Imagine... ( Part 9 )

Dialing Kian …

“ Hello ? Kylie ? ”

I sniffled. “ K-ian. ”

“ What’s wrong ? Tell me where you are . ”

“ A-At the hotel. ”

“ I’ll pick you up. Stay where you are babe .”

“ Please.”


Babe ?

I stood outside of the hotel and lemme tell you the weather sucks . It was snowing and I wasn’t in the mood at all. I decided to go back inside and wait till I’d see Kian’s car pull up .

“ There you are, I was looking for you, don’t run off again, I was scared for god’s sake, Kylie.” he said, wrapping his arms around my waist.

“D-Don’t .Just don’t Jack .” I said pushing him off me .

“ What the hell is wrong with you Kylie ? Stop making a scene .” he replied angrily .

I scoffed. Me ?

Suddenly I heard a car honk . Kian .

“ Goodbye . Jack ”

“ Kylie what the fuck are you doing ? ” him grabbing me as if he was barely breathing, I gasped, I was shook by his touch.

“ God, Jack I’m doing what I should of done a long time ago. Just leave me alone for once .”

Leaving him speechless, I yanked myself from his grip and ran to Kian’s car bursting into tears .

“ Oh my god Kylie, are you okay ?!?! ”

“ H-He scared me, Kian .”

“ Hold on, we’re taking you home .”


“ Does it look like I’m scared ? ” I asked .

“ A lil .” he smirked, making eye contact.

I smiled and looked down .

“ You sure you’re fine ? ” he asks.

“ Of course, I’m fine … ”

“ I-I’m sorry .” I managed to say, getting nervous with his touch .

He smirked and let out a little laugh, then leaning in..


“ I-I love you Kian. ”

“ Not as much as I love you .”

I sat up and looked at the time 4:30 pm .

“ Oh my god, Kian my show .”

“ What are doing ? Get up and get ready ” he laughed, kissing my neck .

I groaned and rolled my eyes . “ Okay, okay .”

I got ready and as soon as I came out of the bathroom, Kian was all ready downstairs . I ran down stairs and kissed him, hard .

“ WOAH , WOAH, ” Jc yelled .

I laughed, blushing, looking up at Kian .

I checked my phone, which was charging in the kitchen since last night .

(72) missed calls from : Jack

(8) missed calls from : Sham

I rolled my eyes and called Sham .

“ Bitch where the hell are you ? You have a two hour show at staples center and you’re not here ! ”

“ I’m coming, I’m coming! ”

I hung up and me, Kian, the rest of o2l got in a uber .


My show tonight was great and there were a lot of music producers there, which excites me the most .

But I couldn’t get the Jack scenario out of my head, its like something was wrong .

“ You did great, babe. ” Kian said, kissing me .

“ Mm..”

“ Kylie, take this ” Sham said urgently, shoving his phone in between us.

I looked at him with utter confusion, and took the phone.

“ h-Hello ? ”

“ Kylie ?!?! ”

“ Cam ? ”

“ Listen, you need to get here NOW ..”

“What, why ? I’m in the middle of the show.

” Jack was in a car accident…“

A/N : Such a short chapter, good thing I’m updating tomorrow too ;)

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