselves, due to inexperience and not lack of trying, in trouble.

 Maia had called Magnus and asked if she could come and visit him, to ask his advice on a few things. When she showed up, she’d dragged Lily along with her.

Lily, Maia, and Magnus then sat around Magnus’s coffee table shouting at each other for hours. 

“You can’t just kill someone, Lily!” Maia kept saying. 

Lily kept saying: “Explain why.”

The Mortal Instruments

The Signs As Shadowhunter Characters
  • Aries:Emma Carstairs
  • Taurus:Cecily Herondale
  • Gemini:Magnus Bane
  • Cancer:Clary Fray
  • Leo:Jace
  • Virgo:Alec Lightwood
  • Libra:Jessamine Lovelace
  • Scorpio:William Herondale
  • Sagittarius:Isabelle Lightwood
  • Capricorn:Simon Lewis
  • Aquarius:Maia Roberts
  • Pisces:Henry Branwell

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Maia and Lily and Alec would unroll a map of New York to pinpoint problem areas and have heated debates in which Lily made very nasty werewolf jokes, and each of them would call the other when they had a problem they did not know how to solve. (…)

“Well, I loved Raphael,” said Lily. “(…) If I compare anybody to Raphael, it’s a compliment. I like Alec. And I like Maia.” (…)

“I want to stay in New York, with you, and with Lily and Maia.”


Downworlder doodles! From top to bottom:
- Little Magnus plays around with magic
- Catarina Loss is sad :(
- Tessa Gray in her After the Bridge dress
- Judgy Raphael for accioyash
- Maia and Lily are bamf <3

All characters are from the Shadowhunter Chronicles by cassandraclare


So Cassandra Jean has finished the complete Shadowhunter Tarot, so for the next … seventy-something days I’ll be posting a card a day (okay, maybe not every day — I tend to get distracted!)  in order, from the first card to the last. Some will be under spoiler cuts; some you’ll have seen before — I’ll explain why each character has the card they have. 

Knocking off two here with the Sun card and the Moon card. The Sun becomes the Daylighter, Simon, and the Moon, for probably kind of obvious reasons, becomes the Lycanthropes, Maia and Jordan. I think Simon is leaning on a sundial. First I thought it was a tree trunk, but I’m pretty sure it’s a sundial. As it says on the sundial in Lost Souls, I only count the hours that shine.