mai kailin

Welp seeing as how Shale-mun wanted a K last time but was a bit too late for it by the time I closed, I decided to roll twice to make up for it. So he gets some pecks from Mai Kailin as well as Sylva. Yay, Mienshaos. -u- Hope ya like it man! (sorry that Sylva doesn’t look like she’s actually making contact though, was just too lazy to adjust her |D; )

Whew, slowly clearing up those stacks of Ks…

ask-kazuki-ampharos submitted:

Rawr, here’s more fanart.

Holy crap dude that perspective WHOOOA–

No but seriously that is amazing! I love the perspective, so dynamic and full of energy, just like her pose! Totally is a pose that she would pull off, too! Those acrobatic skills! And man do I love her grin, so confident, it works out so great–

… Just… yeah thanks dude, I love it. OuO You rock!  I wish I could nail that sort of pose and perspective myself, aahh…

rammdark submitted:

Oops I arted. Also decided to draw Mai Kailin with her hair out because why nawt?

Hope you like bro :3

My my, Mai Kailin seems to have been garnering quite a bit of love so far, hm? I must say I’m flattered. If I wasn’t so swamped in blog ideas I’d give Mai her own but blah that’s beside the point–

You have quite way with depicting low lit areas ouo I love this! The lighting, the flowing movement of her hair and whips, it’s freakin’ great, thank you so much Dasha! Happy holidays! What a great thing to wake up to. ^^