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Alec Ryder, Ex-N7 & AI Developer, Human Pathfinder, Hyperion Ark

with his daughter and surprise successor, Maia Ryder


Maia and I met when we were 11. We met when we auditioned for a TV show back home in Australia. We were auditioning for separate parts and she got the role, and I didn’t get the role. And our mothers sort of became friends, and we lived in separate cities. And they kind of kept in contact for a little while but then we lost contact. And then when I came out to LA for the first year, when I first arrived, she happened to be staying at the same hotel. So one day I got a knock at my door, and suddenly it was like “oh my gosh it’s Maia Mitchell but like, seven years later.” - Alycia Debnam-Carey


Olympic Ice Dancers, Siblings, and YouTubers. Meet the Shibutanis (-)

There’re difficult times– so many things that are often beyond your control are when it’s one person who feels more under duress. Having that other person be there with you, for you, supporting you as your sports partner, but also more importantly as your family member, the kind of commitment that they’ve had to have year round for so many years, that’s played into a lot of the reason why their partnership has been so strong and successful.”