mai silly stuff

Asagao Academy: Actor AU

- Hana is the most shyest in the group. It’s because she’s a new actor. Everyone helps her get used to the set and everything

- Mai snapchats all the silly stuff that happens on set

- The Continue? group are always the ones goofing off on set and most of the bloopers for the show is literally just them laughing when they try to say a serious line or doing something ridiculous like wearing costumes

- All the fans are so surprised when they see Ian being such a dork on set because he’s so stoic in the show

- Jared, Mai, and Luke release albums and do a lot of work outside of the show, but they said once in an interview that they love doing the show the most 

- The cast are all such good friends like

- In one of the bloopers Caddy imitates a gun sound while aiming a fake gun to Ian’s head

- PBG seems to always mess up at least one line each episode

- Satch is both an actor and the narrator for the show

- Mai once snapchatted a video of Hana being all flustered and everyone thought it was adorable.

- Jared’s triple chin is a meme and Jared both hates and loves it

- Everyone loves Hidden Block more than the Normal Boots guys and PBG once said in an interview that it does make him salty which made Luke laugh so hard

- They are aware of the shipping and they secretly love it

- Kakusu is a human in this AU but she always acts like a robot and everyone gets annoyed by it

- All the fans are not even surprised when they see that Mimi is actually really sweet and nice in real life. She laughs a lot in the bloopers.