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Can we talk about mily? I don’t talk about mily enough.

Vampires and werewolves have been rivals for centuries. It was so ingrained that Maia’s immediate response to finding out Simon was a vampire was anger, disgust, and aggression. And yet Maia and Lily managed to unite the vampire clan and werewolf pack against a common enemy. They worked together to eliminate that enemy and then once they’d done that, Lily continued to defend Maia. She didn’t immediately drop the alliance and revert back to rivalry, she made sure the vampires knew Maia had been acting out Lily’s plan and that they were not to harm her.

They then go on to fight for Downworlder rights together (along with Alec). They stay united.

And I just think Lily was so important to Maia’s personal recovery too. Lily gives Maia the motivation to aim higher, to become pack leader. Considering Maia dropped everything after becoming a werewolf - she said she’d wanted to go to college but lost that ambition after she became a werewolf - that’s pretty impressive. Okay so it’s not on the same level as going to college, but Maia went from an abuse victim happy to be lost among the crowd, just one member of a pack, and motivated her to want to do something with her life again. To take control and make a change. To become a leader, not just of the pack, but of the vampire-werewolf alliance and of the Downworlder rights movement.

Lily didn’t do these things for Maia, and she didn’t pressure Maia into doing them. She told Maia that something needed to be done and it couldn’t be done if Maia wasn’t a pack leader, but she gave Maia a choice. Lily pushed her in the right direction, but Maia made the choice to become pack leader and unite the clan and pack.

I also think Lily helped a lot with Maia’s trust issues. Maia is very wary of Lily at first, which I think is down to the vampire-werewolf rivalry. But she agrees to work with Lily. She does’t exactly trust Lily at this point, but she agrees that something needs to be done about Maureen and she agrees to work with her. But she puts her trust in Lily’s plan. That could have gone so badly wrong but Maia does it anyway and it works. After Maureen’s death, Maia has a brief moment where she thinks Lily is going to let the vampires attack her for killing their leader. Maia has been hurt too many times before, of course she expects to be stabbed in the back now. But Lily defends her. She tells the vampires it was her plan and that they’re not to harm Maia or any of the werewolves. It’s a small act, and I doubt it stopped Maia being distrustful at all, but it allowed her to put her trust in someone again and that one small act is huge.

TL;DR Together they defeated an extremely dangerous enemy, united the vampires and werewolves despite thousands of years of rivalry, continued to fight for Downworlder rights, and also helped each other on a much more personal level.

Honestly Lily and Maia are amazing and I love them so much and I just really really really hope we get Lily on the show too and they give mily a chance, because it just has so much potential.

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could you do a halloween izzymaia drabble?

I hope this isn’t too out of character for Maia, I haven’t read the books so my knowledge of Maia is very limited but I tried my best. Let me know what you think?

“I can’t believe you talked me into doing this.” Maia muttered as she followed Isabelle around the thrift store. 

Isabelle rolled her eyes, linking her arm with Maia’s. “It’s Halloween, Maia, live a little.”

“Our life is Halloween, Iz.” Maia pointed out.

“Yes but today we can enjoy it!” Isabelle exclaimed. “You can dress up as whoever- or whatever you want.”

“Can I be a mundane who’s girlfriend isn’t ridiculous?” Maia teased, examining a jean jacket. 

Isabelle gave Maia a mock glare before a grin broke out on her face. “That gives me an idea for our costumes!”

“Ta-da!” Isabelle exclaimed, jumping out from behind the curtain where she was changing. 

Isabelle was wearing one of those faux fur hats with wolf ears and the paws attached with a matching faux fur vest, silver tank and skinny jeans and faux fur boots. 

Isabelle did a little spin, showing off her costume. “I’m a wolf.”

Maia raised an eyebrow, an amused smirk on her lips. “And who am I gonna be?”

Isabelle held out a jean jacket with the words ‘wolf tamer’ sewn onto the back, a bright smile on her lips.

“You’re kidding.” Maia said, taking the jacket and staring at it incredulously.

“Nope.” Isabelle said, popping the ‘p’. “I’ve got the rest of your outfit hanging up behind the curtain. We’re gonna meet up with the rest of the gang at Clary’s house. The party at Pandemonium starts at ten.”

Maia glanced at her phone. “It’s not even seven yet?”

“We’re gonna help Jocelyn hand out candy to the trick or treaters beforehand,” Isabelle explained, gently pushing Maia towards the curtain. “Now get changed, please.”

“Ooh, Maia look. That kid has a dog!” Isabelle said, pulling her girlfriend aside.

Maia raised an eyebrow. “And?”

Isabelle grinned. “You can use your werewolf powers to communicate with the pup and impress the kiddos!”

“You want me to use my badass werewolf powers to impress a group of seven year olds?” Maia asked, glancing between Isabelle and the group of kids. 

“It would make their day,” Isabelle replied with a bright smile. “to meet a real life dog whisperer. C’mon, it won’t do any harm, pleeaase?”

Maia sighed, unable to say no to that. “Alright, alright. If it will make their day.”

Isabelle grinned harder, grabbing Maia’s hand and dragging her over to the group of kids.

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