(Possibly Unrealistic) Hopes For Season Three Of Shadowhunters

• Luke Garroway finds happiness. I don’t care whether it’s with his pack, his kids, his friends, his career or even with a partner. Just let this man be happy.

• If Simaia have to finish so we can have Sizzy, give them the ending they deserve.

• Speaking of Sizzy, I hope that if this is going to happen next season that it happens well.

• If they’re gonna bring Jordan in, I sincerely hope that they don’t romanticise his relationship with Maia, because that would be seriously screwed up.

• I hope we see more of Catarina, honestly.

• The Downworld Cabinet continuing to be a thing that exists.

• Clary having conflicting emotions about killing Valentine.

• More growth and development for Clary in general, really. It would be nice to see her flaws be addressed, and see her start to work on them.

• I’d say I hope for positive things for Malec, but let’s be honest, we’re probably going to get at least a wee bit of that anyway, so there’s not much point.

I think that’s it for now. I may add more later.

want to be with you | rated T | maia/izzy | part of the queer!izzy verse“I kissed Maia last night,” she says, and she feels her entire body freeze and her breath get caught in her throat as soon as the words are out. Magnus’ eyebrows shoot up, but a blink or two later, his small smile is back, and he simply nods, and suddenly Izzy can’t help the words from escaping her.

Izzy wakes up to soft sunlight in her eyes, sheets clinging to her skin, the low rumble of the Institute outside her door. She rubs her eyes and it’s only a second before the events of the previous night flood her mind; her talk with Alec, the party, dancing, Maia.

She kissed Maia last night.

A breathless laugh escapes her, and once it’s out she can’t stop it, grinning like an idiot into her pillow. She feels her cheeks heating up at the memory of Maia’s lips against hers, of their bodies pressed together, of the soft kiss to her cheek Maia gave her when she left. Izzy goes through her morning routine on autopilot, catching her reflection in the mirror. Her hair is a wild mess, there are still some stubborn smudges of mascara underneath her eyes, but there is a kind of spark in them, one Izzy hasn’t felt for a long time.

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thank you shadowhunters!

I joined this fandom very recently and I can’t express how happy I am!! it’s such a great feeling to be this excited about new episodes, interviews with the cast members and bts pictures! I have been (and still are) a part of the fandom of a show that has ended a few years ago and I just really missed the fun of an active fandom. idk, I’m just really happy.. 

Thank the Angel for Werewolves

Jimon, Chapter 1 of 3

Summary: When an unexpected and unwanted visitor steps into Hunter’s Moon, Simon Lewis gets into his very first bar fight. Oddly enough, that’s not even the weirdest part of the night.

….. [Simon’s] decided he’s about done with his drink and is pulling out his wallet when he’s interrupted by the sound of shattering glass and a huge intake of breath. His eyes dart up to see Maia’s wide with her hand on her mouth and a more vulnerable expression than he’s ever seen her have in front of him. Swiftly turning around to see who came in that she’s staring at, he sees a tall guy with tattooed arms– definitely not runes, but instead swirling script– and hazel eyes standing there looking just as shocked. When the guy’s expression turns to regret it clicks who this is, and before Maia can do anything Simon’s jumped up and crossed the room with speed only to block Jordan’s way into the bar.

“You’re not welcome here,” he says firmly, anger seeping through. Maia wasn’t his girlfriend anymore and he had never been in love with her but he still cared about her enough to despise anyone who could have abused and then attacked her like that. “Leave.”

In the corner of his eye he can see that both Alec and Jace have tensed, watching the situation extremely closely. After everything they know better than to just jump into downworlder affairs, but Simon knows it’s only a few words away from them getting involved. Sometimes shadowhunters were a little too like their mundane police counterparts.

“You can’t tell me what to do vamp,” Jordan replies angrily, all signs of conflict he had looking at Maia gone now that he was watching Simon with contempt. “Get out of my way.”

Jordan glances behind Simon who turns to see that Jace had gotten out of his seat and folded his runed and muscled arms across his chest. Alec was watching both Jace and Jordan carefully but was still on the edge of his seat. Jordan scoffs and takes a quick look at Maia who hasn’t moved but is now watching him with a desperate sort of anger. Simon knew she was more than able to kick Jordan’s ass if she wanted, but he had seen from watching Jace with Valentine the first time how impossible it looked to fight your abuser…

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“You know I’ve been stopped by cops for no other reason than being Black, but I thought the Shadowhunters were more evolved than that.”



How Shadowhunters has diverted

- All of them are over 18
- Therefore Alec isn’t a 17 year old being pursued by a 400-year-old
- Malec communicate
- Jace isn’t an asshole and actually shows some emotion
- His sense of humour isn’t at the expense of others
- (He isn’t the type of person who brings a cONDOM ON A RESCUE MISSION TO A HELL DIMENSION)
- Max didn’t die!!! Whoop!!!!
- Jace and Clary went through the siblings plot line without any incestuous scenes
- Magnus talks about his past
- We get to see Alec’s insecurities without him accusing Magnus of cheating
- Magnus is also insecure
- Casual banter and teasing
- Simon isn’t going to cheat!!
- Healthy relationships everywhere
- Magnus and the fire-breathing snake
- Alec did a practically impossible shot while being flung backwards (see Alec not having killed a demon until he’s 18)
- We actually get to see how the downworlders feel about things and see their sides
- The effects of Jordan’s abuse isn’t reduced to ‘Maia doesn’t trust pretty boys’
- We see Luke being the badass leader he is
- Same with Magnus and Raphael
- Garrowbane brotp starting to show
- Clary and Izzy don’t hate each other because they’re girls
- Izzy is open with her admiration towards other girls
- She is a genius who knows she’s beautiful and uses it to her advantage w/o being over-sexualised