mahou sentai magiranger


Power Rangers Mystic Force!

the 13rd of power rangers series!

It’s getting close!!!!

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this power rangers illustration is my personal project to draw all rangers icon from saban’s mighty morphin power rangers series


This November, Kinji will gain a new power-up! Having been turned into a yokai, Kinji transforms back using his own willpower. His Nintality powers up, transforming the yokai sword Urasame and a NinShuriken into the Ninja Gekiattou and Ultimate NinShuriken. With the Gekiattou, Kinji transforms into Super StarNinger!

The Ninningers will finally use all their mecha and combine them into their final form: HaOh Gekiatsu Dai-Oh. AoNinger and KiNinger will also transform into their Transcendent modes. Meanwhile, Nagi will attempt to use the Gekiattou and Ultimate NinShuriken… Will he become the Last Ninja!?

Looks like the anniversary cameos aren’t finished yet! Hiroya Matsumoto will guest star in an episode of Ninninger as Tsubasa Ozu/MagiYellow! In a surprise twist, it turns out that Tsubasa was actually Yakumo’s magic teacher!

Finally, Shuriken Sentai Ninninger vs Ressha Sentai ToQger THE MOVIE will premiere in theatres on January 23rd 2016! In the movie, an evil ninja and yokai train are attacking. The two Sentai must team up to stop them!