Drowning - Cameron Dallas *Chapter 1*

*Beep* *Beep* I woke up flustered by my alarm beeping and slowly started dragging myself out of bed and to the mirror. I had bags under my eyes, my hair was a mess and the mascara I forgot to take off last night was smeared down my face.

Sighing, I got my makeup bag and put some benefit foundation on, covering up most of the bags. I’d been finding it hard sleeping latley with exams and all. After I’d put the foundation on I powdered up my face and carefully did a short, slick, winged eyeliner before brushing my hair to the side. Looking back into the mirror once more I didn’t look half bad. I then quickly slipped on a black skater skirt and white plain crop top, gold pendant necklace and black high-top converse when I heard a loud car horn beep outside.

I looked out my window and it was Matt in my driveway waiting to take me to school so jumped down the stairs, picked up my lunchand bag and ran out to his car.

“Hey Matt!”

“Hey y/n” Matt said opening the door for me. I climbed into the car and set my bag down in the back. I turned on the radio and we sat their silent for awhile till Matt eventually turned it off.

“How’s exams going then?” He said.

“Dreadful!,” I exclaimed, “I haven’t even slept properly in days”

“Really that bad huh?” Matt chuckled.

“I think you need to let loose abit, get rid of some of that stress.”

“Hum.. Maybe” I breezed off before turning the radio back on. Mine and Matt’s favorite song came on, Nasty Freestyle. We just looked at each other before laughing out loud. We spent the reat of the car ride shouting along the the song on full blast till eventually we pulled up at school.

Matt opened my door as a gentleman and walked me inside.

“So, what you got first?”

“Science I think, your in my science right?“

“Right” Matt nodded.

“I’ll need to go to my locker then I’ll meet you there”

“Okay bye y/n” he waved.

“Bye Matt!” I waved back smiling.

I walked to my locker and put my stuff in it before I heard a voice behind me.

“Hey y/n!”

Cameron was shouting at you down the corridor. I looked up from my locker to see Cam running down towards me.

“Hey Cam wassup?” I’d liked Cam for years now but I daren’t say anything incase he didn’t like me back and I would end up loosing my best friend so I just kept my mouth shut; no matter how hard it got.

“Yeah so I was wondering,” Cam said as I closed my locker, “there’s this party at my place tonight, your invited” I smiled at his invitation.


“I know, I know you don’t wanna come it’s not really your scene but please y/n I really want you to come.”

I looked at him with a decisive smirk.

“There’ll be pizza” Cam said making my face light up dramatically causing a playful giggle from Cam.

“So you can come now?” cam asked.

“Yeah, but only for the pizza” I joked before walking to class.