mai moments

Où tu en es dans ta vie ? Débile de songer à cette question. Désolée, mais en ce moment ça reste en permanence dans un coin de ma tête. Cette pensée ne reste qu'à sens unique, je sais. ça m'arrive parfois, de penser à ce que les autres sont devenus, s'ils sont heureux dans leur vie alors qu'ils ont détruis la mienne. Je pense toujours aux autres avant moi. Je pense plus au bonheur des autres que du mien. C'est moi. C'est comme ça et ça ne changera peut-être jamais. Je ne vais pas mentir, je pense parfois à toi de cette façon. ça me fais chier. Ouais, c'est vrai ça me fais chier d'avoir étais du jour au lendemain oublier. J'y peux rien. Enfin, je crois. En ce moment, je me remets en question, je regarde derrière moi et je regrette que ces gens qui ont marquer ma vie ne sont plus là aujourd'hui. J'irai bien dans n'importe quelle situation mais je suis nostalgique et je regarde par forcément devant moi. Je suis passer par tout les stades. Merci, la face haine en puissance est passer. J'ai jamais remercier ces gens là pour avoir fais partis de leur vie. ça parais idiot de remercier les personnes qui vous on marquer et sois partis de votre vie mais je m'en fous. Je m'en fous parce que ce soir, je laisse ma nostalgie parler. Ouais, je pense à toi et alors ? Ce n'est pas quelque chose dont je pourrais avoir honte. C'est grâce à vous que je suis devenue celle que je suis. C'est grâce à la plupart d'entre vous que j'ai connue ce qu'étais d'être pleinement heureuse. C'est grâce à vous que j'ai appris à aimer pleinement, que j'ai pris conscience que j'avais de la chance de connaitre de magnifiques amitiés ou plus. Et je vous remercie pour pleins d'autres choses. C'est pas donner à tous le monde de penser et de dire ça sans que la fierté n'en prenne un coup, sans avoir d'arrière penser. Et surtout, ce n'est pas donner à tous le monde de dire, d'écrire ça avec de la bienveillance et du respect.
—  #JM

Last night’s Rick and Morty really left me thinking, did Beth really end up cloning herself and leave her family, while expecting a clone to watch over her kids? This show just added another suspenseful moment that may never get answered. That epilogue was pretty funny.


*DING DONG* Yes hello my name is Erin, and I would like to know if you’d like to hear about this here AU. It will only take a moment, may I come in ?


( Train AU Continued )

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Good old times

Request for @original-vanda who asked for a drawing of Obi-Wan and Ahsoka ! (I only drew them together, not especially as a pairing thing, as I’m not at ease with it, but I still wanted to draw the both of them for you so I hope you like it :) Olso, this is my first drawing of Ahsoka so I hope it’s alright XD )


Other manga readers are aware that one of the changes made in the anime adaptation was how they set up each match one at a time, instead of all of them happening simultaneously, so in the manga, there was a sense of pressure exerted onto the students when they learned that their other classmates completed the test ahead of them. In the manga, the first one to finish was team Todo-Momo, followed by Team Baku-Deku, so Deku still ended up making commentaries with Recovery Girl much like in the anime, so there weren’t any major changes, maybe aside from Uraraka (& Tsuyu?) who stood beside him and watched from the screens.

However, when I was re-reading the manga…I realized there was one missed opportunity:

Todoroki and Yaoyorozu marveling at a sleeping Bakugou in the school clinic (and then one-by-one other classmates start flooding the room and quietly  watching him too lmao) 

Spoilers for the V route Yo-

Were we all shook at this point in the game or was I the only one?

The gist of the whole scene in my crude drawing style, excuse my hasty coloring but yeah. This happened.

(Missing dialogue cause they talked A LOT and i was not gonna kill my hand like that tonight)


i’d like to bring to your attention Brian May holding Mikey’s hand as they walk off stage together

The mirror AU room (New Ink Feature)

It’s a new feature that @stylincheetah came up with and that she let me add for Ink :D <3 So all thanks to her!!

  • This room can only be given access when teleported inside. It’s very small in length, but can be endless in height, regarding of who’s character is present.
  • It’s only possible to stand in it, that’s how large it is. It’s a little circular space surrounded in divided mirror, and in each mirror is shown every alternative version of the person standing. Basically, the person inside can interact with his AU versions, talk and exchange with them.
  • It is not necesseraly an Undertale AU. It can be ANY form of alternative version.
  • If it is though, a character can either see all the different AU versions (ex: Sans would see Underswap Sans, Underfell Sans, Outertale Sans… etc), or all the different representations of all the artists who drew, wrote or talked about them. (ex: CQ’s Error!Sans would see my version of him, @xtaleunderverse‘s version of him, and so on) or both.
  • Ink can bring a character there if they wish to do so, for personal experience. But he’s not so fond of bringing people there too often. In fact, he flees that room most of the time.

show recommendation: cleverman

a superhero drama based on stories from australian aboriginal mythology, set in a near-future dystopia. the show deals heavily with racism and is reflective of real-world treatment of aboriginal communities.

cleverman is only 2 seasons young with 12 episodes total and an 80% indigenous cast.