mahsmalade here

Look at this fucken amazing batch of pancakes i made. its 3:30am.

oh my god they’re perfect

I’VE GAINED A LEVEL IN COOKING.. !! i’ve gone from Kill Everyone That Consumes It Including Myself to Kill Everyone That Consumes It!! aaaaa

if anyone is.. curious theres just lemon juice and sugar inside them.

haha holy shit i’m lucky i dont have a self image problem aaa

i broke the spatula making these. true story.

characteristic of the phenomenon of words of different origins that are pronounced the same way; “‘horse’ and 'hoarse’ are homophonous words”


um so i did a little photoshoot for images to use for my design project at school at the moment. I dont think I’ve talked about it here but its a big thing about sexuality.
The word Homophonous is a play on the word 'homo’ and stuff, but really the meaning is pretty much how words can be spelt or look or mean something different but it sounds just the same as everyone else.

Like imo if a person says they’re bisexual, asexual, heterosexual, pansexual, homosexual i dont even care. Its all the same shit, guise. Love or whatever.

I painted all that crap on my face myself lol txt it


My tutor did my hair really fucking cool today  !! !! !! !!

She wanted to play with it (and that's a huge deal because she’s a really well known hairdresser to the point where she doesn’t have any open spaces in her schedule until the end of may omg)

and she showed me this COOL WAY of putting it up and just wow its really cool it looks really cool 

but all I'm doing tonight is sitting infront of my computer whOOPS


i’m about to go to this 21st and i have to look straight and normal its for a really religious family god help me

the theme is pink and blue i’m not dressed like this on purpose I had to go out and actually buy these things hahAHAHA although i already had these shoes

i’m wearing the shoes because the birthday girls wants me too god help me

(i have a bag of normal clothes for the afterparty hahHAHAAHHA)

I doodled me and my comically short (and older) brother because I’ve been really playing with brushes and settings on SAI. its really fun, if not a little infuriating.. ! although I really like this sorta stuff. I totally wanna work with it some more.. !

haha look how short he is. He is the butt of a lot of my jokes but we’re really the bestest of bros. Don’t get the wrong idea! We played Drunk Left4Dead last week and it was hilarious. He’s really a big softie really but he always looks a little frowny. I’m good at making him laugh, though.

I go home on Friday and I don't want.. to go home :cc