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July 30th, 2017
I got a new phone case today, and while setting up my new notebook (I’m using this one to help with my Polish) I realized that it somehow fit with my desk. Thoughts?

~credit to @studyingstudent for the memorizing tip upper right corner of my notebook!!~

Maia Project, final design as she will appear in Synthesis.

Most of the story development is done, so I’ve started doing some of the visual. Maia here, is of course the main character. It’s funny seeing her finalized design now, after all the years of drawing her through many different stages of long to short hair, blue hair, orange eyes, and many default outfits that ranged from long pants, skirts, hoodies and even see-through shirts/fishnetting. In a lot of ways her design has quieted down to something more simplified and less blatantly demanding of attention. This is wholly intentional.


Sneak Peak of After the Dark.


Brandon & Callie | All of your pieces [#10]

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samwise-po-tay-toe-gamgee said: angbang (ofc plain what else would you expect from me) first meeting? if not just fluff would be great

HI NICOLE. Angbang first meeting for you.

Melkor’s mind had been preoccupied as of late.  He had developed the worrying habit of daydreaming; worse yet, he seemed to do it while he walked, and he found that his steps often carried him to places he would rather avoid.  Such was the case on this particular night, when he shook himself from the depths of a reverie and found, to his disgust, that he had wandered into Aulë’s realm.  His disdain for the smith was no great secret, and indeed Aulë returned the sentiment with zeal; there was no great love lost between the two of them.  A meeting with the craftsman would be no pleasant thing, particularly now.  The hour was late, so late that the lamps in the hall were all but extinguished, the perpetual ringing of hammers silenced until the morning, still some hours hence.  No, it would not do to be seen here.  He ran his hand along the smooth stone wall and prepared to depart.

The sudden, distinctive retort of metal striking metal shattered the stillness of the night, and the Vala started, pulled abruptly from the depths of his thoughts.  He peered down the length of a hall wreathed in shadow and noticed a solitary light wavering at the farthest end.  Intrigued, Melkor crept under the darkened eaves of Aulë’s domain, his footsteps masked by the steady tattoo of the hammer as it struck its mark.  Veiled by the night, Melkor passed into the heart of the great forge hall, clinging to the shadows that danced from the flames.

A Maia was alone at the bench, his back turned to Melkor as he worked. Shadows caught the curve of muscle in the arm that swung the hammer, the flames throwing shimmering light onto the fiery hair knotted at the nape of his neck.  A final resounding blow, and the Maia plunged his unseen project into a basin filled with water.  A great hiss echoed around the walls, and steam billowed up from the scorched surface of the water.  “Can I help you, my lord?” asked the Maia, low voice smooth as silk.  His back was still turned to Melkor, his eyes focused on the task at hand.

For the second time that night, Melkor was startled.  He had thought himself well-hidden by the dark and the din of the forge, and yet the Maia seemed unsurprised by his presence.  Abandoning any pretense of secrecy, he stepped forth from the shadows, stalking a predatory circle around the bench.  The Maia remained unmoved, hands grasping at an object as yet unseen, still submerged in the basin.  Melkor felt himself stopping opposite the Maia, his feet and heart and breaths involuntarily ceasing as one as his eyes fell upon a fated sight. 

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