mahogany trees

little-miss-retro-queen  asked:

MmmmmMMM Boardwalk, Tidal, Coastline AND Azure <3

Casually answers this a million years from when it was originally sent

Boardwalk: Who is your favorite fictional couple?

Oh this is a hard one…. I think I’ll go with Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune from Sailor Moon. They’re such a power couple I adore them!

Tidal: What is a color that best describes your personality?

Red! Red has so many different emotions. It can be a sultry romantic garnet or a peppy feminine blush. It’s the color of cherries in the summer and the leaves in the fall. It’s fluid like merlot, yet has as much strength as the mahogany trees. It’s a color that can work for every day, every state of mind. It’s me!

Coastline: What is your favorite flower?

My favorite color is red, but my favorite flower is surprisingly not red? I absolutely adore the lily of the valley. They look like tiny bells or faerie skirts, and they’re bowing towards the ground. They’re so dainty I just love them so much. 

Azure: What is something that you do that makes you happy?

Ooh lots of things. Drawing and listening to music are the first to come to mind. I love traveling, shopping, going to the beach. And of course talking to you, you nerd <3

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