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mahomie-sara-9-84  asked:

안녕~:) May I request a Wonho x reader if you’re currently taking requests? Reader is Shownu‘s cousin, and Shownu’s father takes her to Starship Entertainment when she’s visiting Seoul for about a week. She meets all the boys there, but Wonho stood out. Wonho can’t stop thinking about her, and since reader wouldn’t be staying for long, he decides to do something about his feelings or something in that plot? (You can decide on Wonho’s personality, like being a playboy etc.) Thanks in advance! xx

MAHOMIE-SARA-9-84 said to RBUNS:I just sent a request, and I didn’t check your masterlist properly so Idk if you write Monsta X stuff, so sorry if I bothered you😖

Haha hello!! You’re not bothering me, Monsta X is one of the groups I stan so feel free to request for them! I should probably make a post sometime for all the people wondering hehehe.
But this is a really interesting request, so I’ll add it to the list!! I can’t guarantee a time or anything but I do like this idea so I’ll see what inspiration I get!! Thank you for requesting hehehe   💖❤️💝💝 💖❤️💝💝 💖❤️💝💝