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What tour bus snapchat thing in may are u talking about?

The part in write on me, “I can see a city sleep” was sung by Camila, and when they reached the Big Ben, Lauren snap chatted “"well I can see Big Ben, Camila, that’s what I can see”



Holding on with the weakest heart.

السَّلاَمُ عَلَيْكُمْ وَرَحْمَةُ اللهِ وَبَرَكَاتُهُ

I hope you guys are in the best of health and imaan. 

I was speaking to a sister may Allah bless and grant her goodness ameen, we talked about many things. One thing was holding on. 

All of us sin, the best are those who turn back to Him. But what does holding on mean, to many they can interpret it in many ways, but the simplest to me, is hold on even though your heart may be weak at that moment. Hold on to Him, when you feel like a sinner, not worthy to pray, hold on to one if not five, may Allah grant you strength to pray five prays on time, and with a wakeful heart ameen, when you can’t read, read a verse, when you can’t read, listen, there are many ways to go back to Him. As long as you haven’t given up, He never gives up, so completely hold on to Him. 

He will surely run towards you. 

inspired by: @soulaith <3

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do u think men should involve themselves in discussions of misogyny?

If you mean “walk into women discussing misogyny unprompted” then no. That’s really rude and their opinion isn’t necessary. It’s just not productive the vast majority of the time because, even if they agree with feminism, they say things like “I don’t do that, women are great”—and that’s just not helpful. It’s just men taking up space, again.

If they are invited into the conversation about misogyny with women, then they may feel free to talk about whatever, but if you’re saying unproductive things like “all women are cunts” then don’t be surprised if you’re kicked out of the conversation.

Nobody truly knows me because I don’t even truly know myself at all so uh
I mean technically :^) I can’t tell you anything really about myself if I’m pretty much blank on everything about myself and digging at scraps to make a little bio of myself that doesn’t exist

I really wanna talk about guitars

to be honest I’d prefer if we saw more of Samaritan having a variety of different operations running that weren’t all centralised? largely because I hate Greer and don’t much like him as an antagonist and am sick of his stupid smug-ass British face but also on a storytelling level because it seems… weird that she wouldn’t have multiple rings of assets mutually or semi-mutually in the dark about one another, if her absolute first concern is making sure she isn’t found out and/or shut down? it just seems like a safer bet on Samaritan’s part, compared to sticking all her eggs in one basket.

and, of course, because I’d prefer to see Claire working for Samaritan directly and, like I said being a more direct Root parallel, as opposed to working for Samaritan through Decima/Greer. I want another True Believer in love with her AI who talks to her directly <333 which we’ve almost got, except… after the “I will protect you now” bit, Samaritan returns to being all… distant and creepy-corporate and just a thing or a force, as opposed to a semi-person the way the Machine is. and that makes me a little sad.


Maybe the most sad thing about Tony and Natasha on CW was that they were the only who really though the Avengers as a real family and not as just people that work together. They were desperate for ending the fight. Tony had to beg for time to a hateful man and Natasha had to betray Tony when was clear that Team Cap would not stop. They were like parents fighting to guarantee the safety of their children.

And the two of them ended alone.

I’m just holding on to the fact that this is Steven’s mom we’re talking about. She may have done very bad things in her past, but she is also effectively the Big Good. She CAN ONLY have loved both of them. It can’t be that Steven’s mom didn’t love his dad, and it can’t be that she would reject such a beloved character as Pearl.

I think what actually happened was more like, as far as Rose was concerned, her primary became her secondary and vice versa, which is still a REALLY BIG DEAL for those involved - but Rose never stopped loving Pearl. She can’t have. Everything about her, even her design just SAYS there is enough of her to go around AND THAT’S BEAUTIFUL. It can’t be that Steven’s mom didn’t love his dad… it also can’t be that Steven’s mom didn’t love his mom.

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So my Husband has been super supportive of my transition since I came out but there is something he does that really bugs me. When we have conversations about sexuality he says he doesn't like men, and that really upsets me because its basically saying he doesn't see me as a man, then I tell him about it and he changes it to "im not attracted to a penis" but then I ask him how he would feel if I wanted a phalo and it gets awkward...what can I do to tell him how upset it makes me?

You’d have to come out and tell him that these conversations, however awkward they may be, need to be talked about because these things you want are going to come up again when you go out and start making changes like T changes, legal name change, surgery, etc. He cannot ignore this forever, tell him this.

Friendly reminder that spirit work isn’t all fun and games. I may talk a lot about the silly, lighthearted things that happen with my family, but there are a lot of experiences that aren’t quite so positive and happy-go-lucky. Please remember that when you start spirit work you open yourself up, and if you don’t protect yourself (and be smart about who/what you communicate with), you can attract negative attention.

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pisces + scorpio... if they were best friends, how would it go? <3

i think they would get along really well, since i have a close scorpio friend who i connect with well. we are very comfortable with each other and openly talk about almost everything (this may just be a long time friendship thing tho). i think pisces and scorpio have very similar ways of thinking, so understanding each other is like an instant thing.