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Is Joseph the smallest dad? (Height wise)

Height headcanons, aaawwwaaayyy!!

Damien - 5′05 1/2″
He INSISTS he’s 5′06″, though. Carries himself very well, too, so even though he’s still noticeably shorter than everyone else his presence takes up a lot of space.

Craig - 5′08″
The way he carries himself and his shape makes him seem taller, however, so everyone’s always caught off guard when he tells them his actual height. 

Joseph - 5′10″
I like him having a very average height. I like Joseph being so simple/average. Makes him feel more ‘real.’

Robert - 5′11″
Often just says he’s six foot for simplicity’s sake, gets all flustered if you point it out and poke at him about it.

Mat - 6′00″
The taller he is, the cuter his anxiety - it also makes him easier to find in crowds. Never again.

Brian - 6′00″

Hugo - 6′02″
Idk, something really amuses me about Hugo being the tallest dad. I need it in my life. It also makes wrestling with him just 👌👌🍆💦

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just admit you're an islamophobe....................................

OUT.   anon you must be really fun at parties. jeez.

first and foremost   :   on my father’s side, i have family members who have been accused of ter/rorism based on nothing but islamophobia. who have been incarcerated as a result of said accusations. who have been deported as a result of said accusations.   (   so, y’know, go fuck yourself.   )

i’m not talking distant relatives, here.   (   hey, go fuck yourself.   )

my immediate family is not religious. the members of my extended family who are religious, are muslim. my parents were born in tehran. i’m half persian.   (   literally. go fuck yourself.   ) 

i can confidently say i have never posted a damn thing that could possibly have led to this conclusion, so i can only assume this is just a continuation of some accusations that were thrown my way a a few weeks ago. to be honest, this last month-and-a-half on tumblr has gotten a little out of hand, so i’m going to take a few seconds to to clear some shit up.   (   those of you who may not have seen any of what’s been going on might find some of this a little out of left field. please feel free to come to me if you need any further clarification.   )

narn, you were seen interacting with someone who was revealed to have said and done some problematic shit. what did you do   ?
removed them from my blog. deleted their posts from my blog. told them i would be more comfortable not interacting with them again. end of story.

hey narn, are you a zionist   ?   i saw an anon that said you were.
i’m neither jewish, nor american. no, i’m not a zionist. what possible motivation would i have to hold this belief    ?   i don’t even know where this one came from.
is it because i think antisemitism is bad    ?   that i think jewish erasure in comic books is bad   ?   that one of my closest friends is jewish   ?   or that i reblogged a post about g/al ga/dot once   ?

your guess is as good as mine.

hey narn, are you a comm/unist sympathizer   ?   sb said you were.
this one, thankfully, was based on a misunderstanding with regards to a comment i made once on someone’s post about armenia and the soviet union. i have spoken to the person who said this privately, and we cleared it up.
———   that being said, since my father’s side of the family got a little context up there   ^^^   maybe i should also mention that on my mother’s side, a relative was forcibly institutionalized in the early 80′s by the so/viet regime for being a comm/unist dissenter. he died in this institution. fuck. the. u/ssr.

i talk pretty openly a lot about my experiences as a middle eastern woman on this blog. i don’t share a ton about my family history because the trauma they have suffered shouldn’t inform my activism. however, i think it’s gotten to a point where i need to make all of the above very clear, just so we can stop this honestly bizarre rumour mill that seems to have erupted. 

if anyone wants to come talk to me about anything i’ve expressed here, my discord is haljordan#1894. i also don’t have anyone blocked, so shoot me an ask if you’d like.

oh yeah, anon, i forgot   :   go fuck yourself.  

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Your blog is a safe haven of happiness and love, keep doing what you are doing you rock! Your replies are seriously my favorite cause you always maintain such a healthy balance of favoritism and fact. Also the way you explain things is amazing and detailed and I love how you use your own words it really shows how much you understand it. Your turns and steps guide is like nothing I have ever seen before! Keep it up! 💜

Thank you so so much! I realized you sent me this lovely message a while ago, before the posts I made in the last couple of days, so I’m not sure if my blog still meets your standard for safe haven. If I had let you down I do apologize for it, and here, please have, as compensation, a gif of Yuzuru looking pure, soft, pretty, and basically throwing petals in your face:

Hopefully this helps restore some of the happiness and love to my blog.

snow in summer

Read on ao3: [link]
Rating: General
Fandom: 僕のヒーローアカデミア | Boku no Hero Academia | My Hero Academia
Relationships: Midoriya Izuku/Todoroki Shouto
Words: 2047 | Complete
Summary: When Izuku falls, Todoroki is there to catch him–and this goes beyond practice and internships. Down the cave they go.

The mistake was his–Todoroki had told him, he definitely told him, that one of the rocks was loose as he was climbing up. And Izuku? Izuku had been so preoccupied staring at the way the wind made the other boy’s red-white fringe fwoosh upward, showing off his rarely-seen forehead, that he just completely, utterly, and foolishly forgot.

So he fell. He fell, and would have probably been concussed if not for Todoroki’s quick thinking and incredible quirk.

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Quick Question...

While I do love answering writing questions, I also love reading. And now that I’m forcing myself to find more time to read I’m wondering if I should make a blog just to talk about the books I’m reading and what I think of them. Would anyone follow that blog too? Would any of you want to even see that?
If you dont want to comment, just like this post if you think I should. (I get not wanting to comment on posts lol)

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an older kacchako doodle (late teens, early 20′s?)

i like to think Bakugou grows his hair out a little, Ochako cuts hers shorter, and both have scars on their arms (b/c their powers are centered on their hands, and getting at the arms is the best way for enemies to incapacitate them)


David Tennant on working with the later Doctor Who Companions (and Doctors) - from the Raleigh Wizard World Comic Con - March 2015

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