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Hayes Grier

Her over me Part 1

Her over me Part 2

Her over me Part 3

Her over me Part 4

Dancing with the stars

Pregnant Times


Nate Maloley

Talking shit

A baby

Sick boys

Cameron Dallas

It’s not a lie Part 1

It’s not a lie Part 2

It’s not a lie Part 3

It’s just too much



I love clingy

Moved on

Scary Movies

Nash Grier

Little spoon

She’s mine

Geometry Class


Staying over





Breaking up


Maybe too jealous?

Vacation & Interruptions


Sammy Wilkinson

Pool party

Another baby Part 1

Another baby Part 2


Jack Gilinsky

A love so fake Part 1

A love so fake Part 2

A love so fake Part 3

Missing out


Swimming & Teasing

Shawn Mendes


Matt Espinosa

Hitting on you

Aaron Carpenter

Meet & Greet


Taylor Caniff

He thinks your flirting


Best friends and Boyfriends

Hayes Grier + Nash Grier

Choose Part 1

Choose Part 2

Choose Part 3


Little things

His Phone Background

Text AUs

Nate Maloley-Random convo

Jack J- He likes you

Nash Grier- Jealous

Anything for you - Nash Grier Imagine (requested)


Y/n’s POV

I groan turning over to my back as I felt the rays of sunlight shine on my face. I must’ve forgotten to close the curtains last night. As I stretch my arm I hit something, a low groan escaping from under the sheets. I lift then up and over his head to reveal a sleepy Nash, with his long hair sprawled everywhere.

A small smile graces my features as I turn to stare over at Nash. His lips seem slightly chapped, his tongue coming out to moisten them. His bright blue eyes hidden, his hair covers most of his face.

Soon, I feel arms snaking around my waist pulling me closer to his chest. A soft laugh and peppered kisses later, I’m staring into those beautiful eyes I’ve wanted to see. His smile is dropping, a sign he’s still sleepy. I move his hair from his face, noticing the way his eyes flutter, straining to keep his eyes open.

I lean in closer, pressing a gentle kiss to his forehead. His skin is warm, soft, his arms securely wrapping around me giving me the feeling of complete safety, it makes me feel like nothing could go wrong. I slowly pull away from his hold, moving to sit at the edge of the bed. My feet dangle from the edge, before being firmly planted on the wooden ground. I tug my white tank down, straightening my pyjama bottoms before walking towards the bathroom. I turn the light on, lighting the dark room, looking into the mirror noticing how happy I look. Just by sparing a glance at me you could tell I was content. That I was happy with how my life was going.

I was. I truly was beatific with my life. A blissful part of my life was occurring, and I couldn’t be more thankful, and I know that most of the credit belonged to the sleepy boy with messy hair next door. The door wide open allowing me to see his figure lying in the bed, staring at me with adoration.

“Y/n,” I hear his soft attempts to get me back in bed. I shake my head, chuckling to myself as I watch his arms reach forward as of a child reaching for their favourite candy. I shook my head, muttering a sorry before closing the door, beginning to undress to shower.

I soon walk out, a peach towel tightly wrapped around me. I see Nash’s eyes follow my movements. I walk to the draws, opening them and pulling out my undergarments and a grey top of Nash’s and my sweatpants, tucking them under my arm and waving at Nash before retreating back into the bathroom, changing and soon walking out, dressed for a lazy day.

Nash is soon walking into the bathroom, stopping to hold me by my waist, pulling me in for a kiss to my temple. I smile, relishing in the feeling of his lips on my skin before it’s gone and he’s soon inside the bathroom, getting ready for the day.

I decide to waste time by pulling my phone out, going on twitter. I go on my timeline, noticing the picture of me Nash posted. I was looking in the bathroom mirror, smiling to myself. The caption reading, “When she’s happy, I’m contented.”

I smile once again, liking and retweeting the picture. I then move down my timeline, noticing some drama going on with the fandom. I usually decide to stay away from them, being that they usually included me.

I click on the profile of a girl, I followed her as she was one of the first fans to ‘approve’ of Nash and I’s relationship. I scroll down her tweets and replies, noticing she’s defending someone. Then I notice, it’s me. The drama is circulating around me. Being confused and curious, I click on more profiles, searching for the source of this drama, only seeing more arguing. But then I finally land on something. A picture, it’s of me and Nash, he’s holding a birthday cake and I’m smiling standing behind him. The cake has blue frosting in the middle, Happy 16th Y/n. It’s the birthday cake I got this year for my sixteenth birthday.

Why are they bringing this up?

I then notice another picture, another fan account posted the same picture only with a red circle around the cake and question marks around me. I read the caption, “She just turned 16, Nash is turning 19, wtf” I scroll down reading the comments, they’re all the same, all saying I’m too young for him. I decide to move away from the comments and to the previous fan account, the one I follow, to see her continuing to defend me. But before long I’m back to the hateful comments, now coming at me harder, saying things like Nash is just pitying me, that I shouldn’t even be with him, that I’m using him.

I turn my phone off, before tossing it across the bed. I run my hands through my hair, my eyes going glossy. I soon feel a stray tear burning down my skin, it reaches my chin before dropping on to Nash’s shirt, creating a dark grey spot. I stop myself, crying isn’t the answer, neither is looking through all those hateful comments. I straighten myself up and move to the bedroom door. I was at Nash’s new apartment he moved into recently.

I walk into the kitchen, opening the fridge and taking out the cool water. Soon I hear Nash’s loud footsteps thumping towards the kitchen.

“Hey, you okay? I started freaking out when I didn’t see you.” His voice is concerned. I notice now, he isn’t wearing a shirt, but that’s the last thing on my mind.

I walk over to the top shelf, reaching up to grab a glass. I place it on the marble counter top before filling it with cold water.

“Yeah, I’m fine, just needed some water,” I reply, my voice evident that something was getting to me. I felt Nash’s hands on my hips, moving me to face him. He looks down at me, his eyes piercing into mine. I try holding myself together, not to let myself crack. But as I continue staring into his eyes, those eyes pleading for me to be honest, I break. I feel the tear building up and before I can stop it, I feel it slide down my cheek.

I hate it, I hate the feeling of letting them win. They don’t deserve to make me cry. So as soon as the odd tear falls I wipe it harshly, pushing past Nash to grab a tissue, trying to remove the fact that they’d broke me. I hate crying because of someone, it makes me feel weak, and I hate that feeling.

Before I reach the tissue box, Nash pulls me to his chest, his fingers combing through my hair, his raspy voice quieting me. I let him hold me, not moving to put my arms around him, I just stare off, thinking about what the girls said about me.

They aren’t right. I know they aren’t. But somehow their words still affect me. Perhaps it’s because Nash listens to them constantly, maybe to the extent he believes them when they say I’m using him.

“Hey, Y/n, look at me.” Nash’s calloused fingers graze against my skin lifting my chin to meet his eyes. I blink up at him, knowing how emotionless I look. It always worries Nash, but I know that if I show emotion, I’ll cry, and I don’t want to cry.

“What’s wrong?” I hear Nash’s voice crack, and I instantly break my wall. My heart’s pounding in my chest as I watch him intently, he looks to be on the bridge of crying. To know I’m causing that makes my heart pound faster, almost painfully.

“They think I’m too young. And I know that what they’re saying is just words, and I shouldn’t listen to them, but for some reason, the pain of their disapproval haunts me.” I whisper, pulling Nash down to hug him, tightly wrapping my arms around his neck. He snuggles into my neck, kissing me softly, making me tense at the ticklish feeling.

“I’m sorry, they just don’t want us togeth-”

“But why?” I pull away, my voice slightly raising. I realise now that this is why the pain is so strong. My ignorance to their reasons for hating me. I don’t know why.

“I don’t know, Y/n, I wish I did.” I move away from Nash, nodding. I understand that he can’t do much to change their minds. So instead of fighting, I move. I need time to breathe and get my head out of the negative thoughts. But a pang of hurt hits as Nash doesn’t follow me. But I won’t admit that.

As I’m sitting down on the couch surfing through movies on Netflix, I heard my phone ding, signalling I have a notification. I didn’t want to open it until it dinged four more times. I sigh, stretching over to snatch my phone, picking it up and turning it on. I see that they are all tweets from Nash. I go on to Twitter and smile. Nash had tweeted about me.

I rush up into his bedroom, jumping into his lap. I smile as I pepper kisses across his face. His melodious laugh making my smile grow.

As I pull away and notice our heavy breathing, I lean my forehead against his.

“Thank you.” He leans forward and captures my lips in a sweet kiss.

“Anything for you.”

It Only Takes Once

Anon: Cameron Dallas- you accidentally got pregnant

This was a request from forever ago. For the anon who requested, I’m sorry it took so long. A lot has happened recently and Tumblr has slipped my mind. But here we go!

My hands are shaking. The timer is still ticking away. I just took a pregnancy test. My brother, Aaron would be so pissed. I went and visited him at Magcon while he was on tour and hung out with the guys. Cameron and I hooked up on the last night I was there, and we never told anyone. Cameron was my first. He took my virginity. And now, our lives might be ruined. The boys don’t come home for about a week. Aaron is going to be so pissed. It feels like an eternity, but only a minute has passed. Two more to go. I’m not ready to be a mom. But if I’m pregnant, I can’t kill the kid. Finally, the timer goes off. It’s now or never. My hands start shaking even worse as I approach the sink where the test is laying. My eyes are screwed shut, terrified of the answer. I attempt to pick up the stick, dropping it about a dozen times before finally gripping it. All I can hear is my heart pounding in my chest. I force my eyes open. The test has two pink lines. I’m pregnant. Tears begin flowing down my face, as sobs wrack my entire body. I collapse on my bathroom floor. Thank God nobody is home to hear and see me like this. Thoughts keep swirling through my mind.

‘What do I do? What if Cameron wants nothing to do with me or the baby? What if everyone calls me a whore?’ 

Suddenly, my phone goes off. Sierra was calling me. 

“H-hello?” My voice croaks.

“Y/N, what’s wrong? You sound like you’re crying.” She immediately becomes serious. Sierra is literally my best friend ever. 

“I’m pregnant.” I said the words. The line is silent. Even saying it didn’t make it feel more real. 

“Who? Who’s the father?” I gulp, trying to find the words. “Come on. I won’t be mad.” 

“Cameron. Your brother Cameron.” The phone is quiet before I hear the loudest squeal ever. “I’m gonna be an aunt! How did he react?” 

“He doesn’t know yet. I literally found out less than five minutes ago when I looked at the test I took. I don’t know what to do. Aaron is going to kill me. Cameron and I aren’t even a thing. It literally happened once and now look at me. I had sex for the first time and it got me pregnant. Some luck I have.” I didn’t notice my brother standing in the doorway. 

“Y/N? Tell me you’re not being real right now.” My whole body tenses as I hear Aaron’s voice. I remained silent. “Who is it?” He finally asks.

“Cam.” I heard a long and loud sigh. I turn, the tears coming back. “He doesn’t know. You and Sierra are the only ones who know. Just please, don’t leave me or call me a whore. I just need my brother.” I blurt.

“I would never do that to you. You’re my little sister. I’m always here. And honestly, I would rather Cam be the father than anyone else. At least I know he’ll take care of you and Bean. Don’t think he’ll leave. Because he won’t. I know it.” I smile, forgetting Sierra is still on the phone. 

“OMG! YOU SHOULD TOTALLY DO A REVEAL THING FOR HIM. LIKE ONE OF THOSE TUMBLR THINGS.” I jump at the screech from the phone. I roll my eyes and laugh.

“Okay, let’s do it.” 


My hands are shaking again, but for a different reason this time. Aaron and Sierra decided to invite ALL of the guys and make it a party. Sierra helped paint my stomach. Right now, I have a tshirt on with a bikini top underneath. I tend to always do that at Summer parties incase I want to take my shirt off. Nothing will seem out of the ordinary. We painted a picture of a little pair of feet with a retro loading bard underneath it, at 10 percent. It was adorable. One by one, all of the guys came and hugged me. Mahogany was there too. Finally, the guest of honor arrived. 

“Cameron!” I yelled, he turned his head and grinned. *it’s now or never*. I walk up to him, taking my shirt off in the process. “I don’t know how else to tell you, but you’re going to be a dad.” His face goes blank. My heart thuds. “Cam, please. Say something.” All of a sudden, he does his signature Cameron scream. 

“I’M GONNA BE A DADDY!” He screeches. Then, the biggest surprise ever happened. All of the rest of the guys went silent. That’s never happened before, at least not voluntarily. 

“I’m the favorite uncle!” Taylor screams, which causes an argument over who will be the best and favorite uncle. I shake my head laughing. 

“I can’t believe this is happening.” Cam whispers.

“I can’t believe Aaron didn’t kill you.” He smirked and dipped me like the old fashioned movies and kissed me. 

Okay but my two faves in one pic.

It’s official I’m dead.

Can we take a second and appreciate Shawn in a onesie?

Original Magcon

When I fell in love with these boys it wasn’t because they were extremely attractive. (although that’s a nice bonus) I fell in love with their idiocy, compassion and love for fans, silliness, spontaneousness (is this even a word?), personality, and so much more. Unfortunately I didn’t discover these amazing goofballs until shortly before the original Magcon ended. But I still love them the same as the fans who knew them from the beginning. These boys helped me through things and made me laugh when I was down. I love them so much and it kills me when I hear about them crying or getting upset from hate. I honestly don’t see how it would be possible to hate these amazing boys. And, Mahogany. If I ever meet them, I don’t know if I would have enough time to tell them how much they mean to me. I like new Magcon but for me it’s not the same. But, maybe someone will discover them, and it will help and impact them like old Magcon helped and impacted me.

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Pray you'll catch me

POV y/No

As you may know Cameron has been back on tour with magcon for a while. And while im fine with it and understand that its his job. Sometimes it get hard when there thousands of girls all over him everyday. Things just don’t seam like they used to be. When everything was fine. Me and cam have been dating for almost two years. Tour is the hardest part of our relationship. So much so that im needy and clingy when he comes home. 

So this time when he came home we’d sent 1 of his 5 day break together, and even then we were fighting about non since. Today when he left he’d told me that when he got back we would have a movie night, just him and me. So I’d gotten the movies all of my and his favorite movie to watch together, and snack a lot of snacks. But after 10 I started to get worried, after he told me he would be home by 8. So I called. Twice. Then texted, just once. no answer to any of it. So I looked through snap chat, and saw Nate was having a party. I assumed that was where he was. So I began to watch  Narnia on my own. But feel asleep about half way through it, from being tired at work, and emotional drained. 

I never wanted to tell Cam about my feelings because I felt clingy as it was. So I never did. I woke up to a cold hard slam of the wooden door to the pent house apparent that me and cam shared when he was here. I startled me making me jump, and almost fall off the coach. I saw him, I looked in his eyes and notice he was drunk, and this time I was going to yell at him. I was But he was drunk, stronger than me, and I dint really feel like fighting with him. I was tried and not the sleepy kind. But that didn’t stop and argument that was inevitable. 

“You had people over?” he slurred quietly in disappointment. “I though we were suppose to have a movie night.” He continued not letting me get any words in between his question and comment.

“No, I didn’t, And I though so to” I spat madly. He had the never…

“then what is all of this?” He pointed to the snack I had gotten for us. The sound of his voice escalated quickly. 

“ They were for us” I said quickly with disappointment washing over my voice, it was shaky now. Trying not to argue and let all my feelings out at the same time I took my blanket and beginning to walk back to the bed room. 

“Where The fuck do you think your going?” he shouted grabbing my arm. 

“To sleep Cam, Im not in the mood for this.” I handed him the blanket in my hand. “You can sleep on the coach.” I wasn’t made that he got drunk, Im no saint, but his clothes smelled like perfume, and not mine. they were ripped. Not the cute ripped where clothes you buy from the stores. like someone had tried to pull them off of him, and she had. So I was done. And I was going my bed room. But I had one question. I turned around to see him closer that before. my face was in his chest and when the scents mixed, they were bad, a nasty order of what he’d done.  

“Was she good.” I asked him calmly. 

“What are you talking about?” he asked calmly trying to wrap is arms around my waist. I pulled away. 

“ The girl who you fucked, was she good/” I said taking a pause as I realize that all my emotions where coming out. “Was she good? Because Obviously Im not good enough.” I slam my hands against his chest. He stepped back from the force. I herd my hands hit his chest. “ was she better than me?” I asked. He, the so well versed Cameron Dallas, was at a loss for words. 

“You think Im dumb Cameron but Im not okay im not."I shout at him, as she stepps forward tring to grab me again. 

"I don’t think you are” he says trying to grab me once again. 

“Yes you do Cam, you have to, you have to think i’m dumb, and don’t see all the blog post, and everything on social media, or even I magazine. You all over girls all the time and you think I don’t see it.” I yell pulling away once again my hand raising with my voice. 

“Im not all over any girl.” He says garbing my hands to keep them from shaking with anger.

“Well their all over you and you don’t do anything to stop it.” I saying pulling my hands away not wanting to be touched at all. I turned away. Then back realizing there was more to say. 

“ Im not stupid I know you mess with other girls, I just thought you might stop. I though If I didnt say anything that you would just magically stop. You know what maybe I am dumb, to think you would just stop.” I say turning around. But I wasn’t done yet. I made it half way down the hall before turning back to see a stunned Cameron Dallas not come after me, like every other argument in the past. 

“I can tasted the dishonesty Its all love your lips."I say with my hands low as I renigg back to my softer attitude I carry with me most of the time. "I Pray I catch you whispering, about how you want to do better, or that you still love me and we can make this work. Because you haven’t told me you loved me in months, you don’t even say it back anymore " 

"but the more than that I pray you catch me listening.” “I pray you catch me listening.” I said finally letting a tear fall from my eyes and down my check.

“Pray to catch you whispering, I pray you catch me listening, I pray to catch you whispering, I pray you catch me” I muttered as I turned around and walked down the rest of the  hall and into bedroom, closing the door and locking it.

Master list for Imagines

You can find all the Imagines here. Also you can always send in a request for any of these people. If you have someone else in mind just DM me, I may do it. Enjoy.

Cameron Dallas

Aaron Carpenter

Nash Grier

Hayes Grier

Shawn Mendes

Jack Johnson

Jack Gilinsky

Matthew Espinosa

Nate Maloley

Sam Wilkinson


I love how JJ is much more appreciated now, he’s so precious and he deserves it.


Dance moves that don’t match the music (x)