I have so many things that I want from Supergirl like a backstory for Maggie and a developement of her story. I want the return of Lucy Lane and Vasquez for more shenanigans at the DEO. What’s going down with the president? They introduced a plot line wth her that they never followed up. What’s up with that? I want M’Gann to be released so her and J’onn can have scenes where they reminisce about Mars because J’onn has finally forgiven M’gann. I want to see Lena Luthor breaking away form her family’s history and being her own hero. I want to see Winn find himself at the DEO and discover more of the bravery we saw in 2.09 because I know it’s there but he’s always portrayed as a wimp. I want to see James tell Kara he’s the guardian and see the shift in their character dynamics. I want to see more Sanvers and see this fresh relationship bloom into something beautiful. I want to see more of Jess the secretary because we need some more asian representation on this damn show, and her dynamic with Lena would be an interesting thing to explore. Not to mention a backstory for her would be neat. I want to know what’s going down with Cadmus and Lilian Luthor because that was the entire plot of 2A which the writer’s have conveniently forgotten about. I want a reappearance from Cat because Kara is struggling and she briefly returns to help her because believe it or not Cat actually cares.

And then I realise that there’s no point in wishing for any of these things because not even the titular character has a character arc this season. So why wish for character development of the secondary cast when I don’t even have character development for the girl who the show is named after.

Instead I’m given this detailed backstory and complex character plot for a character who adds nothing to the show whatsoever. Who’s being forced into scenes where he is completely irrelevant and has a backstory that’s identical to a character that’s not only more established in popular culture but also in the damn show.

So I’m settling for this: I wish Kara Danvers had her show back.