mai (pokemon)

I was browsing the nintendo store and was kind of saddened to see that they are dividing their gift ideas by gender.

So out of curiosity I decided to see what they were marketing to me, as a woman. Is it just going to be cutesy games like nintendogs or something?

The signs are not good. Is this going to be a ‘men play consoles women play handhelds’ stereotype or something? Lets scroll down…

Huh. Well Pokemon is the next big handheld release. So lets see what they’re marketing to men?

…the same thing…? 

literally the exact same thing.

They posted the same page twice, and just changed the pronouns in the captions.

Nintendo doesn’t care what gender you are.

They just really, really want you to buy Pokemon.

I started working on some Gardevoir and Gallade variations after having so much fun working on my previous Altaria variations. I lost motivation after completing just one variation each for Gardevoir and Gallade.I was still please with how these turned out however, so I figured it’d be a shame if they we’re to go unseen.

EDIT: Available on Redbubble as stickers. ❤︎