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  • Johnny: i don't even <i>like</i> men
  • Ten: [breathes]
  • Johnny: well, fuck
Eu não quero que se assuste, quero apenas que me queira. Eu ando querendo dar uma volta na sua rua pra ver se consigo te ver. Eu que sou tão na minha, fui ficar tão na sua. Eu que sou preto e branco, quis ser colorida quando te vi passar por mim. Te pegar pelo braço e sair voando não seria uma má ideia se isso fizesse com que você se encantasse por mim. Gritar seu nome e sussurrar um “eu te amo” pode parecer loucura, mas é que eu estou louca por você. Rodopiar com você embaixo de um céu estrelado também não seria uma má ideia, quero que as estrelas contemplem nosso amor. Quero que se entregue, e que de início, precise precisar de mim.
—  Eternismo.

I’m the princemarxfucker of Lon’qu-thirsters. Make no mistake. I will fight anyone who thinks of Lon’qu as anything less than thE BEST husband I will fight you regardless because I get embarrassingly jealous over Lon’qu  I   w i l l  f i g h t

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♥ Laying by their side and watching them while they sleep with a fond smile.

Takashi didn’t sleep much- at all really. And when he did, he was woken up by some nightmare or attack…Tonight- Tonight was very different. He had woken up a few hours ago, but he found Lance coming to his aid before he realized what had fully happened to him. Where he was and who was in front of him was so blurred- But Lance pulled him back to reality. It was deeply appreciated. 

Lance had a way to calm him down, coaxing him back into the bed and under the covers as he assured him that he was safe and no one was going to change that any time soon. The Blue Paladin happened to fall asleep a lot sooner then he did. The older now looking over him as a smile moved to his lips. 

His perfect skin, brown locks that covered those closed blue eyes. His heart skipped a beat- Shit. He knew where this was going, he had been here before. Always finding his eyes drawn back to the Blue Pilot. He propped his head up with his left hand, gaze still moving over the other. He couldn’t help it-How could anyone? His smile never faded as he shook his head lightly before turning to lay on his back, letting out a long breath. “Oh Boy…” He whispered to the dark, trying to make sense of his thoughts- his false hopes and dreams. The Champion was never rewarded with happiness- No, he was given pain and suffering- until now.

Ok er… excuse the poor ly set up and executed blog

Emma was feeling sad and impulsely let everything get carried away here before actually having time or a plan to execute!

So please excuse the mess whilst she moves out of her family home and sets up an artists den elsewhere. She assures me, via aggressive messaging, that she plans to write stories and design a comic where I can be contained. Along with…other characters.

How exciting! Well, usurping me from MY blog does not sound exciting but plans to make her own original content does!

Until then dear followers, I am going to load up some quality youtube videos (whilst I still have internet access that works) and drink hot drinks. How divine! So divine. Mmmmm very much divine.