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I think I might leave regression tumblr altogether, or at the very least go on a very long extended break. I didn’t mean to hurt anyone with my decision to be open to all sfw regressors. I didn’t want to lose friends over meaningless community feuds.
My skype is vierafae if you would like to add me there. I will not be logged into this account. I will however be leaving it up. It’s been fun, guys.

I probably won’t be in much for like a week just because next week I do have exams. I’ll try to stay updated, but I have tests to study for and lots of other things. And it’ll be hard for me to message people back (cause I’m already horrible at messaging back, and tumblr isn’t something I go on a lot during exam season ) If you’re able to, please tag me in things (it doesn’t have to just be nct and we don’t have to be mutuals!! 💕)

So today my friend who’s only read ACOTAR told me that she liked Rhys better than Tamlin and I was like ??? (playing along) and she said she got a “good vibe” about him and starting listing all the good things he’s done for Feyre and I starting grinning slowly goddamn it so I may have gave stuff away but anyway, was this just her or did anybody else get a “I’m a cold blooded killer who’s actually a smol puppy” vibe from Rhys too? I just remember being betrayed because I thought he was a “bad guy” but I was starting to like him against my will…

anonymous asked:

I've been hearing speculation that the reason Peter ends up wearing pajamas is because something happens to either his old Spidey suit while he's fighting or someone steals the backpack that contains his clothes while he's off fighting a bad guy. Either way, he has to find clothes ASAP and he obvs goes to a NYC corner souvenir shop lmao. I can't claim spoilers bc Jon's still editing the movie for all we know 😂

Awe my poor baby😭 I thought he was maybe walking in Aunt May’s stuff and reminiscing about Uncle Ben…but this sounds better

just an overall, general note:

because I’m back in school, this blog might not be as active as it was in the last month. it may take longer to see answers to your asks, especially if they require a longer answer. i prefer answering those on my laptop, but i also need to get my work done first. i wont be posting a lot of my own content for some time, because those posts take a lot of time, and i need to focus on my studies before i can focus on anything else. i may not reblog stuff as often because I’m not always on tumblr while on campus. i hope you guys can understand and bear with me for the time being!

stuff you may have missed in that last piece:

the toolbox and screws + screwdriver are a visual which connects to Rock’s mention of how he has to self repair himself and why he was in the room in the first place (see rock’s left arm and why some of his regular armour is stripped)

there are some of rock’s previous letters in x’s pillow

there are some more of rock’s letters/his vent writing on the desk, amongst some notes on x’s development

the clay pot with wilted flowers are x’s favourites that roll gathered for him in the first letter

the 7,000 days remaining that rock mentions in his last letter are what is left on the countdown clock on the side of x’s capsule

the picture of rock, roll, and blues were taken when his core was fixed to give x a reminder of what they looked like

the other pictures of rock and roll were just ones light kept around

Ice Nation Klark / Azgeda!Clarke, illustration by @denimcatfish

I commissioned this for “The White Queen Running” by @entirelytookeen, where Clarke wakes up as Queen of the Ice Nation.