shout-out to my buddy steph ( @mooniva ) for showing me this gif to help cheer me up, i seriously love it sm and i felt it was v appropriate for this occasion.

Thank you all sm for 1.4!! I’m seriously in shock that I kept getting follows even after rage quitting this site for two days, lol. I’m grateful that you all didn’t give up on me so thank you <3 I’m wanting this follow forever to be more towards my best pals on and I just want to gush about how much i love them bc they literally mean a lot and idk what i would do without them??? i’m also gonna add a good list of my favorite blogs (some that aren’t mutuals)! you should follow everyone i list bc they’re great! :’)

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anonymous asked:

what are the top cities you've never been to on your list travel list?

Too many to count on both hands, let alone choose a few specifically. The amount of cities I want to go to is unreal; realistically, I would jump to which ever opportunity presents me with. What would I give to wander in the gilt covered Golestan Palace in Tehran, or around the dreaming spires of Oxford. To spend an afternoon in the national library at Mahra, surrounded by knowledge housed in monumental pastel baroque. Lament ruination in Palmyra, whose once-charmed name crowned it object of wonder, and walk through the city in all of its ghostly splendor. Juice a freshly picked orange with my mouth in the orchards at Ciutadella, or go south, to Ronda and stand at the edge of our mortal plane. Visit all the lake cities in India. Lazy away a week through a series of European spa towns: Baden-Baden, or Marienbad, or Karlovy Vary – to stay at charming confections that could have been Wes Anderson’s model for the Grand Budapest Hotel. So, to be honest? I’ll gladly go anywhere and everywhere in the world. 


Teenage Girl Standing On The Mountain, Hababa, Yemen by Eric Lafforgue Photography
Via Flickr:
Yemenis are mainly of Arab origin; Arabic is the official language, although English is increasingly understood by citizens in major cities; In the Mahra area (the extreme east) and the island Soqotra, several ancient south-Arabic Semitic languages are spoken; When the former states of north and south Yemen were established, most resident minority groups departed; Yemen is still a largely tribal society; Hababa is a fortified villages built around a water cistern ; Yemen;

✧・゚:* *: vegan phannie net members・゚✧*:・゚✧ 

hello n welcome!! we have decided on these lovely people to be apart of our net! thank u so much to everyone who applied, we’re sad that we couldn’t pick all of u :^(

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Amir Snippet

AMIR: “Mahra.

MC: “Mah-ra?”

AMIR: “Mahra…mate.”

MC: “M-mate?!”

AMIR: “[MC]…my mate.”

He looks at me expectantly, shining with pride at having used a new word.

CHOICE A: Correct him.

MC: “Hm…”

AMIR: “Wrong?”

AMIR: “What word? For us?”

I think for a moment.

MC: “Friends.”

AMIR: “…Friends.”

CHOICE B: Deny it.

MC: “N-no! That’s– that’s not–”

AMIR: “Wrong word?”

MC: “Yes! Wrong word!”

Amir thinks on this.

AMIR: “…Wife?”

MC: “W-wha–?! No! That’s worse!”

That’s when I notice the devilish sparkle in his eyes.

MC “…You’re teasing me?”

I’m smiling, I can feel it. I can’t help it.

Amir’s smile widens in return.