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on the morning of feburary 13th, 2014 we decided to create a magazine for both girls and guys catering questions. growing up i always thought of questions i couldn’t ask people i knew. one was ‘what does kissing feel like?’. now, i’m thinking, why don’t i make a magazine where people can ask those questions and get answers from people who they know won’t laugh. that’s what h i n t z magazine is for. to give you hints to those things that are commonly found out. but that’s not all. h i n t z is going to clue you in to new music, movies, tv shows, recipes, craft ideas and other genius things written by tumblr users. the only problem is that there are only two of us. we want you to come join us by writing articles for the magazine.

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while i wait here in school and die because of a teacher’s meeting, here are some interesting facts on one of the best female artists ever:

  1. frida kahlo has painted 143 paintings- 55 of which are self portraits
  2. she was born in mexico city, mexico in 1907
  3. after getting into a bus accident when she was fifteen, she took up painting
  4. kahlo was also interested in politics
  5. monkeys were often depicted in her paintings but not to symbolize lust (as they usually did) but to exhibit tenderness and protectiveness.
  6. she married diego rivera
  7. frida died in 1954 at the age of 43

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Lately I’ve been complaining that my sister is stealing my sense of style. Only now I’ve realized that I’m the one whose been inspiring her to change the way she dresses into something personal, something that she really means. It’s kind of empowering, that’s why we did this shoot. We both picked out eight outfits that we would wear (we only got through six of them) and gave them one by one to each other. To make this even more realistic, she did my makeup the way she normally does her own. First goes on the moisturizer and everything else is a blur. Layer after layer and we were finally done. In exchange, I made her apply some eyeliner I seldom use. Then came the clothing. My sister looked fabulous, prancing around our apartment like a child whose allowed to try on her mother’s high heels. We were looked like a physical representation of ying and yang. We turned on ‘A Guide To Love, Loss & Desperation’, and album by The Wombats (a recent fascination of the household) and started to jump around to ‘Let’s Dance To Joy Division’. While mouthing to the words the photos were snapped and the majority turned out amazingly. 

When we collapsed onto the couch with the camera card in hand and outfit number seven freshly changed into, we let out a collective sigh. Our shared glance affirmed that outfit seven would turn into makeshift pajamas and no further pictures would be taken. We flicked through the images, narrowing down the blurry, the bright and the just plain bad. Here’s our final twenty five or so that made the cut.