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In The Works: Medoka Magik Grls Extended

Medoka Magik Grls has reached 200 notes, which was surprising. Thank you all for playing!

I’m currently working on a second version, Medoka Magik Grls Extended, which will:

- Extend the sound track of the original game (so you don’t hear a constant 10 second loop in every area)

- Add sound effects for certain things

- Include two new areas, extending Koko’s and Homa’s roles in the game

- Add a bonus area for treasure hunters

- Add an optional ending that requires more than choosing an option at the end

- Include more orignal art work, including new sprites for Cubay and more accurate sprites for Medoka, Sayka, Mumi, Koko and Homa (originally all sprites were unedited RPG Maker VX Ace sprites)

- Add more stupid dialogue and bad jokes (yay!)

- Cost £6.99 (lol just kidding)

Stay tuned!

(and for those who have not yet played the game, you can find the original pos here)