mai faves~

Say what you will about the Avatar franchise, but remember that it started with a girl of colour calling out her brother for being sexist and ended with a multiracial queer couple walking hand in hand into the golden light of a new era, and there aren’t many shows around at the moment which can top that.


happy 3rd anniversary to disney’s 53rd animated feature, frozen! ❄ (released 27th november 2013)


protect this boy at all costs! ♡


Delfino 🌸🍃🐚


3 minutes of the most beautiful sound on earth


 Anya Corazon 
I can say I’m not going to use my powers. I can promise never to do super-heroey things, but, papa, sometimes stupid stuff happens. Idiots pull out guns and.. I can’t just stand there and watch bad things go down just because I promised not to do the things I know how to do.