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goals in life: to find someone tht will gaze at me with the same admiration tht jeon jungkook has when he stares at his smol husband, park jimin

This is so far out of what I usually post, but I was looking for goat pictures in my tangled mess of hard drives and found this. I didn’t know I had this. These are my grandparents, Guy and Perla, just before my grandfather shipped out in WW2. They’re both gone now, but they were so much in love, you can see here how much they truly loved each other, and I was struck with the urge to share.

My grandpa and his two best friends joined the Canadian navy the day after the City of Benares, carrying evacuated children from Britain to Canada, was sunk by German torpedoes.

How my grandparents met is the best. I don’t know the full details, but grandpa took the train back from college and the friends who were supposed to collect him (I’m guessing those two lads up there) from the train station didn’t. Grandma drove past him sitting there, waiting. Then drove past him again. And one more time. And then she picked him up. The rest, as they say, is history.

My grandma was kind of a badass.

Whoever that dude is, he doesn’t approve. Perla could give a good goddamn.

Yeah, if saw guy had been left out I think it would have been tighter.

I completely agree that there was already evidence of brainwashing going on, so I am totally okay with it being used, I just think the way DR3 did it was sloppy and detracted from the lore.

Maybe if it hadn’t been instantaneous and we got some scenes of the 77th Class trying to resist it or something I would’ve been more okay with it, but even in that post-anime interview, Kodaka’s attitude seemed to be “yeah, Junko just brainwashed ‘em and that’s that” which seems a little anticlimactic and not in an intentional, haha Modernism way.

I really like the idea of peddling a cure and duping people through their own desperate desires, because like I said, that happens ALL the time in real life and I think fiction teaching the audience how to recognize when they’re being played is a good thing.

With the Despair Novel in particular, I personally like the sort of King in Yellow-type vibe it gives off. The first chapter of DRT3 compares its creation with that of Victor Frankenstein–it’s an unexpected complication to an ambitious (and in Kibougamine’s case, well-meaning) plan where humanity reaches too far beyond its limits. I like the parallel that runs with the Kamukura Project and how it highlights that the school has lost sight of what the founding principles presumably were (and why I can’t see Naegi reopening the school in Kibou-hen as anything other than history repeating itself).

If you aren’t a fan of brainwashing in general I can see why it would bother you in either case, but for me there’s a huge difference between “mysterious, powerful object of nebulous origin revealed to be a product of man’s hubris” and “this one guy made this OP thing.”

So I guess it’s a matter of scale–I am fine with the Kamukura Project because it’s years of intensive work by many people at the top of their fields. The Shinsekai Program uses talents from at least 3 students. Monaka utilized the robo dev depatment of her family’s conglomerate. Junko steals and tweaks these huge, cooperative projects but isn’t making them by herself from scratch (even the original killing game might very well have been lifted from the Committee’s past Duel Noir system, and it required the help of at least two other people to pull off).

I used to love that “hurr durr thomas edison was a witch and technology is scary” reaction, because it seemed to capture a fear and willful ignorance from older generations, determined not to see good in new technologies. 

I’ve grown to hate it because throwing out that phrase now immediately shuts down conversations on here. Underneath a post that may have fair points about the detriments of the world’s current use of technology will be the “hurr durr” phrase and a bunch of comments angrily arguing that technology is essential for various reasons. Some of those reasons are good! Current technology provides options and access to those with disabilities, it unites friends and family who are geographically far apart, it facilitates storage and retrieval of information with unprecedented and breathtaking ease. All good things! 

I work at a college. It’s a fairly regular experience for students to walk into me while they’re looking at cell phones. It’s almost a game - you see them walking toward you, and you wait to see if they ever notice you. I’ve started loudly saying “Excuse me” - sometimes they might look up and swerve, but usually not. Almost everyone who works here has experienced that. Faculty and staff both report students unable to carry on conversations without looking at their phones. Students can’t seem to stop texting in class, in the theatre, during on-campus jobs, even in disciplinary meetings. 

Look at airports, public transportation stations, cafeterias, a sidewalk - at some point, you will see wave after wave of people staring at their phones. (Interestingly, airports are also where I see the most number of people reading books.) Go to a concert, and see the sheer number of tiny screens recording the event. I do the same thing - it’s great to have videos and pictures of events! I do wonder if my constant drive to film and take pictures takes away from the experience. Do I feel that something is less real, less mine if I don’t capture it? Why is that? Should I continue enabling that?

It’s not that cell phones or current technology are inherently bad; techne means tool, so these devices can be used for any number of positive or negative ends and intentions. There can be demonstrably negative effects of technology overuse, such as lower retention of information read on screens, as well as revolutionary levels of access and interaction with resources for those with disabilities, for scholars, for those embarrassed to ask other people for help, for those in low income areas, for those who are simply curious. 

When people articulate frustration, mockery, or fear of cell phones and the like, I think what those people see is an inability not to use these tools. Sure, some people are ignorant about these issues and loudly mock anyone they see using a cell phone. That is obviously wrong. Adding “lmao hurr durr fire is scary and thomas edison is a witch” can be just as dismissive and ignorant, and avoids the opportunity for honest self-reflection about how you use technology. 


Feng Jiu x Dong Hua [2/?]: 三生三世十里桃花 Eternal Love ep.43 

“Will I ever get to see Di Jun again?” 

// “Promise me that you’ll never forget these two years.”

my inbox everybody

this is exactly what i’m talking about

i don’t want to talk about ace politics. i have that phrase blacklisted for a reason

the funny thing is, the first anon wrote me in response to a shit post i reblogged that made me smile after a stressful day of work when i was feeling particularly anti-capitalist. i later found out that the redacted user name is actually another redacted user name that I wasn’t fond of during the day but you know what? i have so many better things to do with my time than to keep a list of people i disagree with on tumblr dot com

the second anon came in much more recently in response to the post i wrote about not being able to keep said list. 

i never wanted to discuss this because this particular topic exhausts me. i can literally feel my soul departing my body when this topic comes up.

people who have followed me long enough already know where i stand on this topic–and where i have stood before because, shockingly, minds can actually change.

and for those who haven’t been following me long enough or who have forgotten–i am not obligated to share my opinion with you because i no longer discuss this particular topic on my blog

Gecko needs a home in Bowling Green KY area

Okay so I really need to rehome one of these females. I rescued her and 2 others about 2 weeks ago. You may have seen my post with their heartbreaking photos.

I was told the females have lived together for 2 years without issue so I thought it would okay *temporarily* since I was going to rehome them when they gained their weight back. She is actually the most aggressive gecko I have ever encountered. She even attacks me when I try to refill the water dish. I, of course, have them separated now but its really not an ideal setup. Due to me being in a tiny apartment with several other lizards and a snake, plus two cats, a dog and three bettas, I can not fit another tank here.

She needs a home ASAP. Preferably today if possible. I would like to find someone who already has experience with them since she is a rescue and is still severely underweight. She’ll need a home where she will be housed alone and someone who’s willing to put in the time to tame her.

I am more than willingly to drive and meet someone if you’re far away. By far, I mean like an hour or so from here. 

I’ve also tried to contact all of the listed reptile rescues near me but almost every line as been disconnected. I’ve hit a dead end and I have no idea what to do.

Please, please, please boost this.

I may have posted about this once but I’m going to scream about it again bc it’s so cool.
Ok, in 2003, Wings was airing in reruns on Nick @ Nite. I was really involved in a Wings forum online at the time. Anyway, the guy who played the Aeromass pilot- you saw him in the background of most eps, but I don’t think he ever spoke any lines- he was a member there and anyway I started talking to him on AIM and he said he still had some scripts and that I could have one if I wanted and anyway, he sent me this script for episode 7.17. 😃👍🏻

UPDATE: Chapter Delay DX

Welp, I didn’t want to do this but my next chapter will be a bit delayed.

There is bad weather at the airport we are flying to, so we are going to have to switch flights. I don’t know when I can get home to concentrate on writing. I’ve been doing a lot on my phone, but I do a lot more work at a computer.

It’s not a big chapter, so it may be posted sometime during the week. If not, it will be posted next Sunday for sure. But more than likely it’s going to push other chapters back. (I am so peeved by this. I had a schedule dang it!)

Sorry again, it will be posted asap.

Morceaux choisis de mon MP suite au post précédent lancé par @francaise-de-coeur , car je n'arrive pas à tagguer la destinataire, et que j'espère qu'en publiant ici il aura plus de chances d'être vu / lu par sa destinataire, et parce que certaines choses pourraient toucher d'autres personnes également.

“Je voulais publier ce message en post public, mais impossible de te tagguer, je te l'envoie donc en privé, et je prie pour que tu le lises (je prie, moi athée profondément convaincue, je prie le Destin, la Chance, ou je ne sais quelle entité potentielle, mais je prie de toute mon âme, de toutes mes tripes).

Reste, s'il te plaît. Je t'aime. Petits mots écrits à la craie sur [un] cœur en ardoise […]. Ces quelques mots que je pense de toutes mes forces, de toutes mes tripes, de toute mon âme, je supplie toutes les forces existantes de te les faire parvenir, ils resteront ineffacés, inscrits à la craie sur ce cœur qui fait le lien entre nous, à la craie si fragile, un peu comme une vie.

Tu sais la vie, c'est dur, c'est moche, c'est insurmontable. Mais tu sais, la vie c'est précieux aussi, c'est la beauté du ciel aux aurores quand le soleil se lève, au milieu de la nuit sous les étoiles, c'est la chaleur d'un rayon de soleil, c'est tellement de choses et c'est pourtant rien…

[…] Promet moi qu'on ira se boire un verre ensemble un jour, en terrasse même si il pleut, même si il fait froid. On fumera des clopes et on boira, beaucoup, et je t'écouterai même dans tes silences, parce qu'ils ont tant à dire… Promet moi, s'il te plaît.

Ce soir j'ai mal à mon âme, parce que l'être humain est un connard qui a un fond aussi noir et mauvais que la peste, et qu'il tente de broyer tous ceux qui sont fondamentalement bons. J'ai mal à mon âme parce qu'il(s) a/ont fait tant de ravages dans la tienne, apporté tant de douleurs et de peines qu'aujourd'hui, tu comptes en heures et plus en jours. J'ai mal à mon âme, et je sais pas si je pourrai continuer à tenir debout si tu pars. Tu sais, j'me bat pour recoller mes morceaux et les garder ensemble, et te lire ça me donne un peu de cette force dont j'ai besoin, tu me donnes un peu de cette force dont j'ai besoin. Et j'espère que savoir que tu comptes pour moi, ça te donne un peu de cette force que tu me donnes aussi. Et j'espère que me lire, ça te donne encore un peu de cette force […].

Je concluerai ici, je pourrais cependant m'étendre encore, mais j'espère que ce message trouvera réponse, et que je pourrai alors te dire tout ce qu'il me reste à te dire…

Je t'aime. Tu es importante. Tu en vaux la peine.


S'il te plaît.”

Relayez un maximum les amis, j'aimerais vraiment que ce message lui parvienne et soit lu par un maximum de personnes que ça pourrait également toucher / concerner. Merci.

I was browsing the nintendo store and was kind of saddened to see that they are dividing their gift ideas by gender.

So out of curiosity I decided to see what they were marketing to me, as a woman. Is it just going to be cutesy games like nintendogs or something?

The signs are not good. Is this going to be a ‘men play consoles women play handhelds’ stereotype or something? Lets scroll down…

Huh. Well Pokemon is the next big handheld release. So lets see what they’re marketing to men?

…the same thing…? 

literally the exact same thing.

They posted the same page twice, and just changed the pronouns in the captions.

Nintendo doesn’t care what gender you are.

They just really, really want you to buy Pokemon.

friendly reminder that since a lot of people have decided xmas now starts right after halloween: not everyone celebrates xmas or wants to participate.  don’t shame people for not participating in xmas traditions or blacklisting xmas. if people ask to not be wished a merry xmas, don’t wish them a merry xmas. don’t get upset if people express their frustrations with how christian normativity makes it impossible to escape this non-secular holiday for almost two months. if people want nothing to do with xmas, please just let them be.

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