mai keeps dropping her marshmallows because her hair is too curly



Really Cool Rocks by cloveoil (1/1 | 2,196 | Not Rated)

Based off this OTP Prompt: “Imagine your OTP meeting as kids and Person B decides to woo Person A by giving them pretty rocks that they find.”

Release Your High Hopes by ShowMeAHero (1/1 | 2,690 | General)

Finn may have been stood up - no, scratch that, Finn has definitely been stood up, and he is mortified, and he’s about ready to sneak out the back door of the restaurant when a handsome stranger with a sun-bright smile drops into the seat across from him, acts like they’ve known each other for years, and saves his skin.

Of Love and Falling by thattardiskey (1/1 | 1,197 | General)

A series of snippets between when Finn fell in love and when Poe finally caught up. (High School AU)

He Left His Jacket in the Gym by the_queenregent (10/10 | 1,699 | General)

A little fic that takes place in a high school AU, exploring how Poe and Finn’s relationship came to be. Pure fluff, just for the fun of it.

i live to let you shine by redlyrium (1/1 | 4,143 | General)

“Took you long enough,” Finn says, instead of what he really wants to say which is ‘I am stupidly in love with you.’ (High School AU)

Keeping Out the Cold by vanguard (1/1 | 1,253 | Teen)

Finn’s come to watch Poe’s football game for the first time, but it’s freezing outside. Luckily, Poe and his varsity jacket are here to help. (High School AU)

Off to a Good Start by shooponthemoon (1/1 | 733 | Teen)

Lazy mornings with Finn and Poe usually consist of Poe being woken up by a grinning Finn already on top of him, eager to get things going. Those morning kisses always had everything that got the two of them going, and were absolutely perfect.

Well, except for…

Extra Marshmallows by dametokillfor (1/1 | 1,739 | General)

Papa Poe calls her Bea Bea, because he can never believe how lucky he is to have her the first time he says her name, so has to say it again. She tells him about what her Papa Poe looks like, he’s bigger than me, and he’s old, at least 11, and he has a big nose and black curly hair and smiley eyes. She tells him how he rescued her from the bad place, and now she lives with him. She tells him how she really wants a puppy, but Papa Poe doesn’t think she’s quite big enough yet, and that’s silly because she’s nearly 6!
A modern day AU, in which Poe is a single father, BB-8 is his little girl, Bea Bea, and Finn is pretty certain he’s in love after 40 seconds.

He Looks at You and Sees the Stars by shooponthemoon (1/1 | 1,729 | General)

Finn is injured and confined to a wheelchair. He spends his weeks in rehabilitation meeting and talking to new people, waiting for Rey to come back from her training.
But rehab isn’t all bad… Finn’s roommate is handsome and tousle-haired and perfect and he dazzles Finn with tales of his adventures and exploits, and Finn just can’t help but maybe fall in love with Poe Dameron. Just a little bit.

Daddy and Papa by Scarlett_Rogue (1/1 | 1,108 | General)

Rey decides that a cat is missing from their shared apartment so she sends Finn and Poe out to get the perfect kitten. Finn is awkward, Poe is an “accidental” flirt, and the adoption person keeps insisting that they’re a couple.

don’t be a heartbreaker by dansunedisco (1/1 | 870 | Teen)

Finn’s ex shows up at Rey’s party, and the best idea he can come up with is “someone, kiss me quick!” That someone happens to be Poe.

Shine Bright by jacqueline_e (1/1 | 1,163 | General)

“Make it up to me and get over here,” Finn teased. “And make it quick Mr Dameron.”

One where Poe is an airline pilot, Finn is his long suffering husband and BB-8 sleeps.

First Kiss by PolaroidScreams (1/1 | 1,779 | Teen)

Finn reluctantly agrees to be a part of a psychology experiment that Rey is filming for her final. The catch? He must kiss a random stranger whilst wearing a blindfold.

it gets better by knoxoursavior (1/1 | 8,192 | Teen)

Theory: Poe Dameron is universally liked.

Case 1: Finn who, if he may say, is highly impressionable and likes a lot of people. Probably not the best proof. (Flower Shop AU)

Feels Like You’re Falling, But It Passes In Time by ritari (1/1 | 2,304 | Explicit)

“Last night was…” Finn starts, pausing.

“Fantastic.” Poe provides “For me at least…” he adds.

in which there are come-ons by knoxoursavior (1/1 | 823 | Teen)

Finn is so unreal and Poe cannot deal with it.

or a “you’re my new neighbor and you’re doing something annoying so I came to get you to stop and oh no you’re HOT” au

We Are The Voices (This Is The New Year) by ShowMeAHero (1/1 | 1,429  | General)

Finn doesn’t have anyone to kiss on New Year’s Eve - well, maybe. There is that cute guy in the tuxedo. But he’s supposed to behave at this party. Oh, well.

Self-Restraint (Or Lack Thereof) by Pandemic (1/1 | 2,929 | Not Rated)

“You know that yoga pose stretches out the inner groin.” Snap whispers with a sly smile, and Poe chokes on air. (Gym AU)

break a sweat by dansunedisco (3/3 | 1,760 | General)

Finn might be a little in love.
Rey whacks him with her yoga block. “Stop mooning over him from across the room and go over there, then!”
Poe Dameron is a yoga instructor at the gym Finn frequents.

Surviving Poe Dameron by sailsandanchors (1/1 | 1,329 | Teen)

Finn has the perfect first date all planned out. He’s going to take Poe to an amusement park. He’s going to win a whole bunch of stuff at the shooting gallery for him. They’re going to hold hands. They’re going to eat ice cream. They might even kiss.

Finn considers it his best idea to date, until they get there and Poe spots the largest, meanest, most vomit-inducing ride, points to it and says “Let’s go on that one!” with stars in his eyes and a smile Finn can’t say no to. The next few hours are full of twists, turns, and Poe Dameron being way too excited about almost dying.

The Right Thing by LemonScience33 (1/1 | 2,018 | Teen)

This is a rescue, he types in a private message. I’m rescuing you.
Damneron’s icon changes to indicate that they’re typing.
why? they reply.
He thinks about it. Because it’s the right thing to do, he says.
It only takes a moment for damneron to respond:
u need a pilot
He cringes. I need a pilot, he admits, and adds a shrug emoji.
(Gaming AU)

your love (will be safe with me) by redlyrium (1/1 | 2,071 | Not Rated)

“Try not to scream,” Jessika adds, dryly. “Don’t want to give the other doctors and patients the wrong idea.”

Jessika.” And it might be a trick of the lighting, but Finn’s almost positive Dameron blushes at that. (Hospital AU)

Kick Start my Heart (When You Shine it in my Eyes) by mariposaroja (2/2 | 3,475 | General)

In which Finn ends up in the Emergency Room and Poe is his (unmercifully hot) doctor

That Can Only Mean One Thing by cloveoil (1/1 | 1,381 | General)

Based off this prompt: “Person A has a huge crush, and Person B is the confident friend who gives them a pep talk about it. Person B tells Person A to believe in themselves and call their crush by the time Person B walks away. Person B starts to leave, hears their ringtone, and turns to look at Person A with a confused expression on their face. Person B asks why they’re calling them, and then it hits them.”

Hearing you for the first time by Cadoan (1/1 | 1,591 | Teen)

This fic is a fill of the following prompt: “Imagine your OTP living in a world where as soon as you see your soulmate, you get telepathic powers with the other. Now imagine your newly telepathic OTP running through a busy New York City street looking for each other.”

you asked me to dance (and it was love at second sight) by stardusting (2/2 | 6,621 | Teen)

It’s not as though Poe really needs an excuse to go over to the little coffee shop across the road. It’s more the fact that he enjoys the company much more than he enjoys the coffee. 

+ this poe/finn/rey polyamory fic

the caffeine awakens by mixtapestar (1/1 | 6,891 | Teen)

Jakku Java has only been open two weeks, but they’re already a huge hit with the corporate crowd downtown. Finn heads over hoping to finally get Rey’s number, only to find her out sick and a new guy, Poe, behind the counter. That’s when things get complicated.