MAHOU GENDER! Cuties who all recently figured out that they are trans… and became mahou!

When they transform, they get the bodies they wish for. Some change a lot, some just a little, some not at all, as not all trans people are uncomfortable with their bodies. They all get kickin’ transformation scenes and outfits though!

((1 prefers “she” or “fae” pronouns. 2 prefers “they”, “it” or “xe” pronouns. 3 is in denial but actually prefers “she” pronouns…. and 4 prefers “he” pronouns.))

Hopefully everymonster has their transformation lockets ready because it’s henshin time! Previously it were Koneko-Chan’s freaky friends, Doki and Mei, who transformed into their creepy cute magical girl selves, but today, it’s the Grinning Princess’ turn! In the name of gloom, she waves her magical wand and unleashes her Eternal Princess powers