Short Steven Suptic Drabble #2

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u want another one? no? okay well reader calling Steven a pretty boy u are SO welcome

It was painfully late in the night and hours ago you had given up on waiting for Steven to come home and decided to show up and surprise him at the office. He had to edit the entire next video because of an emergency in Autumns family. He was back to the original method of making the Alternative Lifestyle of working from 8 AM - 2 AM. Currently, it was 3:02 AM. You were determined to stay with him all night and Parker was there when you arrived to talk about merchandising business and had stayed as long to help you not give up. At one point Parker got bored and caught up on the past YouTube videos he had missed, which involved a video on Cib’s channel titled “Brooklyn” which consisted just of him and James speaking in Brooklyn accents. After, Steven and Parker got in a debate about how to do a proper Brooklyn accent. 

“No ya cuck, you only drop the R’s at the end of a word. instead of player it would be playa`” 

“Have you ever heard a Brooklyn accent? All R’s are off the table!” insisted Parker. 

“Who fucking cares, 20′s mobster accents are way cooler anyways!” you scoffed, stepping onto the large table and pointing a finger gun at Steven. “Gimmay ahll ya mahney, preddy boy” you shouted, in a horribly done Chicago accent. “Dat, or ya hand ova` da buidness” 

A laugh erupted from his face. “Oh God, that was terrible.” The three of you laughed. and you got back down from the table and sat next to him. Moments later, Parker decided to leave and it was just you and Steven left and while he was finishing up you had kept working on your Chicago accent. “Cah-r keys. Yous guys. Ice Box.” 

“Babe, I think Cah- keys is Boston. Also I’m done editing, so we can head out now.” 

“Shat Ahp, Preddy boy, ya still forgettin’ ta hand ova’ ya slimy buidness” 

“Every time I hear that accent, 10 years gets cut from my lifespan. Also why do you keep calling me pretty boy?” Steven was always good at straight faces, but something about your smile made him break every time. 

“Because…” you hesitated, looking for a reason. “You’re very pretty.” He smiled yet again and leaned in to kiss you. While he was pulled into you, your hands met his chin and you formed it into a gun once more. 

“Buidness,” you whispered. He laughed and grabbed the hand pointed at his chin, standing up and pulling you out the office door, both of you laughing at your antics. 

at first i was like “haha i wont ask my friends for gas money its no biggie” but after paying almost 100$ in a month on gas just going out a few times im >:( gimme u facking mahney