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I. had this idea outta nowhere in my big pile of things I wanna draw and I just. went for it.

Jesse’s first time meeting Hanzo’s parents :b Technically this could be College AU? (+bonus stealth Genyatta)

They’re ok parents, I promise, they spoil their kids, just that they’re uh. Still escaped former yakuza? Maybe? So they have The Look.

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It has been said that, in scale, a human being is about halfway between an atom and a star. Interestingly, this is also the regime in which physics becomes most complicated; on the atomic scale, we have quantum mechanics, on the large scale, relativity. It is in between these two extremes where our lack of understanding of how to combine these theories becomes apparent.

The Oxford scientist Roger Penrose has written convincingly of his belief that whatever it is that we are missing from our understanding of fundamental physics is also missing from our understanding of consciousness. These ideas are important when one considers what have become known as anthropic points of view, best summarized as the belief that the Universe must be the way it is in order to allow us to be here to observe it.
—  Bang! The Complete History of the Universe, Brian May

Doyoung’s honesty bringing out Taeyong’s laughter once again ❤️

why theo decker is the most relatable donna tartt character:
  • has only one (1) friend
  • Bisexual ™
  • amazing fashion sense. walk walk fashion baby
  • makes bad decisions
  • romanticized the girl he had a crush on
  • wants to die like. all the time
  • tried to kill himself once with alcohol poisoning but ended up puking on the bed and crying
  • #aesthetic
a reminder to any fan

not having the money to buy an album, merch, etc. does not make you a bad fan.

not being able to see your idols in concert does not make you a bad fan. 

not having the resources to do any of the above does not make you a bad fan.

please don’t forget that.